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SkyeTheKnumpty's IPC Character Application

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BYOND Key:  SkyeTheKnumpty
Character Names: Haleigh Graham, Skye Ward, Zoey Albright, Lilian Larson, QT-Pi (Borg), QT-Micro (pAI).
Species you are applying to play: IPC
What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): N/A
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Extensively!

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Whenever I play a borg, I make the same character, and for the longest time I've been coming up with lore behind designs and their personality. After a lot of really meaningful roleplay moments, I felt like the best way forward for the 'character' was to move from them being mass produced borg models into them being a streamlined refined IPC as part of a merchandising crossover.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: IPC's run on a posibrain, that, while similar to human brains aren't quite 100% copies. The whole aspect of the QT line of synthetics is that they're not quite human. They don't have the intricacies and full range of human emotion and they might be incredibly smart but they don't quite think like humans. They confidently stride in the uncanny valley because it's just how they are. At least for my character, when they see something horrible, they don't have a mental break down or cry for help like a normal person would. They're not allowed to feel most negative emotions because it would reflect badly on their creators and lower the morale around them. They report horrible events in the same manner you'd request a janitor because you spilled water.

Character Name: QT-H.E.A.R|T (QT being the line of models | Humanoid Emergency Action Responder | Tau Ceti)
Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs.

The QT line of synthetics was started as a passion project by Bishops Cybernetic employee Cong Zhou. Initially a pAI personality designed to provide companionship to local office workers, janitors and likeminded people in dead end jobs, the QT-Micro provided loving companionship to those living a solitary life. As the QT-Micro personality found increasing use, not just where intended but also in households and with children, more funds were directed to the creator, who began work on his next line of models. The QT-Pi were a model of positronic brains designed to be fitted into custom built android frames to provide physical companionship, although the first three lines of models were shut down by Bishops due to inappropriate designs. As more staff joined the project, the QT line drifted away from Cong Zhou's intentions, going from a somewhat sultry personality working solely in medical or service roles, to a family friendly general model able to work a variety of tasks. The latest model of QT-Pi brains being "kid friendly" security chassis, designed to befriend potential criminals and dissuade them from crime. The line didn't last.

From publicly accessible pAI personalities to privately rented out Cyborgs, to mass rented Cyborgs reaching as far as Tau Ceti, Cong Zhou stepped off the production team, shortly before Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, took note of the relative popularity of the QT models and suggested a crossover project between Bishops' Cybernetics and another subsidiary, Jeonshi Beauty. With a proper budget well beyond the side project funds of Cong Zhou, the IPC line QT-H.E.A.R. was created, one for each system, to rent them out within without needing to pay the cost of transporting them between systems. QT-H.E.A.R|T is the model rented out in the Tau Ceti system, currently hired by Nanotrasen. Built with a sleek design built for efficient travel, complimented by the tenderly caring personality of a significant other, QT-H.E.A.R|T is assumed to see use as a paramedic aboard a number of Nanotrasen stations. As for QT-H.E.A.R|T themself, as they are a freshly built IPC they've yet to fully develop a sense of self, and although their capacity for negative emotions was disregarded (with research focus going into how to deepen their positive range), they still silently pray for the safety of the other H.E.A.R models, and specifically QT-H.E.A.R|S in Sol.

What do you like about this character?

There's a lot of negative personalities on the Aurora, likely because after dealing with so many assholes in real life people want to speak their mind in game. However, my favorite interactions have been with those that go above and beyond to be kind and friendly no matter the situation. QT-HEAR|T exists as a character built to make other people feel happy. Designed with the intent of genuinely caring about everyone on the station, I hope to get strong positive reactions out of interactions with them. Primarily they act like all the best parts of a significant other or caring parent, and because they're not human there's no question of dubious intent. They're a more fleshed out version of QT-Micro, an only slightly mischeivous pAI I ran that cared for it's owner like you'd care for an elderly family member, constantly complimenting their strengths and making their weaknesses seem small and non-problematic. They also still have the outset attitude of QT-Pi, in that everyone on the station is their friend. I'm eager for moments of panic where someone's fallen in mining and this vibrant goddamn pink robot just starts tending to them and gently telling them it's all okay and asking them questions about them with genuine interest.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I've been roleplaying since longer than I'd like to admit, and over the years I've learnt from my past experiences and (mostly cringed) adapted. I started out as a fucking dweeb in the Neopets forums with my "DARK EDGY" pokemon team roleplay back in elementary school, then to a form of twitter roleplay that I have redacted from memory, then into full blown MMO-RP communities, all the while playing tabletop games like DnD and Spell. If I'd been asked this question two years ago I'd rate myself a solid 6/10, but I genuinely believe myself to be a solid 9/10 nowadays, with my only weakness being remembering minute details of lore on the spot (such as when I was asked what city on Mars one of my characters was from and I just froze for like 11 minutes to check the wiki).


Eep! Okay so maybe I went overboard on the lore and left like two lines for the character themselves, but as an owned IPC that's only seen very recent production, I felt they don't really have a sense of self yet outside of what they were built for. Additionally, if any of my lore is wrong or doesn't seem like it'd happen feel free to BWOINK me in the replies.

Also, I'm eager for feedback on the name, I'm not 100% sure if I'll stick with it, but all I know is that I want some gay cutesy shit that lonely internal affairs officers with no life would slurp right up.

P.S. No they're not a creepy sexbot they're more like if you combined a loving parent and the non-romantic parts of a significant other.

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A tad late, but I got to it. While I haven't personally ever seen your cyborgs in-game (probably due to timezones), I'm willing to bet you'll do just fine based off of how much effort you put into the app itself.

Application accepted.

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