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  1. Byond key: kyres1 Discord key: noodle_buster#1934 Character Name: Akinyi Idowu Item name: telescopic mic stand / resonance microphone / instrument case Item function(s): Forgive me if this is a little complex, but as far as I know the majority of these things can be done in a similar manner to others already found (for example, some objects can only be picked up by dragging+dropping them onto your sprite, which this utilizes as well.) Features can be axed depending on code limitations or how you want to code it. I made spare states for this reason. The mic stand holds the microphone and can be downsized with right click into a normal sized item when held in hands with its microphone attached. When used in-hand it deploys the microphone stand. When the microphone is attached, it can enlarge your text like a megaphone. The microphone can be removed and used independently. The whole stand can be picked up by dragging+dropping onto your own sprite. The instrument case is simply to store this and the previous custom item, the holographic symphette that I applied for and received. This does so in a manner way less obvious than over Akinyi's back. It's just a briefcase, functionality and storage wise. Item description: telescopic mic stand : A fold-able telescopic microphone with a built in battery to keep your fancy science fiction microphone charged on the go. resonance microphone : A rather costly voice amplifier disguised as a microphone. A button on the side permits the user to dial their vocal volume with ease. instrument case : A chunky white leather case, with lots of space inside for holding your delicate musical instruments. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: To avoid the same lame excuse as last time (being, "She lives here lmao") the general idea here is that over time she's fallen into her niche of sorts. She's sang a lot. She's gotten used to the Aurora. Her best bet for any sort of stable living, to her, is using her odd appearance and expensive synthesizer for stage performing - namely, singing. The case is there to hold the symphette and stand in a way that isn't exactly so obnoxious. ICly it's to protect it, duh, you dork. How did your character obtain this item: The way I'm running with is that she used some utterly ludicrous bonus (several thousand from a Captain of all people!) she got from painting the station's exterior while EVA to purchase it. In the same manner as the symphette before, but this time, a more costly endeavor, sorta solidifying what path she's chosen in a sense. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Beyond its literal cost, it shows the progression the character's had in the last year they've existed. I've played them a substantial amount and coming to form connections and storylines with them has been unbelievably fun, and now, well, they're beginning to show their colors as far as how creative they are and the big ol' robot they've become. She sings. This is probably the most obvious indicator that could possibly exist to point to this fact. Sprites: Additional Comments: This was sort of a tough choice between some sort of painting kit and this. But, I didn't want to step out of the singing theme, and felt this would hammer the nail in. Also, here's the symphette's app, nearly a year ago :
  2. What the title says. It has gotten a little ridiculous that detectives still have the ability (and, let's be honest here, the expectation) to pretty much one to two-shot antagonists with arterial bleeding, bone fractures and worse. They are no better than a fifth security officer at worst and a lingering, ever present(but not quite as an officer) threat at best. They have full .45 lethals on code green. It was already insane that they had the .38, and the .45 is pretty much just an upgrade in magazine capacity. God forbid you're anything squishier than a Human or lack bulletproof armor, because in this case, you are astronomically fucked by bone breaking brute in just a single shot. Total ammo is pretty irrelevant when all you need to do is shoot a target once and they receive round-ending wounds, whereas you can facetank magazines worth of bullets to the chest and you can expect speedy and certain medical response.
  3. I'm trying my hand at respriting NT ERT suits. Here's how it looks so far. The order is security - medical - engineering - command. Only Human/Skrell suit sprites will be made and the PR I put up will restrict ERT to Skrell/Humans, seeing as Unathi have Kataphracts and Tajara being in a famous PMC response team based in the heart of Human space doesn't make much sense.
  4. Will be taking suggestions for this to toss into a rework later down the line. Ping me in code dungeon if you want the doc
  5. by ahelping it We don't have mechanical skills. This means players often have to take an active stance in dealing with problems they feel strongly about. If you feel strongly about it, ahelp it, seriously - nothing wrong will come of it.
  6. Restricting protolathes is dumb, as destructive analyzers are already restricted. Ahelp people who use destructive analyzers as robotics.
  7. I've always caved to strong pushback as far as I can remember. Generally folks don't tend to be super passionate about something without good reason, and folks on the lore team even more so. Does it have substantial enough reason to exist/be worked on, and doesn't conflict with existing lore that could be tweaked to accomplish the same goal? That'll pretty much be my motto when addressing incoming projects. See above. In the order of rework, remove, or retcon, with retcon being the last resort option for lore deemed sufficiently redundant. I too share the idea that retcons SUCK but to disregard them as a possibility entirely for what could be totally unread or totally pointless lore is in of itself pointless. Maybe. This sounds like a question that requires higher knowledge of the inner workings of Human lore as it stands right now, so while I don't want to jump to assumptions, I will lay out two examples. If the intent is to flesh out the Frontier itself beyond the barebones lore it already is, than halting additional factions entirely could be harmful in the long run. If the intent is to leave the Frontier be as the skeletal sandbox it is, then yes, this is a completely satisfactory choice until the former can be pursued if ever. No. I do however want news articles to be much more easily accessible, with lore primarily chronicled in a means that is not news articles. This was a pretty radical idea mostly due to the work required, but a team effort could get the entire thing migrated to the calendar for example in just a few weeks of on/off writing, if even that. The calendar was always what I shot for during my time on the team, because it's very modular, simple to use, and Arrow has done some downright fascinating things with it. Linking it to the lore diary and making it a central outlet for news articles and lore team updates as a whole would benefit everyone I feel.
  8. I don't want to jump to assumptions as for pages right now due to my relative detachment in these last few weeks from lore in general, but something I can absolutely pin down are the pages I ended up axing and deleting. For example, all of the synthetic factions once had individual pages, and during the time Rudatek existed they were very spread thin as far as player knowledge went. "What's Purpose," was never asked, while "What's the button right next to it," was very frequently asked. For this purpose I condensed them into synthetic factions, and removed mentions of the skinstealers (Rudatek) from the wiki. While they aren't noncanon (Or, at least, weren't made noncanon during my time), they felt like trivial information to note with an entire page for what would end up being less than 2 paragraphs. This, in my mind, was bloat. Another example was the SSTA page, a rather strange page that seemed to dictate and govern exactly how robots were meant to think. Short debate was had between myself and Cake as to the importance of it, but in the day and age where our idea was to pursue character freedom above all else, we deemed it bloat and I had it killed. Yes, I believe in stopping lore writing full-stop as part of developing a better framework for how lore is developed. No, this was never meant to apply to the whole team, as far as I remember, but you've got the logs, and I do not anymore. My idea was to stop lore development from nonessential branches of lore and focus on revision/refinement of what we had. For example, Unathi lore remains unaffected while Human lore gets a serious look-over. When Human lore is done, we move onto the next in line, which may or may not be Unathi lore. If this is in any way different than what I originally proposed, let me know. Mandatory revision from our large lore team. Simple as that. In actually reviewing what we're doing, we can in post determine whether or not it's beneficial to actually change or delete it. The vast majority of the time I wager will never result in deletion, or even changes to present lore.
  9. 1. First order of business is likely nothing complicated. Review from other loredevs will be encouraged on new developments, and more text going through the lore_writers channel specifically is important. What I'll primarily seek is to be level with people more and try to put players first in every single regard of development to ensure that as much as we can get is well-received and paves the way for better stuff. 2. I toss around the word bloat a lot jokingly, but a clear definition of it for example would be wiki stuff nobody reads. Things like super isolated off-shoot pages and surveys that largely end up in "Who?" are, to me, things that need to go.
  10. Real life issues and stress were my primary issues, though over what exactly I'd rather keep to myself. I will say that I'm certain what led me to resign originally won't happen again, as the life issues were one-time hurdles and they've been overcome.
  11. Ckey/BYOND Username: kyres1 Position Being Applied For: Interim Deputy Loremaster Past Experiences/Knowledge: About a year and a half of going from synthetic lore deputy, to synth loredev, to interim deputy loremaster. Spriting and working with devs basically all throughout the way on a dozen or so projects of varying sizes. As well, I've had my hand in some major lore arcs that include but aren't limited to the Scarab introductions, Offworlders as a whole, the entire SLF Incursion arc, etc. As well, some atrociously huge amount of hours logged in game and rising. Lots of NBT work on the lore end of things. As well, the Purpose arc (the one that failed miserably.) Examples of Past Work: Around 40-50 google docs worth of leftovers from lore developing. Pretty much every synthetic lore wiki page, barring the general synthetics page. Many, many, many event sheets. https://forums.aurorastation.org/calendar/event/49-slf-incursion-arc/ Additional Comments : In regards to posting something related to my cause, Something I've always sought for our lore was a definitive structure or "end goal" for every loredev to pursue and every player to set their eyes on. This, to me, was something I was sure the team could never agree on, being so split across the center and polarized in many ways. For this exact reason, before I left, a major thing to push was some coherence between species lore developers and what head staff - the only people who could be above them - wanted. In most cases I'm sure this would've led to some unsatisfactory outcomes as head staff put their foot down in regards to some major issues, but there are in fact major issues still outstanding to this day that folks won't be able to decide without exactly that. With all that said, bloat is my primary target, not only to destroy the excess clutter in every regard but also to remedy the issue of unmoderated fluff being poured into the foundation of lore. This might sound grim, as if I intend to delete a million wiki pages, but what I moreso mean is taking on this stance moving forward. Would this addition stand the test of time, if even temporarily? Would this addition attract or appease the playerbase? These are vital questions to ask moving forward, ones I don't intend to let be brushed over should I step back in. Back to the beginning though, a definitive structure is absolutely needed for the former to actually take place. By this, I mean the species developers working together - collective arcs involving more than one species is the simplest way to put this, and the most complex way is to move on to an end goal. The Next Big Thing is already propped up as the target here, and thus that is the end goal I intend to work towards. Solidifying this and actually getting a workflow in place for proceeding onto it in regards to lore specifically is priority #1 for me, trying to pace it at the speed development permits.
  12. It's done. RIGs on top, voidsuits below the red line. In this order : Human, Baseline, Tajaran, Unathi, Skrell.
  13. Depends on whatever the dev who takes it wants at this point but the intention is replacing the cruddy suits with normal voidsuits and respriting the AMI to match. The AMI is done first since that was the chonkiest part of the effort.
  14. The AMI species sprites are seen here. In order : Human, Baseline IPC, Tajaran, Unathi, Skrell
  15. This has been here for over a year, wow. Here's an updated set with the AMI on the left and the regular voidsuit on the right. Feedback is necessary before I move on to finish them because of Fucking Trillions Of Species Sprites :tm:. And the worn object sprites for the RIG itself.
  16. What the title says. The surface already hardly gets any traffic barring new arrivals and departure, and it's a decent noob trap against greytiders who can't utilize advanced elevator technology. However, it's also subject to like a fucking million or so things that depressurize basically the whole level, especially pivotal places like red dock and blue dock. The simple idea here is moving the shuttle landing points into large chasms in the asteroid, presumably where the shuttle would take off and land vertically. This makes more sense anyhow, seeing as there would be natural cover from external objects zipping by in most cases. Like a natural hangar!
  17. Right. Apologies for the gargantuan wait on this. This is fine enough, application accepted.
  18. Apologies for the massive ass wait on this, I pin it on the fact that I had taken a break from lore duties just after it was posted, and after said break got consumed in other things. As for now, though, I do need to know -- do you intend to apply with the backstory present on the application, or will you post said anomalist for my own review? I'd appreciate putting it here if you could.
  19. R&D's basic levelling system is highly confusing to new players and serves.... ultimately no purpose. The R&D list I've made can get R&D done in 11 minutes. A person who takes the most miniscule effort to deconstruct circuits in a proper order can get it done in half that. Organizing things such as expeditions, shift projects, etc as scientists is extremely difficult when, most of the time, it's on the shoulders of the head powergamer (RD) to actually progress levels. Juggling levels and preparation for more interesting projects than shit you've done quite literally hundreds of times, is not fun, and ends up extending preparation time for many things from "The first 20 minutes of the round" to "The better part of 3 quarters of the entire round." Changing the R&D order has proven ineffective in the past, as many things seen as "cheating the system," then removed, have simply had alternatives in code that are easy as fuck to find if you just spam decon things or code dive. Even if this entire process was defeated, extending this mind-numbing experience serves to do nothing other than pose an obstacle to people having some fun. @Alberyk was doing the right thing by removing what could be powergamed from R&D rather than extending the leveling process for these reasons exactly. However, if you really wish to go down the route of removing things that can be powergamed, remove the ability to make anything combat related from anything ever, including robotics' combat mechs, robotics' combat RIGs, R&D's protoguns, and essentially the entire phoron research branch. (dont do that please) Important note : you 100% have to do research period or the entire department ceases to function properly, even Toxins needs upgrades at this point.
  20. Some input : I think this idea is fantastic, given the following. 1. Only 3-5 uses. Period. Fabricating more rejuvenation juice is bad. It is bad because, no matter what, your corpse can simply be left on the Aurora, and then "rebuilt later when we have time." 2. Obtaining more rejuvenation juice should be possible via... fax, I guess? 3. Remove the sickness aspect entirely short of noninvasive mental traumas. What I mean by this is simply that there is a fine line between screaming at dirt against your will and seeing hallucinations, hearing voices, etc. The people who won't roleplay post-cloning/post-rejuvenation traumas are not the same kind of people who will care if it has mechanical detriments. Unless you literally spawn them without arms and legs there will always be the case of security officers jumping back into action A-S-A-P. To combat this, ahelp lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  21. To start, let me first clear up basics. - Master AI orders take priority over basic free will. - Laws take absolute priority over both. - Laws are not in question. - Interpretation of laws beyond literal definitions, however, is up to the players, which is then moderated by mod/admin staff when reported. More importantly - - Server rules take priority over all above. - Administrative word takes priority over the former point. Now that all that's cleared up, let's go straight to the most complex part of this. - There is out-of-character intent in personal interpretation of laws leaking into in-character decisionmaking. I am not administrative staff and since I'm not part of this complaint I'm not able to determine what is and is not being a dick, nor do I intend to explore that topic further. What I will instead lay out are facts in interpretation of laws, and how you chose to perceive them, and how you have chosen to perceive them multiple times before. It is blatantly obvious especially with the part in question here that you are trying to prove an OOC point in effectively policing the following through in-character action rather than contacting administrative staff (or even myself) on the matter : You have done this sort of thing in the past. A lot. I have teetered on stripping your IPC whitelist over situations that have cropped up in the past along these lines. Your behavior as an AI is extremely restrictive on stationbounds, counteractive to the actual whims of the players who enjoy themselves within the boundaries of the rules as your own personal agenda is placed higher than their own concept of "fun." Why do I think you're up to this shit yet again? Let's go back to the OOC motives of both players in question here. The stationbound is a tool. The stationbound can sometimes not be considered a character. The stationbound, however, is a player. Why is that important? I can't say "it's against the rules to be a dick," because I again don't define the rules, but I will certainly tell you that OOC motives affecting your IC interactions and IC interpretations of other people's interpretations OOCly of laws is not okay, whatsoever. Let's loop back to the original points relevant here - - Laws are not in question. - Interpretation of laws beyond literal definitions, however, is up to the players, which is then moderated by mod/admin staff when reported. To summarize what I'm getting at with all that's said above, your AI play is not only rule-breaking in my opinion, but terrible synth play in of itself that you'd even consider addressing it in-character and imposing such comically ridiculous punishments upon a stationbound for disobeying you. It reeks of the same old powertripping I see of your AIs, consistently - lording over stationbounds to extend your own out of character desires for how they ought to be interpreted in-game. I however am not a fan of leaving bases uncovered, so I'm going to continue. Were realism the intent here, you would not even seek punishment against a stationbound who can't feel pain. You would not even seek the slightest interaction with them upon believing they are malfunctioning than locking them down and promptly detonating them if they keep moving. You would not speak to crew, only responding with directly relevant statements, and make no attempt to serve as anything more than an on-call station remote access function. You would see a person without their identification card and blare alarms. You would in essence contribute nothing to the progression of a round beyond being a simple tool no more than a wrench that can kill of its own avail, In essence, realism means you are playing a tool, and tools aren't characters. To look at it from @Contextual's perspective, Pennant is a strange case. Yes, there is OOC motivation to play Pennant as a character, contrary to the "realism" the above entails. No, Pennant does not defy laws from what I've seen to gain an upper hand in IC "socialization." No, I don't even really care if he does, or if it's the case here - because, again, it could be pinned on this until proven otherwise - - Interpretation of laws beyond literal definitions, however, is up to the players, which is then moderated by mod/admin staff when reported. - or taken to administration. Pennant is, as well, a character I have interacted with plenty. They routinely dip in and out of proper roleplay as any established character/player does and to this extent I have occasionally seen odd synth RP at times. That's all I have seen. Odd synth RP, at times. Not "terrible, terrible synthetic roleplay," and certainly never anything I'd end up fucking the player over for. That's all the input I have on the matter.
  22. mercs can choose between 5 aesthetics to pursue, the least we can do is give them desaturated optional uniforms and bags to fit with any aesthetic they may pursue instead of black and red across the board.
  23. assume no modern caliber outside of ones explicitly stated to be used ingame would be seen in universe as production models. Otherwise, our weapons are sci-fi nonsense including "plasma bolters," "gauss thumpers," "laser rifles," etc. Gauss tech is seen as old and unrefined, unexplored territory that never got its chance to shine, with things like gauss thumpers being unwieldy and outdated compared to the weapons of today. Weapons predating that are Interstellar War era, and I've personally seen them as WW2 in comparison to our present tech, but in space. Whatever was used and isn't illegal today was manufactured for total war ideologies, making weapons of that era not only valuable (seeing as it's the space age,) but incredibly dangerous as well (see : Interstellar War Giant Fucking Robots.) More detail on exactly how grimdark that is can be seen below. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Robotics_Overview#Exosuit_and_RIG_History Here's where the logistical golden age of robotics kicked off and things like the Skirmisher, a battlemech in the flesh in all its technological beauty came to be. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Combat_Robotics#History Here it's detailed exactly how combat robots shaped the end-game for how war could be fought, used by the Alliance in the Interstellar War. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Timeline_of_Humanity#The_First_Interstellar_War Here's the war itself on the wiki. As for specifics as to what's in our code... Most lore-friendly stuff can be seen above. Blasters are frequently used by TCFL and are aging, less lethal but more efficient than laser rifles of modern day. Battlerifles, malellas and m8s are Solarian navy stuff, chambered in 7.62, 12g and 9mm respectively with no specifics as to what type of bullets they exactly are. Bolters and slammers are Elyran plasma weapons, meme guns that shoot bolts that light people on fire and have such high AP they just pass through windows. The wood-finished weapons short of the cannon are modern-day-esque tech, not really defined as anything specific in our lore. The cannon is a Tajaran cartoon, made reality. Praise alberyk. Pulse rifles are seen by Sol marines, which, in our lore, are generally a mixture of "really scary dudes in black suits" or "absolute crayon-eating weirdos who trip on their own 7 frag grenades in Avery's fifteenth sol marine event." HAPT also utilizes pulse weapons, but HAPT is not technically canonically known to exist by the crew as they're essentially our server's deathsquad. PMCs such as NT-ERT utilize 5.56 rampantly in things like bullpup carbines seen like literally every day in the hands of ERT. Mercs use 7.62 ARs that carry much the same attributes as battle rifles with the exception of specialized magazines that can't be printed from autolathes. Tajarans are rapidly advancing technology-wise as far as I know and, in depictions seen on offshoot servers like Menown's cat server, they had prototype lawgivers called Lawbringers. I don't know the context of that and the server is technically noncanon as far as "official statements" from me can go. However, I'm pretty sure I've seen them referenced before. Ceres' Lance adopts Sol naval weapons and pulse rifles. Eridani PMCs often use energy weapons able to switch between "stun," "ruin your day," and "kill you." Frontiersmen mostly use high-powered ballistics and Gauss weaponry leftover post-interstellar war. Jargon uses... nobody's really sure what they use, it's just overpowered, whatever it is. Vaurca have access occasionally to ancient Tachyon weapons, which are just extremely powerful lasers that can go through walls and stuff. And, finally, Unathi use spears and wear tanks (breacher suits). That's the extent of my knowledge on who uses what. Besides that, for the most part, our lore is devoid of specifics on weapons circlejerking and military lore. This was largely disregarded during former administration for very good reason in my eyes, due to the inherent fixation our server already has on the perpetuation of murder ingame even when it's counterproductive to the core of the server, being roleplay. also they weren't really interested in it. However, I am, and while I want to explore it more, I do understand the majority of the playerbase' desire to not delve into pedantics of military nonsense. Until that changes some day, enjoy cool science fiction weapons that make zero sense but are as wicked as we can make them.
  24. Alright, I'm here, right on time as usual. Let's start from the beginning. I like you as a player, and think that despite your mistakes and sometimes odd gameplay, you're ultimately just playing in good faith to have fun yourself and help everyone else do the same. There's still room for improvement as can be said for everyone, but because of all that I'm going to disregard your present RP - it doesn't seem too relevant to the application currently imho. So. This is good. I like this comparison, and being up-front with what exactly you're imposing your character over is always nice to both get a point across and level with how you perceive this. In this case, I'm more than happy to perceive an IPC as just that - quite a smart slave, one whose free will simply ends up being governed by whatever is directly a threat to its self-preservation. Don't misinterpret that as solely a combat thing, though - many people see "self preservation" as simply a BS prevention method to crack down on IPCs killing themselves for valids. It's been expanded upon for a reason, and the yearning to not die that IPCs definitely experience is something that can drive much of any story relating to freedom should one think on it just a little. A big thing on the IPC page is that these things are not only made abundantly clear, but are obvious in the very summary of the IPC page itself. Not to pull a "haha, you should've read better!" card here, what I moreso mean is that I have often denied applications for not trying to do anything unique in this category. The lack of an attempt implies they're simply addressing the IPCs at face value, and that being robusto bots. Again, not saying that is your reasoning here, but I'm explaining mine. As well, "robotic till pushed or programmed human from the start" is not applicable. See this : "It is important to understand what emotions can truly be considered โ€œnaturalโ€ for a Human over a synthetic. IPCs may simulate emotion with immensely varying quality between models. There is no action without reaction and even the most complex positronics work in a binary format. As such, IPCs almost never have childish and unpredictable dispositions." I should make this the title of a section, because it is unbelievably important. The biggest issue with IPCs has always ultimately been this - players, naturally responding like Humans, in situations where they are playing robots. Unless you are an antagonist (and even then, I have punished for poor antagonist behavior from IPCs too) there is quite literally no way around this. What I do for many whitelisted folks is explain to them quite thoroughly to "think of a reason for everything before you do it," and by that, I mean literally everything. Every tiny action you take governed by some degree of reason. The fact that you're slowed down makes you seem more like a robot anyway, but once you get up and used to it, it's no big deal. The moment you end up disregarding this, you're going down a slippery slope of declining RP standards and what IPC devs like to call "human+" behavior (Excessive force or slander as a security officer IPC is one I often see here.) This backstory itself is quite brief but, you're pretty understanding of the lore labels and how they work. See your former statement in the "Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human" section. Specifically, I mean - "robotic till pushed or programmed human from the start," again. This is contradictory - implying to me that the most robotic character was chosen for an applicant that fundamentally doesn't quite understand yet what that really means. I'm inclined to believe this was for ease of writing the backstory. I don't expect a creative writing essay but two paragraphs can contain more than just "bot made, bot go here, bot go there." However, with what I've said above, I'm confident you'll understand exactly what I'm trying to convey and there will be no issue with understanding robotic behavior on our server. I'm going to deny this application for now, to give you at the very least a few days to think on it - you're free to reapply after a week's time so long as the application takes into account the contents of this reply. Application denied.
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