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Alien Whitelist Format

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Please copy over the following format and fill it out to apply for an Alien whitelist. All whitelists need to be reviewed and approved by a member of the Staff. If your application doesn't get approved, you may need to rework it, or re-apply.

Applications must sit for a minimum of 24 hours before any decision can be reached, and typically a decision is reached by a lore developer of the race within 2 - 3 days. If your application sits for longer than 3 days without official comment or decisions please PM the lore team administrators, Triogenix or La Villa Strangiato, with a link to your application.

Some species should meet specific criteria in their application, to ensure the applicant is able to best show off their writing ability and character development.

  • Skrell applicants must create a Skrell from the Nralakk Federation. They do not have to be supporters of the Federation.
  • Vaurca applicants must avoid using a Viax as their application character.
  • Unathi applicants must choose a religion for their Unathi to adhere to.
  • Tajara applicants must create a Tajara who is factionally aligned with one of the three nations.
  • IPC applicants must show an understanding of how IPCs interact with wider society depending on if they are owned or free. They must also have a significant event in their backstory that may influence how they view ownership.
  • Dionae applicants must create a gestalt born on a planet or within a society.
BYOND Ckey: (Your BYOND ckey)

Discord username: (Your Discord username)

Character names: (Names of the characters you play most commonly)

Species you are applying to play: (The species name)


General Whitelist Requirements 

What colour do you plan on making your first alien character?: (IPCs exempt)

Have you read the lore pages for the species you wish to be whitelisted for?: 

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this species?: 

What makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a human?: 


Character Application

Character Name:

Write a backstory for your character. This may include their origin, education, personality and how they arrived to the SCCV Horizon. 

(2 paragraphs minimum) 

How has the recent events of the Orion Spur impacted your character? Events such as the Phoron Scarcity, the Solarian Collapse or even the Invasions of Biesel for interstellar-wide affairs, while region-specific events such as the Peacekeeper Mandate, The Titan Rises or even Cold Dawn may impact your character.  

(1 paragraph minimum) 

How does your character view the megacorporation they work for?

(1 paragraph minimum) 


Edited by La Villa Strangiato
2024/01/11: Changes the old species whitelist application to a new one mostly written by Caelphon and La Villa Strangiato, with contributions from the species teams.
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