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  1. That statement is absolutely incorrect. Any team member of the development team can be assigned projects by the maintainers and headdev. They are then expected to use their abilities to complete the assigned project. Being Part of the development team is not a “badge” that you pin to your name. It comes with expectations and responsibilities as any other staff role. If someone doesn’t like the idea of working with a team and being assigned projects, then being in the staff team is not for them. That is the difference between a developer and a contributor.
  2. Voting for dismissal. It is intentional that voting for secret does not guarantee a antagonist.
  3. For those who didnt get to see the item in all its glory: Here it is:
  4. I have been informed by a trusted source that this custom item application is not real and has been posted in the off topic section of the forum. Without the diligent work of this trusted source I would have never noticed this grievous error. Given that this was posted in a incorrect section of the forum I regretfully have to remove this custom item. However I encourage you to re-apply for it via the correct sub-forum.
  5. Usually the goal of a staff complaint is to contest a ban or another administrative action. What is the goal of this staff complaint? (What do you expect to happen when it’s done?)
  6. I do not believe that this is a bug. Not everyone can be bought like a Austrian politician.
  7. What a stellar application. I have no choice but to accept it. The item should be available the next time you join
  8. Invalid Format. You need to specify for what character you want that item. Edit: You can find the proper format here:
  9. PR has been merged and the item has been updated
  10. With the NBT there will be changes to the job structure and this will most likely be implemented.
  11. Voting for dismissal. That’s exactly what we have the FT for. In addition if someone has a FT that makes them look older/younger than what the game would display this would conflict. So we would need a way to disable that. And if we add that we can keep it in the FT as it is right now. In addition we would also need some extra shitcode to handle the shells.
  12. Imho it looks weird due to the large amount of „dead space“ The AI/Surface elevator should be combined and moved closer to the entrance. Then other rooms can be shifted around, so the „top side“ of the hallway (where the teleporter used to be) is also used.
  13. Imho this is a very interesting take. As mentioned above, a lot of jobs are already pretty closely regulated by ooc guidelines which determine what you can and can not do. Therefore I think the skill system would be more useful in applying certain (mechanical) restrictions to the character, if the player so chooses. I.e. that could be a inability to perform certain tasks, taking slightly more damage, ...
  14. Given that each player was talked to for quite a while before being turned into one of these "pets", I do not see how it is gank given that there was roleplay involved. In any case, this was not ahelped by the players in question. I´ll leave the log-diving to alberyk, but I want to point out a few things: I have asked multiple times if there are any questions and advised them to ahelp or use aooc if there are any issues or questions. I specifically mentioned: "Your primary goal however is not to kill "everyone" you come across." I gave instructions that they should roleplay with the people before they knock them out and move them to the "back room". The players that have been "turned" have been offered to get TCB after 15min. I advised them to relocate the shuttle once a large amount of security arrives. (To avoid a firefight situation) This has been dealt with in the round, so I do not see how it is relevant for the complaint. Unless you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the ahelp someone else made, I again do not see how this is relevant for a staff complaint. I am a bit confused about that response, because above you said that "what really made you [make]" the complaint was the shuttle gank and the "ganking" that occured when people were turned. I want to re-iterate again that we do not have a accepted policy that limits the types of events that can be run.
  15. I am only going to address a few more things here and then wait for Alberyk. (Two parts because the forum doesnt like it in one part) First of all. I do not have direct control over the actions the players take. I can only indirectly influence the players by making recommendations or providing guidelines that they should follow. If they follow these guidelines is up to the individual players. Once they do not follow them, I can take action again. Quite similar to how the rules enforcement works; (What that action is depends on what they did.) In this case a player activated the turrets on the shuttle and the player has been dealt with as a result of that action. I should also mention that everyone except the captain decided to try and fight out that situation instead of ahelping it as the gank that it was. If security had not responded to the fight, informed the entire station of it and instead ahelped it, I could have rejuved the people involved and we could have "reverted" that situation. When the entire station is aware of a fight and the fight has escalated to the degree it has,, a "rejuv and revert" is pretty much out of the question. Therefore my only option left was to deal with the player who activated the turrets. So much for the players activating a "killbox" on the shuttle. In the future, if you think something is gank, ahelp immediately and dont inform the entire station of it. (That just limits the options) Regarding the claims of OP gear. Given my experience with the past events and antag-rounds it is pretty clear that antags require somewhat decent gear to deal with security once they come running with proper gear. (Especially if its 4 antags vs 1 full security department) If the antags are not geared properly security will steamroll them at the first escalation. Given that a merc-team also has 4 people, I did not see an issue with allowing them access to the standard-gear of a merc team. Again, these things rely on the players escalating properly.
  16. Ill keep it short. The following custom event info was set: Indicating that it will not be completely canon and pretty much telling people to expect deaths. (This was for the people that got moved into the animals tough; I didnt expect the shootout.) The shootout in the shuttle was not planned and has been ahelped by someone else and handled. At the start of the round the antags were advised that they should try to avoid killing unless it is required. (Given how events usually go) You were also advised to ahelp in the round if you had any issues with the conduct of the antags, which you did not do. Regarding non-canon LRP events (which the animal-transfer part was clearly intendet to be): You have made a policy suggestion about that in the past which has been rejected.
  17. Well, there is that: So it might or might not happen.
  18. Recently there has been a discord discussion about faxing Central Command. A few misconceptions about faxes and CCIA have been floating around in that discussion. To clear them up and explain a few things, I have created this topic. Formatting Your fax should look somewhat decent. In times long gone by, faxes would regularly get rejected with a "Invalid Fax Format" announcement for minor mistakes in the form. This no longer happens, but you should still try to make a fax look "decent". You can start doing that by using one of the forms in the forms database in the message consoles. I recommend to start with the "General Fax" (ID 1002) or the "Situation Report" (ID 0108). These two are good enough for most messages that are sent between the station and CentCom. When writing your fax, make sure to be clear and concise. You will not loose your command whitelist / get your character demoted if you use a improper fax format. Fax Content One of the regular questions that gets asked is if a gimmick by Antags is "real". The problem with that question is, that revealing the antagonists (too early) will stop whatever story they are trying to drive. As revealing the antagonist is counterproductive it will not happen until the late-/end-game (when it has become obvious that the are not who they claim to be). Another common topic is "faxing for direct intervention". As command member you are expected to deal with issues that arise on the station without needing external support. You are generally expected to handle situations with the resources available to you. For example, faxing for a emergency response team is pointless when you are capable of launching the distress beacon. However sometimes there might be situations where you are unable to deal with these situations with the available resources. At that point you should send a fax or EBS mentioning the danger, why you are unable to deal with it and what response you would like. When the round is coming to an end, you can send a fax to central command requesting them to take certain actions (i.e. have a medic-team on stand-by, ...) CCIA has the capability to enable various spawners on the Odin (i.e. checkpoint-security, medical-team). Keep in mind that some more complex things might require a admin intervention to set that up (and some time). In addition, all the requests that need odin-characters are dependent on ghosts willing to play them. Fax Timing You do not have to write a fax, informing Central Command about a active shooter the moment they show up. It is perfectly fine to handle the incident first and then write a report about it, if there is time to do so afterwards. It is also fine not to report it at all if you do not have time to do so. One of the messages that you might get when you are on red alert past the 2h mark with little "movement" is the "Alert Status With no Reports". This message is usually used as a subtle way of letting you know that you should consider wraping up the round as it has been dragging on for a while. Consider if you need additional resources to deal with the situation (Possibly call a ERT). If you can spare the time, inform Central Command about the biggest issue you face and if you need something to resolve it. Afterwards proceed to resolve it. One of the complaints that has been voiced is that it often takes people 10+ minutes to write a fax. You do not have to take soo much time, if you do not want to. A clear and concise fax is perfectly fine. For example if there are mercs shooting up your departments, you could just write: "We have 4 shooters on board the station. Security is currently handling the situation. A ERT might be required later on and will be requested by activating the distress beacon if needed." When to send a message to Central Command There are a few cases when you really should send a message: You want something from Central Command You have been asked to to provide some information to Central Command. There is something that is likely impact the Odin Primarily if you intent to transfer a artifact/dangerous prisoner/... to the Odin/ on the crew shuttle. However that does not mean that you can only send a message in these cases. You can always send a fax to Central Command for roleplay purposes if you want to. How to send the message You have two primary options of sending a message: Fax EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) If the situation you want to contact Central Command about is not critical or unlikely to impact operations on the Odin, you should use a fax. If there is an emergency or it is likely that the situation has a impact on the Odin (i.e. there has been a fight in departures and you need a medical response team upon arrival) you should use a EBS.
  19. We have recently added the requirement that command-whitelisteed players must have their forum account linked to their ckey. This serves two goals: It helps us ensure that all whitelisted players have access to the section of the forum reserved for command whitelisted players by automating the assignment of the forum group. It enables us to consolidate our role- and permission-management infrastructure to a single location in a followup-project which simplifies the management of the permissions and roles that are assigned across our various services (server, discord, forum, bots, ...) We are currently in the process of rolling out this requirement. To check if you have linked your forum-account to your ckey, you can take a look at the post-info-bit and check if your ckey is displayed there. (You might have to visit this on a computer/switch to desktop-view; See the attached image below) You can also log into the Web-Interface by visiting: https://byond.aurorastation.org and checking if you can see your characters. If you do not have your ckey linked, visit this URL: https://byond.aurorastation.org/user/link Afterwards a linking-request should show up if you join the game. If it does not, use the "OOC -> Check Linking Requests" command.
  20. I was wondering when that application was going to happen given the number of PRs made by you.
  21. AFAIK this is already the case. However the current implementation uses UTC as the time base (as that makes it easier to match a ic time to a log time) So all that would be needed is a wiki update.
  22. DM a Headmin/dev with the request to delete the account.
  23. Moving the spare to the backroom and using tamper resistant electronics for the airlocks in the captains office sounds reasonable secure. The only other weird thing that I noticed so far were the two double airlocks, followed by a single airlock which lead to the consular section.
  24. Not a fan of the captains office. The proposed design is much less secure now than it was before due to the windows/door exposed directly to the public hallway.
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