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Antag Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Negativ9002

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key:  PratePresidenten

Reason of Ban:

This would be your fourth and final strike of poor escalation as an antag. Effectively ganked a janitor with very little prior interaction other than to Clean the floors. You will need to appeal this ban on the forums

Reason for Appeal:

As of recently I have been unbanned after several months of being banned. I have been playing aurora for a few days now and gotten rather positive feedback from other players regarding my roleplay with them. I would like to try to redeem myself as an antag. I would appreciate another chance to try out the antag role once more and show that I am more than capable of properly escalating roleplay in a manner where multiple people are involved and there is room for creativity rather than quickly rushing trough things that led to my antag ban.

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Ive looked over your case, and I cant in good faith lift your antag ban until I can see that you have improved your gameplay. You have been back from your permaban for six days now, and that is not enough time to judge if you've actually improved in your ways.

You need to redeem yourself as a non-antag before you can be entrusted with the role of antag again.

Appeal denied.

Edited by Pratepresidenten
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