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KieranWise - Unban Petition

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BYOND Key: KieranWise

Total Ban Length: Permabanned

Banning staff member's Key: Aboshehab

Reason of Ban: 6e1bd8432bfaecdb93e010922058b983.png

However I had many warnings and temporal bans before.

Reason for Appeal: Hello. It's been a long time since the last time I applied for this ban to be lifted (last attempt here)

I was told to wait for the next year (2019) by Abos (I know Abos is kind of retired at the moment). I thought about making this appeal the very first day of the year, but all that went through my mind at that moment was that I wanted to play.

Now, 4 months after the year started, 6 months since the last appeal and 9 months since I was banned, I think I am ready to post this appeal.

I've been keeping myself up to date reading the forums and trying to know what was going on in the server, cause I always wanted to come back, this is the best roleplay community I ever found, and these months away confirmed it. It may sound like if I were trying to flatter you, but if this is my third or fourth appeal regarding this ban, that's probably cause I really like the server.

I always wanted and still want to contribute, I haven't been the greatest player, not even a good one, but never did something wrong on purpose. I've been trying to learn in other roleplay communities, and I think I did.

I've been given many chances in this server already, that's the truth. I will understand if this appeal is denied, but I will come back in another 2 or 3 months with another appeal (like I've been already doing)

All I can say is that I did wrong, I was punished, I accepted it and tried to learn from it. 

Thank you for reading this.

By the way, I would like if you could ask Abos about this, I don't feel good about being unbanned by another admin without the approval of the one who banned me.


Thanks again.

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4 minutes ago, Pratepresidenten said:

Alright, you were asked to be active and trouble-free on other servers. What servers have you been playing on?

I have been playing in Polaris if we are only talking about SS13 decent RP, and I've been also trying other roleplay games and systems to learn as much as possible (from table role games to GTA/ARMA)

I've been playing in other SS13 servers but they aren't that serious, calling themselves mrp but not even reaching light rp status (The fallout one, for example, also another one focused in world war)

And a bit of CM


Thank you

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Ive looked into some of these and from the looks of it, you havent been the most active, but then again, you havent gotten any negative entries past the point of your ban here from what I could gather.

But Im willing to give you a final chance to prove you've truly changed.

I will allow you back this last time. But if you fuck up this chance, you will be permanently banned from the server with no chance to appeal. Any infractions warranting a warning or a ban will get you kicked out on your ass. And Im going to give you a 6 month period to remain incident free.

If you truly enjoy Aurora, and you want to play here, just stick to the rules, its not hard at all.
Ahelp if you're concerned about any action that might break the rules
Pace yourself in high-stress situations
And if you have to go, use cryostorage, or ahelp if you cant make it.
On the flip side your net goes to shit, contact staff about it over discord.

This is your final chance. Use it well.

Appeal accepted.

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