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Character Feedback: Maline Trell

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My interactions with Trell are exclusively through the relay, as I haven't had the time to play in a bit. However, here's my current perception of her -

She comes across as an unstable, cynical mad-scientist type. Her mood also seems fairly unpredictable, changing from unusually open to unusually hostile to other characters. I think you've done a good job at breathing life into her, while some of her plots can come across as almost cartoonishly 'wacky', you also know when to play her seriously and reveal some of the flaws and worries that trouble her. You do a great job of improv-ing stuff about her life, for example the various projects she's working on, or the hobbies she enjoys, and I appreciate how you encourage roleplay with other characters through trying to get them involved in Trell's plots.

In terms of improvements, sometimes when you choose to reveal Trell's more serious side can be somewhat out of the blue, which may be intentional regarding how you tend to play her as unstable. Finding a smoother transition for when to play her seriously/wacky may be something to work on. I can see this as a product of her loneliness, as she seems to push away those who try to get close to her out of fear (which I also think is a great character flaw to explore), but it's still something I figured I'd mention. Recently she seems more friendly than previously, and I think these transitions seem less like random oversharing as a result.

Regardless, I think Trell is a great fleshed out character, and I look forward to see where you choose to take her. If all characters were purely 'nice and friendly', the game would be much less interesting, so I appreciate that you've made a flawed and interesting character to interact with others.


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Sometimes I feel like Maline Trell is not really.. in the setting, and doesn't really acknowledge the fourth wall as being real. Often they make comments in the relay that are seemingly aimed to poke holes in the setting (or, of late, actually commenting on game mechanics.) They don't really take anything in the setting seriously, not death, not limb loss, they're basically.. well. A Space Station 13 character, not much of a person that exists inside of the setting. I'm aware that Maline has other traits, but they don't really come out through endless snark and hole-poking, atleast in the relay. Personally, it makes me not want to do much in the relay when she's around, in fear of her trying to poke holes in whatever I'm trying to do.

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