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  1. Militias are hard to compare to professional armies due to the nature of their deployment and the same applies to the TCFL who are even described as a barely trained volunteer based army. They are also not closely tied with NT and rather respond to threats inside Republic space, in which we have our dear station, which would explain their overall lack of access. You are "Employed" by the Biesel Government and not NT and while some can OOCly argue that both are extremely tied together it still makes sense for them to lack any higher form of access. Just sayin'
  2. Yeah I dont think adding TG spells such as summon guns is a good idea as it just promotes the valid hunting mindset even more, especially for people who have the RNG luck on their side and get a powerful weapon right in front of them. That and the spell is extremely unsuitable for HRP as its quite literally just "The station gets a massive buff and the wizard gets fucked over unless hes a lich."
  3. I mean, most hair styles look like absolute shit so its bound that many players prefer those who are objectively more pleasing to look at. But I dont really see this being a problem in.. any kind of environment.
  4. Those are active abilities, you actively use them. ( Just wanted to point that out because it kept standing out ) Now its another rework idea by Kaed and this time its cult, a gamemode which has such a dual reception in the community that it sparks long and annoying conversations about the dynamic of team gamemodes and how they're the best thing for roleplay or the absolutely worst thing to experience first hand. Now from I can understand your insipiration for this rework was the long forgotten and ignored "Hand of God" gamemode where theres two sides, who have their own respective cultists and their omnipotent all powerful god they have to rely on in order to progress and to get that sweet sweet greentext. Of course in this rework there is no opposing team aside from secruity but thats fine. Now you propose removing the runes and instead adding a new resource the bloodstone, more or less transforming the gamemode into one that was rather static in its positions beforehand and heavily relied on their teleport runes to get from one safe spot to the other to a hypermobile murder cult which has to both sacrifice people to get stuff done and obtain their blood in order to do anything as a cultist. Essentially the predictable meta will be more or less >"Capture a target, suck the target dry and then right before dying sacrifice the target to your personal blood AI". And Im not really looking forward to the blood AI thing at all, especially when it can later on just skulk around see literally everything while also being able to cast from what I can read paincrits and hallus. Its going to be the most annoying thing about this gamemode and you know it. Another thing that was removed are constructs, which are a double edged knife in a sense. On one hand, they annoying to deal with especially due to how their classes work. You have the support class artificer which has an endless supply of soul stone and constructs in order to get your murder cult started while also being able to repair constructs, you have the hyper mobile wraith which just exists to take out the AI and thats it and then the Juggernaut which acts like a flesh wall and pretends it can kill people ( Massive spoiler but unless you're already hurt and slow as fuck this thing wont catch up to you ). It gave the cult the ability to atleast use the dead people and bring them back into the round, so far I can see little of that here and depending on the amount of sacrifices you need you're going to more or less kill out the round in the first hour depending on how fast the cult works. So you could possibly balance it by making it so that you require a small amount of bodies but then you're giving the blood AI an essential freebie and access to some annoying abilities early on. Also if you're gonna rework cult for god please rework the constructs, they're awful and seem like such a good thing to actively promote but they arent, they dont do a lot aside from counting as cultist so you can summon big bad evil nar sie Now onto the blood AI itself, its a ghost. Thats it, its just a ghost with paincrits and hallus and the ability to place down a radio bug so you can hear stuff. I do get that you're trying to make the cult more of a mysterious force but nobody will enjoy this role and I can ensure that. Your only task will be essentially that of our already exisiting AI but without access to doors and cultist only, which is to scream out if sec is coming or not. So you can either make the role more interactive and give them a bunch of sweet abilities to play around with or keep them as it is and risk the player not paying attention to the round because they're distracted watching youtube ( At this point I would suggest making it a seperate antag check as role preference ) You're also going to encourage the most boring kind of round which is stealth murder cult, in which 2-3 people can end the round ( Depending on how the actual abilities work in the end, no idea in which tier the "Big bad evil summong crystal" lies in but I'd expect around the same amount of sucks are required as a vampire makes on round by round basis ) by grabbing a person who just wanted to enjoy their round, blood sucking them and them kicking them out of the round and in about 1 hour and thirty minutes suddenly delta alarm comes on and secruity scrambles from "Annoying murder mystery" to full on "Kill everything that has a dumb looking cape". Just my two cents and most of the feedback is based on what you presented here, as the information regarding the abilities seems rather.. open and vague.
  5. So you're just planning to make Ling more like Vampire, a gamemode which by itself cannont carry a round and often ends up rather disapointing as it doesnt leave much of an impact and is often confused at the end as an extended round? I again dont see the point in focusing into this field when it just means that the only way a ling is ever going to be a threat or able to defend itself is either with its armblade, the ability to slowly and painfully suck people off or like you suggested, player controlled trash mobs or a gasbomb.
  6. This, this is gonna be the thing that is going to make ling more unpopular as the horror form is quite literally the only interesting thing about the antag. If you remove this then you just have an antag who has an armblade and in the future looking at your updates, somewhat annoying side abilities that maybe kill you but most likely not. Why cut something in order to focus on an aspect ( The shapeshifting ) that is so rarely used and barely useful as it is?
  7. This result was extremely predictable if you ask me, as giving changelings a method to avoid even going into conflict at all and simply save up DNA points for the horror form without the risk of being discovered is quite literally asking for it to be the only useful thing to be used. The thing is that changeling is a terrible gamemode for a roleplay server and even more so for this server. Changelings lack the strong offensive abilities that TG ling has or the options that goon ling has ( Which were never going to have here ). Nope, we simply have a ling where the end goal is reaching the horor form as fast as possible, as its quite literally an ability seen as the last stage a ling will take on, its simply how the antag progresses. The remaining abilities however are completely useless, especially considering that many people instantly have their alarm bells go off whenever you try to act like one of your previous victims, hell the shapeshifting is so unreliable that its rarely if ever used. Like @Garnascus explained, mimicing is not rewarding and never will be as it takes too much effort, time and simply doesnt give you anything extra.
  8. I do believe adding organ damage to the EMP's effect would be fitting, simply to actually some worth out of those things.
  9. The problem regarding Nanopaste comparative to regular healing items is that they work instantly doubled with the fact that IPCs have no paincrits it can make them rather durable annoyances that simply keep popping up. So Im all for the changes as it gives Robotics to do even if RnD is producing Nanopaste. On the general appeal, its good. I generally enjoy it as it gives me as a pathetic die hard robotics main something to do in the long run and replaces the rather.. humerous and simplistic organ system of the IPCs with something more understandable. I however dont understand the concerns raised by @K0NFL1QT as something bad as IPCs are in the state they are right now already just re-skinned but easier to heal humans. I do agree with @Arrow768, the effects of EMP's should be increased as a temporary blind + a stun that will sometimes happen depening on the frame isnt really something Im looking forward to, just makes EMP grenades the IPC flashbang, except you will never see EMP grenades on the same level as flashbangs. So I much rather keep the overall damage done to the limbs.
  10. Crayons are public access however, they're quite literally in the public storage..
  11. I dont think chalk is a secruity risk.
  12. The Crimson Hardsuit would be absolutely worthless as a 65 TC item, as it would make it extremely costly due to 3 members being required to nearly spend all their TC simply to upgrade one member, but also puts it on the same level as the combat borg, which to my current knowledge would be cheaper to buy and comes pre-equipt. I would rather say, increase the RIG module costs for mercs and simply hand them enough RIGs so everyone can atleast have one. In this case you're suggesting a very extreme nerf to the mercs.
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