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  1. DaTimeSmog

    Changeling Revision

    Not quoting or paraphrasing you in that regard, sorry if it came off that way.
  2. DaTimeSmog

    Changeling Revision

    Giving an reason to actually gain information either by actually giving IC research or god forbid expanding the xenobiologist role outside of chairRP as you're trying to understand what the alien on the other side is screeching would be a way to go. With the changes you can argue that two lings are most likely not gonna take the same trait tree and as such are not gonna show obvious similiarities between their actions or the evidence they leave behind. The main reason why Changelings are active on the Aurora is either to gain intelligence, disrupt the actions onboard on the Aurora or possibly to may I shudder here, complete a given objective that can be otherwise ignored if the player feels like it. Objectives have always been somewhat enjoyable to me as they have provided a somewhat steady path to what I can possibly plan out. However I can understand why this wouldnt be a convincing arguement to you as you earlier stated that you rather more enjoy a more open antag experience
  3. DaTimeSmog

    Changeling Revision

    Revs are hard to describe if I must admit, due to the multitude of motivations they can have, the rather lacking secruity of their announcement doesnt help much often and in that sense its a problem when it comes to the nature of a fake announcement itself. Raiders fall under the same category but their motivations can be often boiled down to "We want money." Motivations can be conveyed over a simple one to one dialog in a chairRP situation, I do however see your concern regarding rounds ending with the sudden reveal that it was a changeling round all along however I can only see this happening during an Infiltrator ling round which has gone unnoticed for the entirety of the round. The remaining two have elements to them that make them rather obvious to spot, at which point you can think to yourself why a murderous organism is onboard and why it is suddenly chewing up the crew, the station hull and spreading its weird weeds around. If you deliver every piece of information via dialog then thats no good and while Im not someone who can easily predict the way people will convey some of the information currently on the doc. Round time is a universal problem as often more extensive ideas have to be dropped as unless they're extremely well made and grab the attention of the majority of the station its most likely gonna be a 2 hour shuttle call no matter what.
  4. DaTimeSmog

    Changeling Revision

    The only antags who are unknown are those of either magical properties or those who completely comitted to covert operations, those being the ninja, vampire and wizard. While I see absolutely no problems with these antags regarding their rather open-ended lore. The syndicate page already provides a somewhat effective guide regarding the recruitment of said character, may that either be willingly joining them, blackmail or other methods left open. While I personally dislike some of the more open-ended and more "realistic" antags such as merc, traitor, pirate and rev have some groundwork provided for them, giving people a solid foundation to plan their gimmicks on. Gimmicks tend to fall apart rather quickly when much of their reasoning is based on "Because its fun". Many complaints about gimmicks is that they at the end dont tell much of a story, a character is forcefully twisted to be the sudden bad guy with no reasonable explanation behind it. Due to that I rather much find what you describe as a rigid lore a more solid base to plan my round on, as I can essentially tell a story when Im actually provided with a background of said race, organization or anomaly.
  5. DaTimeSmog

    Changeling Revision

    Changeling lore will be addressed by the changeling players themselves, while I have a complete history and more background information in a seperate doc Im still waiting for a more official response from the lore team on how they wish to address this due the fact that a xenophobic shapeshifting race wont go unnoticed. On the topic of why I posted this here? Its a better way to bring this forward to the lore team as well due to the lack of any real antag lore that goes hand in hand with the gamemode Im adding the Shin'kali, you can expect me to completely ruin the round dynamic. Changelings currently suffer from their beaten path being forced to murderbone, while this is still offered with the Warrior trait tree alternatives exist, the best example being the Infiltrator trait tree and to certain extend the Abnormal trait tree due to both having skills that support either a very secretive playstyle with the Infiltrator rather relying on roleplay and trickery to reach their self proclaimed goal, may that either be to replace a certain crew member or to gain a certain amount of information and the Abnormal trait tree focusing on slowly building up a favorable position, with very noticeable abnormalities happening later on due to how the tree was designed ( More powerful mob spawning buildings being 8th trait, the point where the danger is more or less public. ) while also forcing options for more favorable cooperative playstyles between the lings due to the very supportive role the Abnormal trait tree represents during the early traits and its final form.
  6. Type (Species/Company/History/Other): Hib'Nuk [ Changelings ] Relevant Dates: N/a Basic Description: The gamemode currently suffers from some of the worst gameplay and is poorly recieved by the playerbase, changes made to them were not only in their gameplay but also an established culture, chain of command, biology and specializations. More indepth info in the google doc below, these changes were discussed with @Zundy prior to this post, to be more specific, on the 20th of Novemember. Long Description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-AhOanJaIBjKS36BMVGi_ob_7ukMmb7pp2pM1wgSDo8/edit?usp=sharing Contact Details (Discord Preferably): DaTimeSmog#6282
  7. DaTimeSmog

    Heavy Mounting Frame: Mech Guns for Infantry

    I am thinking voidsuit, but I dont call them voidsuits because Im used to calling them hardsuits.
  8. DaTimeSmog

    Heavy Mounting Frame: Mech Guns for Infantry

    Hardsuits are not RIGs... RIGs are deployable space worthy suits that take up the backslot, hardsuits are just worn as clothing with the backpack slot not being covered by it.
  9. DaTimeSmog

    Heavy Mounting Frame: Mech Guns for Infantry

    You guys know that hardsuits exist? Even if this just blocked the backpack slot you can still give yourself a somewhat decent level of space proof protection, and even outside of that you still have plenty of armor.
  10. DaTimeSmog

    Heavy Mounting Frame: Mech Guns for Infantry

    So your plan is to take the one thing that makes people somewhat consider printing a mech outside of having too many resources... and giving that outside of mechs as well? I mean, after this we might as well remove mechs and make robotics be renamed to "Can use a printer"
  11. DaTimeSmog


    Due to the new reputation system in place I suggest that we start seperating people who have less than 150 rep points in the following days in order to make sure that we can establish a clear chain of command on this forum. I also suggest we purge those who only have 10 rep points even after being here for over a week, in order to make more room for more popularity focused people like me.
  12. DaTimeSmog

    Reworking Blob Spawns

    Just push the Blob as a gamemode and remove it as a random event, due to its tendency to be both absolutely boring as fuck to deal with and annoying to clean up after.
  13. DaTimeSmog

    The Vault is a meme and has to be improved.

    Just make the main entrance less accessable and that would be it, wish we could have pannels that require two ID swipes for doors to open, oh well.
  14. DaTimeSmog

    The Vault is a meme and has to be improved.

    A good thing would be to punish secruity for looting the Vault during an emergency, kinda seems stupid to me that they decieded to loot the same Vault they were tasked to protect.
  15. DaTimeSmog

    Random Viral Event Rework

    Virologist players are rare, stupidly rare even. Touching the random virus event in anyway would be bad due to the lack of any general interest in the sub-department. Rather focus on making Virology actually appealing before trying to fix the events bound to it.