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  1. How about adding a skill system instead?
  2. Lathes should be part of their job by default, this is especially the case with the mechatronic engineer, but research? Fuck no, absolutely no. Yes I get that things can be boring as fuck during lowpop and you want to progress but even with research levels you're not going to do much as Roboticist aside from having an excuse to now shit out mechs at every moment of danger or when you feel like it.
  3. If it came to Robotics being able to do RnD then we might as well completely remove the role, as it would just be a scientist but with more access at that point.
  4. I'm not really all in for this, as from what I can read it's very much so just RNG based research with the only control being how you'll optimize the process of getting the most research points and after that spam out one specific paper type.
  5. Medical gets to endure the horrible cloning mechanics for free, what joy... Yeah I dont think anyone would want to both play this role or be the poor chum forced to endure the shit you have to do to get a clone fixed.
  6. Surgery is already a pain in the ass and despite me saying that medical is the LRP hell of this server, I can understand why people rather want to get back on their feet quickly rather than wait for 20 different steps to be done only to then semi slowly recover.
  7. I really dont agree with this, as the AI already has incredible presence and this would be another massive hit to trying to do anything covertly onboard the station as the AI get's an instant notification that you've entered the room. The only thing that would benefit from this without being able to instantly identify the person would be cyborgs.
  8. At this point I'd agree with this post completely, considering RnD is the biggest chore in research and like already mentioned not really an effective stop gap to powergaming as it's done in a few minutes. Also this is an indirect buff to robotics which I can only support.
  9. DaTimeSmog


    Get it? It's funny because they're the worst antags.
  10. Can we please include Robotics inside the area of protection provided by the biohazard shutters? Either you make it an option to completely turn science into some stupid fort or you remove it. Another complaint would be the useless conveyor belt leading to the surgery area which is quite literally never used due to how little purpose it serves. Removing the morgue would be a benefit as well, as of right now it's just an obligatory kill room due to the rarity of Robotics even performing cyborgification surgery or any kind of operation on a corpse. That would be my complaints as of right now regarding the Robotics layout.
  11. This is more like an event idea, rather than a gamemode.
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