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  1. I do believe adding organ damage to the EMP's effect would be fitting, simply to actually some worth out of those things.
  2. The problem regarding Nanopaste comparative to regular healing items is that they work instantly doubled with the fact that IPCs have no paincrits it can make them rather durable annoyances that simply keep popping up. So Im all for the changes as it gives Robotics to do even if RnD is producing Nanopaste. On the general appeal, its good. I generally enjoy it as it gives me as a pathetic die hard robotics main something to do in the long run and replaces the rather.. humerous and simplistic organ system of the IPCs with something more understandable. I however dont understand the concerns raised by @K0NFL1QT as something bad as IPCs are in the state they are right now already just re-skinned but easier to heal humans. I do agree with @Arrow768, the effects of EMP's should be increased as a temporary blind + a stun that will sometimes happen depening on the frame isnt really something Im looking forward to, just makes EMP grenades the IPC flashbang, except you will never see EMP grenades on the same level as flashbangs. So I much rather keep the overall damage done to the limbs.
  3. DaTimeSmog

    Drafting Chalk

    Crayons are public access however, they're quite literally in the public storage..
  4. DaTimeSmog

    Drafting Chalk

    I dont think chalk is a secruity risk.
  5. The Crimson Hardsuit would be absolutely worthless as a 65 TC item, as it would make it extremely costly due to 3 members being required to nearly spend all their TC simply to upgrade one member, but also puts it on the same level as the combat borg, which to my current knowledge would be cheaper to buy and comes pre-equipt. I would rather say, increase the RIG module costs for mercs and simply hand them enough RIGs so everyone can atleast have one. In this case you're suggesting a very extreme nerf to the mercs.
  6. until

    Not really enjoyable in my eyes, at the end it was another event where secruity/command interacted with the main event mc guffins and the rest just played extended while hearing about it on the radio.
  7. Imagine if we had 8 hour extended rounds and after that antags are spawned in Fucking impossible am I right?
  8. To be quite honest, this just sounds like the Revenant or Wraith antag to me, both demoted to side antag as they didnt leave much impact in the round, the Revenant being a minor annoyance to a somewhat dangerous annoyance if left alone while the Wraith had some strong offensive abilities but was tailored to Goon gameplay. i really dont think this would work a on server as well where theres rarely somebody working in the Chapel.
  9. Doesnt this turn Vampire into a shitty infestation style gamemode where the main objective is to kill the opposing force aka the vampires with no regard while the people inbetween the fighting have to endure hiding in a closet as nobody wants to experience the indepth RP thats compareable to cult which is more or less, Stun, suck, repeat.
  10. I really dont see a reason why we would need an Autolathe as all it would do is make us even more resource demanding. Aside from that, the usual setup of 2 cleanbots and 2 medbots is quite easy to complete, and you have more than enough proximity sensors in the vendor. Welding masks are rarely demanded and I honestly dont see why you need more than 2 considering we also get welding googles.. and I have no idea why you have a demand to make minihoes, aside from the botanist asking for a farmbot.. in which case he should bring the materials himself. Also adding more Autolathes just gives departments more chances to suddenly arm up, as ammo can be cheaply produced there so a hacked lathe can easily turn a department into a fortress.
  11. I would be all out for removing combat cyborgs. They add barely anything to RP as they're quite literally kill troops and later into the round with a semi set up RnD its a living nightmare due to Robotics being able to shit out super capacity shells and other upgrades while also repairing cyborgs left and right, even from what one consider lethal damage. Overall its the problem with cyborgs having so many abilities that let them survive the most retarded crap thats part of the problem.
  12. I think they are are refering to armor and protection values such as laser, energy, brute, radiation, bio and explosion resistance. I myself would be supportive as such, considering the fact that it makes Robotics a whole lot more useful and gives the crew more defensive capabilities rather than giving them another death laser.
  13. I actually do enjoy Traumas as something that nerfs cloning, so that you actually need the crew members to deal with the traumas, Yes its annoying but so is the infinite crew member factory that can revive 10 people in a few minutes, ignoring the fact that you can upgrade the cloner as well. I would also be supportive of removing cloning all together so people would be forced to actually play smart rather than throwing themselves into the antag.
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