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  1. DaTimeSmog

    Changing how combat cyborgs activation works

    I would be all out for removing combat cyborgs. They add barely anything to RP as they're quite literally kill troops and later into the round with a semi set up RnD its a living nightmare due to Robotics being able to shit out super capacity shells and other upgrades while also repairing cyborgs left and right, even from what one consider lethal damage. Overall its the problem with cyborgs having so many abilities that let them survive the most retarded crap thats part of the problem.
  2. I think they are are refering to armor and protection values such as laser, energy, brute, radiation, bio and explosion resistance. I myself would be supportive as such, considering the fact that it makes Robotics a whole lot more useful and gives the crew more defensive capabilities rather than giving them another death laser.
  3. DaTimeSmog

    Revert Cloning, Remove Traumas [1 Dismissal]

    I actually do enjoy Traumas as something that nerfs cloning, so that you actually need the crew members to deal with the traumas, Yes its annoying but so is the infinite crew member factory that can revive 10 people in a few minutes, ignoring the fact that you can upgrade the cloner as well. I would also be supportive of removing cloning all together so people would be forced to actually play smart rather than throwing themselves into the antag.
  4. DaTimeSmog

    Ghost Spawner Menu

    Would be neat if we had a ghost spawner menu where open ghost positions are listed, such as borers, skeletons, xeno larvaes, soul stones requests, constructs and bodies staff members put up grabs are listed, to reduce the amount empty husks that nobody plays during rounds like borers or the amount of people you have to kill only to maybe possibly get someone who stays inside their body longer than 0.5 seconds. While yes this is an indirect buff to some antags, it would also reduce the overall amount of people they would have to murderbone in order to get the worth of their items back.
  5. DaTimeSmog

    A Changeling trashcan post

    This was I believe proposed a bit earlier than your rework and not based on your ideas.
  6. DaTimeSmog

    A Changeling trashcan post

    Considering the actual gameplay part of the revision still exists, I might as well post it here, I quite honestly dont expect this to go anywhere and a person requested me to re-post it here after it was denied. Note that this version does not include all the Fluff shit, only the gameplay aspects, enjoy. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-AhOanJaIBjKS36BMVGi_ob_7ukMmb7pp2pM1wgSDo8/edit#
  7. Heres a thought... Make Credits actually useful.
  8. DaTimeSmog

    The [small-ish] Robotics Rework

    Something that I mentioned in the discord was the addition of a physical ammo storage inside combat mechs to help leviate the problems regarding kinetic weapons Right now a majority of kinetic weapons do a respectable amount of damage with no drawbacks, possessing low delays and an infinite amount of bullets with a low energy cost. One way to fix this would be adding mech specific ammo to the exosuit fabricator, increase the magazine size on some of the low capacity weapons such as the Gyrojet Gun ( Which to Kyres apparently only has 3 shots before needing to reload ), lower the magazine size of guns which have a large amount of ammo ( The MG being the prime example ) and the ability to store another magazine as reserve inside the mech. This would help help bring down the stength of kinetic weapons and give them a stronger weakness aside from "Cant shoot through window".
  9. DaTimeSmog

    The [small-ish] Robotics Rework

    The problem about the RIG is that will suffer from a slow down both due to the armor itself and due to the injuries/pain over time while the exosuit will have a constant speed. You cant argue with mobility in favor of the RIG, while yes it has more options for traveling up and down Z levels, mostly by mentioning the jetpack it will still fall short when it comes to combat mobility. Also going meele against anyone who is aware of the mechs meele attack is beyond stupid, as it does a decent amount of damage combined with a knockback.
  10. DaTimeSmog

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    In what part, did I ever go around your back and suddenly behaved ungrateful, because I am very happy that you took your time to forward Incog about the issue that was at hand during the time, so please dont take this a sign of me being hostile even after that act, but it doesnt really help us in any form if you introduce this in an entirely seperate report and I highly suggest we solve this problem privately unless you wish to do it here, Im up for both to be quite honest. Burger has changed quite a lot and I found some level of respect for the guy as he cleared up his act in a way that I didnt expect him to do so, however Fowl often does these things without even aggrovating him, it can happen even during a regular conversation and quite honestly thats hard to defend. I dont randomly start going on 10 minute rants against specific players simply because and hardly recommend doing so.
  11. DaTimeSmog

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    Yeah, indeed I engaged him on the same tone of language. The spoiler might be a bit filled but its quite literally the full rant Fowl did. Dont try to pull the moral highground regarding this matter Schev, seriously. If you're comparing the responses to Fowls comments and putting them on the same level then I quite honestly cannot understand your arguement on the matter. Regarding me doing the exact same thing, not to this level dude and certainly not with people I barely have any contact with.
  12. DaTimeSmog

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    Not sure whats up with you as of late, but you really seem to have a massive problem with me, enough to start a 10 minute rant about how I am indeed the most vile person in this community, I mean if you have a problem with me then I highly suggest just blocking me? I mean if you wish to act like a cunt then so be it, but it kinda jumped the border from being somewhat humerous to me wondering if you have serious anger management problems.
  13. DaTimeSmog

    The [small-ish] Robotics Rework

    Fowls arguement is grounded that almost everything a mech can do can also be done by an exosuit with the added bonus of having hands.
  14. DaTimeSmog

    Fix Xenomorphs

    Xenomorphs act much like human mobs, this already brings up a variety of problems however, Their old disarm was an almost guaranteed for the matter, this was their only tool of holding a target down long enough to nest them, with the current xenos this isnt possible and most often they're forced to field execute a target as disarm spamming does nothing due the host getting up on their feet rather quickly. Disarm also had a side effect on cyborgs, stunning them for 5-6 ticks but also knocking them back a bit, this was extremely helpful as right now Cyborgs are a deadly hardcounter against xenos due to the military module 4 hitting most castes with their laser rifle. Facehuggers are also glitched and often dont infect a target when you click on them with a facehugger, but rather just fall down on the same tile the target is on and not doing anything. This seems to happen rather regularly and during last nights round I was only able to infect 2 people out of 14 attempts. This is even more severe considering the mass of helmets and protective headgear the crew has, making facehugging near impossible near the end as everyone is more or less immune. On the topic of damage, xenos recieve too much of it and that is in the form of burn damage. While its no secret that xenos recieve double the burn damage this makes it rather hard for a xenomorph to spend any time in combat as there are a stupid amount of laser weapons onboard the station, this can be solved by removing the double damage they recieve or increasing the xenomorph health pool. Xenomorph weed sprites also overlap almost every sprite, making it extremely hard to interact with anything when the tile is weeded, this includes nests, xenomorph eggs and facehuggers. They also suffer from a hilariously broken UI, with most textures not working properly and some features also being broken, such as their pockets which were used prior by xenomorphs to store extra facehuggers. Xenomorphs are also unable to effectively utilize the vents as they cannot carry facehuggers with them, making vent crawling almost completely pointless aside from the time it takes to escape into a vent, making it not even viable as an escape method. Xenomorph structures also seem bugged when it comes to their interaction, help intent regularly destroying them for no reason, which also includes doors, they also have laughable structural HP, breaking down after a few hits with weapons such as the stun baton. Most of these problems didnt exist prior to Bay changing the xeno code for some god forsaken reason.