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  1. A tank isn't an offbrand product.. even a tankette is way too much.. jesus.
  2. Why would we change spiders if they're just dumb NPC mobs?
  3. Yeah, this is just mechs...
  4. I would say a blind is enough, as a slow down could feel incredibly punishing for what's essentially one of the easiest ranged debuffs you could get if it were to cause a slow down.
  5. Some man want's to add a robot sword and now you guys are having a discussion about robotics while science casually breaks the laws of physics and chemistry is just a mixing game. I'm gonna take Alb's position here and say that swords are really not needed due to how mechs are right now. Their melee attacks are not only extremely potent but can knock back targets, making it incredibly annoying to fight against a mech when you have a stick with a knife added on the end. A valid middle point would be to nerf the mech meele attack and transfer the lost damage over to some melee weapon of some kind. Janitorial stuff would be.. never needed. While cool yes it's honestly one of those things that just get's ignored after everyone had their 3-4 rounds of fun with it after it was merged. Also mechs with KA's would be fine, not super up to date regarding what new way miners found to absolutely abuse the system and if that can even involve mechs but I see no problem with that. Btw anime mechs are for weebs and I like my big clunky death walkers with more missiles and weapons strapped onto them than one single man could ever want.
  6. Boy suggesting cursed ideas like these is exactly the reason why I'm a fan of the "Either remove every role in research and replace it with Research Director and Scientist" or let the variety of roles remain but let people understand that their access is restricted even if your character has knowledge about another department or field of research. I don't have anything against printing shit from the protolathe, it's something that has to be done often but you shouldn't be surprised when sec arrests you for it and you at the end get the 10 minute baby jail time. And believe me, Robotics can already turn into a stale mess when RnD isn't doing their job but imagine RnD doing their job but you being unable to do anything because they either refuse to let you access the protolathe for the stuff you need to save the same IPC who has been throwing himself as carps for 50 minutes straight or which can also happen hopefully not as commonly however, RnD refusing to give you any materials. Down right restricting access to the Protolathe isn't a good solution at all and I would rather go in and suggest a shared protolathe so I don't have to bolt open the RnD door and use some like akin to "It broke".
  7. Great song and it would be a good addition ingame, however due to the nature of juke boxes I would for the future suggest tracks which are more loop friendly, as that shit will be playing for hours on end.
  8. Yeah like GreenBoi said, this is just traitor but now people properly RP with contractors by killing them if they ty dare have x item
  9. Nothing, that's how the game is and the community tends to act. We can deny things by saying we do everything in our power not to follow these examples but at the end we still catch ourselves doing it simply to counter-play someone else who is doing it.
  10. Why would research just allow every person to just randomly wander their hallway, especially considering that they tend to leave resources and other stuff there, yes I get it "Stealing and all that" but that just urges people to get a system in to bolt the doors whenever they need to.
  11. How about adding a skill system instead?
  12. Lathes should be part of their job by default, this is especially the case with the mechatronic engineer, but research? Fuck no, absolutely no. Yes I get that things can be boring as fuck during lowpop and you want to progress but even with research levels you're not going to do much as Roboticist aside from having an excuse to now shit out mechs at every moment of danger or when you feel like it.
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