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Smifboy78 Character Feedback Mega-thread

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Yo knabs, jus' lookin fer a lil feedback on m'main wrencher Naomi. Lemme know what'cha t'ink an'if ah'should be doin biz differen'ly. T'anks.


Also, here are some other characters I play


Character: ZH-EMRU-7897

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals - Robotics Division - Quality Assurance

"Building a Brighter Future!"

Model: Emergency Medical Response Unit

Serial-Number: A56.981.7897

Information: This highly specialized, highly adaptable Zeng-Hu Mobility Frame medical unit is one of our latest products of continuous research and development into robotics construction. It comes equipped with advanced decision-making protocols, prototype leg actuators for enhanced speed, and a military-grade knowledge-base on medical triage and treatment. Available for corporate and private lease, today!

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51 minutes ago, Allakai said:

Well out of all honesty I don't mind Naomi. Neither in a good nor bad way. She's an alright gal, maybe the whole "high as a kite" reishi loving dreg feels a bit overdone but hey she's alright.

Yeah, I've toned that back a bit recently. Due to IC and OOC character development...she does love Reishi though. :shrug:

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6 minutes ago, TheSleepyCatmom said:

Naomi is a character I love to hate, yet unironically like. I despise people with drug-likes like that, though. It's just something I'm not for because it gives an excuse to have 'Oooooh I don't care' RP. :shrug: Something I have seen you do, a lot, before. Outside of that, though, I like her.

Yep, part of the reason I'm cutting back on the smoking while on shift RP. Although if I do, I try to keep such behaviors away from public areas, and is usually done in the company of her friends, for reasons of: fuck it, this shift is boring, let's get high. Or fuck it, this shift has been stressful af and I'm no longer needed, let's get high. But yes, I agree. Thanks for the feedback ❤️

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