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Grimmskel's Unban Request

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BYOND Key: (This is your Byond login/Ckey) Grimmskel

Total Ban Length: (The total time of your ban. You can also note your remaining time, though it is not required) 7 Days

Banning staff member's Key: (This is the staff member's BYOND key/Ckey who placed the ban) pratepresidenten

Reason of Ban: (You can see this when you attempt to log in to the server) logging off without going to cryo multiple times

Reason for Appeal: (State your reason for why you think you should be unbanned) I apologize for doing it I wont ever do it again. If i do just perm me. Aurora is honestly the only server I enjoy playing on I like the RP and there are some good RP'ers on there and they create good RP situations. Aurora is just the right playing pace for me not to fast and not to slow. please let me come back.

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Your ban will expire tomorrow morning and you will serve the time set. You have also failed to check your warnings that would have given you a pretty big pointer that using cryo properly should be done instead of just logging out.

So all in all: Check your warnings, correct your playstyle accordingly and use cryostorage when you intend to leave, or ahelp/contact staff if you cant make it to cryo on your own.


Appeal denied.

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