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Incident Report 7FEB2457

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Reporting Personnel: Luxanna Weiss

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Head of Personnel

Personnel Involved: Jax Dwayne (Captain), John Sarko (Station Engineer), Lana Hice (Quartermaster), and myself.

Time of Incident: 12:40 PM

Location of Incident: Head of Personnel's office and Cargo Office.

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty [X]Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: Around 12:40 PM, I was privately meeting with John Sarko, Station Engineer. He wanted to be granted access to the department's atmospherics division so that he can watch over it while an atmospherics technician arrived. I realized that his employment records had not been uploaded to the station's databanks, and I asked for him to step into my office. I closed the privacy shutters to my office so that I could meet with Mr. Sarko in private as I was going to gather information on his experience, degrees, education, etc. before forwarding it to the Nanotrasen Space Station Odin for confirmation of the information he had given me in order to discern intent through a double check of information.

During the meeting, Jax Dwayne, Captain, called for over the command channel, simply stating that my privacy shutters were down. I notified him I was meeting in private with a station engineer, and that I did not wish to be disturbed. Given a minute, Jax Dwayne barged into my office as the Engineer was telling me about his education, and he (Jax Dwayne) started to force Mr. Sarko out of my office. I tried to stop him, but he was insistent on Mr. Sarko dispersing from the office, and then he told me that I was to immediately accommodate a Tajaran outside of my office to the interim Head of Security (keep in mind we were on code green at the time). I decided to comply due to not seeing any other short-term solution. It should be noted that during this time of getting the paperwork sorted out, I informed him he needed to sign, stamp, and index the forms as the supervising head of staff. While he was doing this, he stated that he hated bureaucrats and especially lazy ones; an off-handed insult directed at me.

After this was resolved and the Warden promoted to Interim Head of Security, I called Mr. Sarko back into my office. He did so, and we started talking. When I asked him where he left off, he responded that he no longer wanted the additional access. The situation the Captain put us both in was embarrassing and humiliating (at best) for both Mr. Sarko and I.

To better present Mr. Dwayne's refusal to do work, during the shift Mr. Dwayne ordered ballistic weaponry and ammunition from the Cargo Office without notifying the Quartermaster (this was prior to my arrival). He simply barged into the Cargo Office when Ms. Hice wasn't in the office at that moment. He ordered the crates, and dragged them away on his own before stashing them in his personal quarters. His reason for ordering the ballistic crate is unknown to me as I did not want to risk further harassment carried out by Mr. Dwayne, but his lack of communication, inability to seem approachable, and willingness to work is apparent.


Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: N/A

Additional notes: If Mr. Dwayne does not like paperwork, then I'd like to state he has selected the wrong career.

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NanoTrasen Inc.

Civilian Branch of Operation

Form 0109

Situation Report

Facility: NSS Aurora

Date: 2457

To: Central Command, Internal Affairs

Subject: Re: Incident Report 7FEB2457

Summary to the incident report filed against me, I hereby submit my report in counter.

Regarding the 'barging in' of Luxanna Weiss' office. Yes, I entered and encouraged her to process the promotion of that shifts Warden to Interim Head of Security, prioritizing the management of a whole department over a discussion with one engineer who wanted access to Atmospherics. Clearly he didn't want the access enough to resume the interview process.

With regards to my comment; Yes, I accused Weiss offhandedly of laziness, because she insisted I completely fill out the paperwork that she was supposed to be doing, rather than preparing it for me to sign and stamp as final authorization. She was likely attempting to delay the process in order to continue her interview, but in doing so inadvertently delayed the elevation of the Warden to a supervisory role and thus wasted the Wardens time and caused Security to be without any form of supervision for that much longer.

Finally, with regards to the ballistic weaponry, namely a crate containing two combat shotguns and two ballistic vests aswell as a crate of the matching ammunition, these were intended to be delivered to the stations Armory for emergency use. Given the nature of the contents, I handled the delivery personally. I was delayed in my delivery by the lack of 'Armory Addition' forms, hence the confusion that I was keeping them in my office. They were placed in the safety of the Armory as soon as the Interim Head of Security was able to accommodate. The crates were ordered completely under the watch of the Quartermaster, who did not oppose or deny the requests, and the appropriate request forms were stamped by myself and placed into the filing cabinet so that a record existed of my orders.

Employee: Jax Dwayne

Signature: Jax Dwayne

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