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Tomkiel's job ban appeal

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BYOND Key: Tomkiel

Total Ban Length: Security job ban, so I suppose until it is lifted.

Banning staff member's Key: ReadThisNamePlz

Reason of Ban: I was banned due to starting to shoot at a guy that was aiming at somebody and then getting a bit carried away and shooting when he grabbed the person he was previously aiming at, and the admin saying that I did not understand what I did wrong.

Reason for Appeal: Though I do agree that I did get a little bit carried away, when I continued to shoot my gun when the guy grabbed the person, in my opinion, you shouldn't have to talk for 5 minutes straight before EVERY action (Not saying that you never need to do that) especially when there's a guy 2-3 meters away from you waving a gun about and aiming it at people. rp is not only speaking and talking, it is also doing, and in that situation, I was rping what a security officer would do in that situation, though as I look back at it, I again say, I did get carried away, I see my mistake and I'll try to be less trigger-happy in the future.

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