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Skrell lore deputy applications are open!

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Hello! I am very happy to announce that I am opening a third Skrell deputy slot. 
Your application must include an essay on one of the following topics:

  • Skrell's place in living lore and galactic politics
  • Skrell culture
  • Skrell psionics
  • Skrell history

The essay must outline or contain an addition to or a rework of the chosen aspect of Skrell lore. There is no upper or lower limit on how much you need to write, but the longer the better. Although it's not a requirement, you'll make my life way easier if the essay is hosted on Google Docs.

The application also should include your activity times in the GMT timezone. This will affect my decision very heavily, and I'm unlikely to accept someone who is not active in my timezone (GMT +3). 

Good luck!

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