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Character Feedback: Wilhelm Sauer

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I've worked in medbay with him and also had interactions with my characters outside of it. He's hilarious and really well done. The accent lowkey frustrated me the first time I saw it but it's grown on me and it makes him a lot more fun to be around/interact with.

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On 27/04/2019 at 00:59, Mogelix said:

The accent annoyed me and put me into mental preparations for 'god, more shitty german chars?' But it turns out he's more then tolerable, actually enjoyable to see and RP with.

God, I'm so relieved the accent has made a good impression on people after a time. I didn't think they'd be quite so prevalent given the current lore (to my understanding), so I thought an enclaved-language approach would be a novel surface-level element to aid in that first impression, but, evidently not.

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