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  1. I'm going to disregard the don't reply further point to thank you for being honest in a way that doesn't seem rude. I'm not saying the permaban is unprovoked, I think Skull's response seemed so to me because there are a million ways to reply to this thread and say exactly what he meant while stopping a bit further away from 'fuck off go away'. Keep this in mind. I'm not making a staff complaint or a unban appeal. I'm just saying what happened. I respect your opinion Schev, it just comes off different for some reason and I still try to justify it internally (it being the reasoning behind the ban/warning). I'm going to shut up now since a few peoples honest meaningful opinion is all I think I really need. Skull thinks I really need to fuck off. That's cool, I'll read and take his opinion/judgement into account. But when I'm being honest and open to feedback, he can say that opinion in a way that isn't just basically 'fuck off'. I know I'm shifting myself really far into the victim role but I still insist that was unprovoked of Skull. I'm not looking for some confirmation that 'le community wants me back!!111!1!'. I'm just asking what people think of me. All I ask in addition is that if and when they shit on me they do it without being rude, as is common courtesy. Goodbye, if anyone wants to say anything, I'll read. If nobody wants to continue this, that's also fine. But either way, I'm not replying further to this. If I get forumbanned for being honest and upfront (while not being rude) and then getting rudely shat on, well whatever.
  2. Well, fuck me for being honest and wanting to get a bit of feedback, perspective and or resolution to my presence on this community. There's more polite ways to make this input without shitting on me. I don't want to play a victim in this already kind of pathetic pity party I'm hosting but that is really uncalled for and bullying, man. If you want to tell me to fuck off but I have not yet told you to do the same and are just being honest, trying to attempt to unwravel my web of dishonesties and ironies I've spun myself into, get some resolution, dont fire back with a fuck off, escalating this. I don't want to make a unban, or a staff complaint because I know I shouldn't. I'm just trying to discuss my ban and reach some understanding and resolution, without attention whoring too hard. I literally included a section: Should I fuck off for real. I'm going to assume thats a yes on that front from you, skull. It's pretty sad to see you act so rude to me completely unprovoked. Everything here has been specially designed to not point fingers, not make you seem like a big bad banning admin. I'm just flustered and looking for answers. And yet you seem more intent on showing how edgy you are, instead of respectfully responding and stating your opinion or judgement. I'm just taking a shot in the dark and your putting a artillery barrage on me in response. I seriously have no clue what has provoked you so much. If I was to judge from this alone, you come off like a huge bully, which I know you're not, man.
  3. I've been permabanned for a while. While I still pop by time to time in the discord community(ies), I've felt pretty bad about all this as of recently. I'm not going to be that guy that says 'bro this permaban has sent me into a depressive state and im going to kms' but being out of this community is quite disgruntling considering how much I enjoy/used to enjoy it. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt and try to read through the really edgy wording and self deprecation to get some meaning. (I am writing this at 2 AM AEST.) I feel a bit 'trapped inside myself'. I feel, or maybe I've realized, that I naturally grate against this community for some unseen reason. No matter what I do I will fuck up, and a permaban is assured, so what's even the point of going for a unban when all I will do is enjoy myself briefly then crash and plunge deeper into the hole of being expelled from the community. I do intend well for this community, I'm confident that I have never done something malicious against this community outside of idiotic short term spite or not knowing any betterand, I seem capable of improving. Atleast my fuckups aren't blurting out "lol im the worst ninja in OOC". Although, maybe it would be better if I did that time to time instead of blowing up in a community regulars face. When will I be mature/learnt enough to avoid doing this again? I don't know. I want to make this more then a plea for attention but in my current state, no matter how honest I try to be, anything I do is just that. I can't pretend to be seperated from this community and that my actions, experiences and characters aren't fading from peoples memory, probably quicker then I want them to. I never really was that memorable, I guess, and this whole rant assumes people actually give a fuck about me or my negligible 'contributions' to this community as a short tempered idiot playing on a weird timezone. Going back to something earlier, while I don't believe myself malicious, I do acknowledge my past dishonesties, but believe they're usually as a result of being dishonest to myself. See when I promised I would disable OOC and LOOC. As someone who plays a character who simultaneously is impossible to understand for people who aren't experienced communicating with him and trains the inexperienced. And as someone who plays on slow dead hours, I would die of boredom sitting through rounds doing fuck all except the occassional 'so, what you up to' in common. All of these promises did nothing but damage me as they blew up in my face. I really don't want to openly justify myself, but I will inevitably as this progresses. What I did was stupid and wrong, but I want you to understand me, and understand that I try to understand myself. This whole permaban can be chocked up to a early warn/note regarding my aggressive flaming of a antagonist player in OOC at the end of the round. 1: It was a vamp round. A dyed hair mute miner was vamp and it was pretty late round, shuttle was literally leaving. We did some vamp chase things, dominated to infight a bit but I was still going strong. I had a incredibly powerful melee weapon and was staring eye to eye at the vamp. I stood for a extended period of time and attempted to get some form of roleplay out of the vamp. The vamp, being mute, didn't speak, nor shew any real roleplay otherwise, while I am literally standing around in a position where I could easily do something that could cause major damage/kill this vamp. All of a sudden in this stand off, the vamp dominates me and tells me to lie on the ground for a bit... uh okay? The vamp then proceeds to succ me to near death, leading to me having to ghost. I felt this this really condescending asshole attitude in LOOC and IC. The dominate message said I was playing the hero, which really rubbed off on me because it seemed to come of as a OOC derision of my choice to pursue this vampire, and not just a IC insult. Then, while I was being succed, they said some variation of a 'sorry im a lover not a fighter' with a annoying emoticon face i.e :3, which I took as another slap in the face ontop of this already anti-climactic and underhanded move. I don't believe I raged back at them in LOOC, but I sure as hell exploded in dsay. I was told to shut up in dsay, and I obliged. When the shuttle left, I exploded in OOC at the player. Isn't that interesting? I'm not impulsive enough to immediately start typing hateful comments in LOOC at someone whos ticked me off, or break the learnt 'no IC OOC' stuff. But I am aggressive enough that I'll stick to certain channels to avoid breaking some rules while what I say breaks the rules. I got warned and told to cut the shit. 2: Fast forward some time. I've been helping out and supporting a new player OOCly, having some good interactions ICly. I won't name them because if you've read this far you atleast have some sympathy for me and are willing to believe me without me literally posting logs for everything I say. They metacomm and tell me their being murdered and that there's no sec on to stop them. I tell them not to metacomm then hop onto the server and observe mode to see whats up. I see what looks like a murder. I turn on antaghud (it was voted extended.), the person killing the new player isn't a antag. I bitch to them in LOOC to cut it out and do some pointless arguing before I realize the murder was actually a IC practical joke which involved minimal risk (from a OOC perspective atleast, in my opinion it was totally retarded and incredibly risky realistically). Having shitted up LOOC for this practical joker in a strange defense of this new player who was in 'no real danger' mechanically, I saw skull jokingly cite this in dchat as a reason to remove LOOC for ghosts. I already started regretting the incident but voiced that I had 'absolutely no regrets' in a tone I hoped comedically insistent enough to show that I was really starting to regret this interaction. Not in a ahelp, I left. Skull banned me as this month showed this behaviour recurrent. I don't really know what to pull out of this since it's just so stupid. Maybe this just goes to show that I am stupid. I don't know where I'm going with this. Maybe I really don't understand the meaning of permanent ban. Maybe skull really intends for me to just leave given my problematic behaviours and attitudes. I don't know. I regret sending out those melodramatic messages of doom and gloom to various members I got along well with, 'well, im permanently banned, take care i'll be gone for a year' because just like the OOC/LOOC restrictions I know I can't keep up with them. I want to return but I know it'll be even worse for me if I do. Am I overblowing this? Am I underestimating or misunderstanding what skull meant? Should I even bother with this community anymore, since I might never really be a part of it proper? If you're going to respond, which I sincerely hope you do, what can I do, what should I do, etc, or just discuss all this soppy bullshit ive just posted. I don't know. I'm confused and tired. I haven't found a way to make this a TL:DR, so right now this rant is less of a nice sandwich and more of a sloppy joe. This was a whole lot of my chest and yet it probably all means so little. Major edited addition: I know I sound a bit like this servers creepy rejected stalker but again, I care this much about this community because I like it so much compared to so many others. It's fine escapism and plain out fun.
  4. I am aware of this historic practice.
  5. With smoke signals in double brackets? Aooc is a good thing. Maybe we can police it a little so it doesn't clutter your precious screen excessively. But I'm not taking the risk of people closing their ears and fucking shit up.
  6. It's not Camo, it's plain khaki, ala Soviet Afghan war. It's slightly depressing but maybe people will prefer it to candy crush real P O P aesthetics.
  7. I would love one or two science EVA strong guys too but Jackboot seems too prefer a all or nothing weakening and splitting up security literally into mall cops and gruff soldier mans who bring out da big gunz, complicating the stations structure needlessly, so I can't support this.
  8. And I respect your right to do that. But if the traitors all agree on a gimmick, a rare occurrence but made impossible by lone wolf turn AOOC off as soon as possible type antags, then we have a problem. Ultimately it's a non-issue of people occasionally asking questions breaking muh immersion that will cause more problems then it will solve. Antags are a inherently OOC agreement to make and generate a IC story, not 'dick around with less rules and sometimes listen to your nerd teammates for the theme of the round'. You have a obligation to communicate no matter the antag type, even changeling and vamp should have some sort of aooc agreement/communication. While I don't support the old 'DO I ESCALATE' asking in AOOC if I need to clarify shit about the gimmick or generally need to communicate in a non local/IC way, I use AOOC, no matter what time it is in the round. And I don't want these clarifications to fall on people who hold their ears shut. You should be paying attention and giving input to AOOC until the last rev announcement, or at total minimum, your announcement. Your goal as a antag is to generate a narrative/story and you will have to co-ordinate and set up a basis for that in AOOC. Shit gets off track easy and people shouldn't be able to just hold their ears shut because sometimes stupid questions that should not be asked from a administration perspective are asked and it breaks muh immersion. The cons outweigh the pros by a mile. All of this is dealing with some mild clutter by making a potential massive inconvenience and break down in communication/clarification regarding gimmicks.
  9. this is true and good however let us not stray away from the light of slug rework. perhaps when slugs are reworked both shells and slugs may live in harmony
  10. As it stands, currently, security is denied cool ass equipment by certain ooc motivated uncool cargos because said equipment just a bit too cool for antags to handle. This sucks. Lets turn down the coolness on slugs so that theyre less 'round ending kill death murder round' but a more consistent alternative to shells. Or just overall rework them so that its not a lose lose situation and more of a personal preference/choice thing between slugs and buckshots. Either we slightly unrealistically make slugs a consistent single projectile that isnt more strong then a shells full package or is maybe even weaker to balance the shells 'missing buck', or we do some hidden arcane forbidden ritual to make it both realistic and not OP. This is something that is is unsatisfactory and needs improvement. The only real argument against this ive gotten is 'yeah we're not allowed to use cool equipment because its ooc way too powerful, but just forget about it'. We shouldn't have to throw gear variation under the bus because we're too lazy to balance the gear.
  11. one part of me wants to support this as a real gritty weapon. another part: no kind of immature but somehow people hanging themself and engineering the perfect bioweapon is so much more acceptable then... this. so im 50/50
  12. mr bogdanoff? bump it +1 cause i enjoy a little bit of detective work but it should be vague so only a CSI or doctor would really know 'ah yes strangulation' after a autopsy/inspection not just any assistant with a short glance wait shit this is old but ill give it some love. or get banned from the forums i guess
  13. This is good, as i really dont like the 'round ending shrapnel' drivel, aslong as its a antag thing only. stop overthinking it its ghetto surgery you can propose those be added as downsides if you want. we also already have loads of unrealistic but good for roleplay mechanics.
  14. can we just go back to the old sprites like 100% no new ballistic shield or riot shield? i like rectangles. the collapsible looked slightly more advanced but both are literally just sheets of plastic/reinforced plastic idk. and thats a good thing. no need to over complicate it. if you want a complicated shield, add a ablative anti energy shield
  15. 'sorry i dont like scary gritty desaturated things blaine can you design a merc outfit with this color scheme?' Jackboot, thats some pretty 2D thinking to the idea of aesthetic quality. ofc this is all subjective but please keep in consideration this should be the standard stuff you spawn with, the go to professional generic merc look. the merc base should then be littered with personalized items/you should be able to get less generic faction specific stuff somehow. again, these look really good generic surplus aesthetic, way better then our current mix match turtleneck magboots heavy armor look, (why that is acceptable generic forced syndicate merc look and this isnt is beyond me). let mercs be able to pick specific factions/personalize at their will, but also have a good looking generic starter kit. +1
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