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[Accepted] Komotez's Dionae Application

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BYOND Key: Komotez

Character Names: 

Siegfried Strauss (Psychologist) - Haven't played him in a while, but some folks might recognise, got a fair bit of good feedback when I played him.

Dario Phillips (Medical Resident)

Ezekiel Jensen (Xenobiologist)

Piers Hallaway (Xenobotanist)

Glenn Dinkle (Phoron Researcher)

James Eldorad (Xenoarchaeologist)

A,T.H.E.T.O.S (A.I)

Simon 'Scoop' McCoy (Freelance Journalist)


Species you are applying to play: Dionae

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I have indeed, I have also played Dionae from the nymph stage approximately a dozen times 

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I have been meaning to make this whitelist app for months, but was a tad anxious to do so.

Recent developments such as discussion i've seen in OOC recently gave me the motivation required to actually go ahead and do this. I'm partially doing this because I would like to see more Dionae on station, however to say I'm doing this 100% for the sake of the server or other people wouldn't be entirely true. The main reason I wish to play this race is because I believe I would enjoy it, as I have enjoyed RP'ing Diona from the nymph stage previously. 

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Dionae are immensely different from humans both physiologically and mentally. As beings that essentially can merge together to have six or more individual consciousnesses that are acting as one, their behavior often varies greatly from other races, such as all of their actions being dictated through consensus of their multiple minds, rather than one mind acting on their own. In many cases this results in Dionae acting quite literally and logically when conversing with others, to such a degree that such behavior might be considered odd, outlandish or eccentric from most other races.

The physical differences to Dionae would also make RP'ing them different to humans. As beings that can survive in a vacuum and absorb most organic matter into themselves, yet die if they are deprived of light and heat would mean that such basic needs would also have to be considered when RP'ing.

Character Name: Nurtured with knowledge and light from above.

Please provide a short backstory for this character

Initially a nameless nymph grown in the old Xenobotany lab aboard the N.S.S Aurora by Scientist Lanny Bailey, Light was subject to an experiment which it did not find unpleasant where Dr Bailey wished to see exactly *how* fast a nymph could possibly learn and grow while under proper conditions. Upon feeding upon willing crewmembers blood and assorted biomatter it was given, it eventually grew into it's/their gestalt form, the collection of new consciousnesses working together (a new sensation) came to a consensus that they would be called 'Nurtured with knowledge and light from above' or 'Light' for short, referencing the warm glow of the light of the plant tray the initial nymph grew under, and the teachings of Dr.Bailey who attempted to teach them the basics of interacting with people and day-to-day life aboard the station.

Eventually it was suggested that Light should consider applying for a job aboard the N.S.S Aurora, which seemed perfectly in line with Lights main goal in life : To learn and adapt. This proved unsuccessful however, as Light currently did not have any form of citizenship for the Tau Ceti (or any) system, and thus Light left the N.S.S Aurora in search of citizenship,a relatively new concept to them. Dr Bailey, took responsibility and assisted Light in applying for Tau Ceti citizenship and to have their nymphs micro-chipped.

Light now seeks to return to the Aurora in hopes of applying for an assistant position, and to attain more knowledge of this world, and how it works.   

What do you like about this character?

I like that RP'ing Light will feel like a blank slate that can be RP'd as something that sees the world as a very different place than a human would. I plan to develop Light more and mould their story based on their interactions in game, such as formulating deeper emotions for the character and having them choose what department they want to work towards joining.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

Honestly depends on my mood and what character I'm RP'ing, at worst a 5/10? At best an 8/10 if im really getting into what's happening. I certainly don't try to make anyones round go badly and hopefulyl responses from other players will vouch for that.


I appreciate the backstory might be a tad dry. But I'll happily take any feedback/suggestions. If accepted I want this to go smoothly and be received well by the community. Thank you for reading/your consideration.



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Application accepted.
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Hello, @Komotez! Sorry for the wait, I've been working on my new computer this week and it slipped my mind to check the forums. Anyways, let's get to it!

So far it looks pretty solid. Your reason for wanting to play them and what makes them different from other species have good answers. Your likes about the character are decent, and your honesty about your RP abilities are appreciated. We all have our off days! Just make sure you stay in character.

Moving onto the background, I had a bit of a laugh honestly. I had a question I was going to ask, but you immediately answered it in the next sentence. To be honest the background seems fine for the most part- you don't need a dazzling, sensational background to be accepted. Instead, it's more based on competence; you must be able to be trusted with a whitelist and represent the species properly with knowledge on them in your arsenal. Which, it seems you do!


I do have a few things, however:

Young Dionae have shorter names to show that they don't have as much knowledge. Yours, although simple, is long. They tend to get longer names the more they learn through the centuries- do you think that you might be able to shorten yours? Perhaps to Nurture and Nature? Nurture refers to what is gained through experience such as knowledge, and Nature means something that just comes naturally, such as light. It'll also fit their more basic, simpler life in a live-and-let-live style until they grow more. But it's just a suggestion! Feel free to do something else if it's not to your liking.

Dionae typically have a fixation on a certain thing- is yours specifically the basic needs of survival?



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Hello! Thank you for getting back to me, I appreciate staff and loredevs can be quite busy.

It's funny you should bring up the name. The initial name I wanted was 'Light from above', as it's the name I gave this character after they progressed past the nymph stage. however I tweaked it while doing this application because I didn't think it reflected the 'wanting to gain knowledge' aspect of the character. Your suggestion also sounds pretty cool, i'd honestly prefer 'Nurture and Nature' or 'Light from above' to the initially proposed name here. So I'm totally down with tweaking the name, no arguments here.

As for lights fixation, I thought it would be good to start with a fixation with learning everything they possibly can (typical behavioral patterns of other crewmembers and the basics of  day-to-day life aboard a station) before moving onto a more academic/professional pursuit of knowledge, where I plan for Light to decide on their professional future and career path based on interactions with other crewmembers in game, I wouldn't plan on RP'ing Light in a role that would require extensive education any time soon (since becoming a qualified scientist or doctor etc is obviously going to take a long time).

I chose this as Lights primary fixation (for now) based off of the RP I had when I first played Light from the nymph stage, where Dr Bailey (character played by a friend of mine) suggested that Light (being very young) should focus on learning basic skills such as being able to interact with other crewmembers properly, and making themselves useful while doing so (i.e gaining employment of some description). Light saw this as a pretty reasonable suggestion at the time and saw no reason to disagree, as it seemed there'd be little to no downside of pursuing this goal.

Of course, I'm happy to tweak this if any of it is unacceptable. Thank you ?

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"Light from Above" sounds just as good as "Nurture and Nature/Nature and Nurture" to be honest. Three words, short and sweet!

Everything else appears acceptable. I take it that this is a heavy development character more than anything, and that in itself is well appreciated. I've done that before where I've made a barebones application, got accepted, and went "well shit". I had a blast figuring out the character, defining them as they grew relationships that they made, making things up out of thin air and going along with it as I played. It was chaos keeping track, but it was still fun and now I have several deep characters with complex backgrounds.


Either way, I'm looking forwards to see how their story unfolds.

If you have anything you're uncertain about, feel free to contact me!


Application accepted.

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