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  1. DIONAE DISAPPEAR! On March 9th, 2456, citizens everywhere turn their heads to watch a parade of giants shamble their way through cities, towns, and villages to shuttle ports and board in broad daylight, where the sun was at its height. The procession seemed perfectly timed as Gestalts approached all at once, asking for tickets to ship them off to Eden of Ursae Minoris- the planet claimed by Dionae- in a vanishing act. “We don’t know what to think of it,” said a confused jeweler who is left unnamed per their request. “I called [the Dionae] in to inspect and appraise the new gems I’ve acquired when all of a sudden it just… stopped. They sat there frozen and started to stand upright, and then turned to me with that stare, apologized and said that it was sorry and had to go, and simply left without so much another word. I just don’t understand. It’s always been very reliable, and this is very unlike them for the time we’ve worked together.” Hundreds of thousands of reports the world over are piling in from Biesel and other planets, stating the same thing: Dionae stopping mid-task, abandoning their jobs and heading for the nearest spaceport without an explanation. Even more disturbing is the large demand of Supermatter crystals, a dangerous and important core component of an experimental engine, that have been uncovered. Over the past couple of months, requests for Supermatter crystals by Dionae have slowly crept up in how often they were ordered. The exact number is unknown though their purpose was made apparent when after reaching Eden, the Dionae had boarded their own cargo shuttles and took off into the planet’s exosphere with large, hazardous containment crates, as seen from nearby visitors who came to tour the popular natural attraction and researchers studying the planet’s inhabitants. According to Eden observers, large Gestalts in streamlined shapes dropped from the opened hulls of the cargo freighters where smaller ones amassed to join them, merging together in short order before suddenly taking off in the blink of an eye. According to a resident xenobiologist, the speed that was achieved is only ever observed in cases where Dionae are in possession of something as powerful as a Supermatter crystal which greatly enhances a Diona’s natural abilities. The large masses were shortly lost as they managed to disappear beyond Eden’s space; it is suspected that they may have been in possession of bluespace drives. How an organic vessel managed to utilize such technology is currently unknown let alone obtain it. It is possible that they were produced with their own materials and technology that they have managed to acquire through several partnerships in the trade for the species’ vast intellect. The departure of the Gestalts into the void has left behind a problem: what about the vacant jobs? Hundreds of thousands of occupations suddenly have openings, and no one knows what to do about it. Some businesses are moving to fill what was lost in the way of labour while other are reluctant to open their doors, hoping for their valued employees to return as swiftly as they have left. A distressed employee of a local research facility in Mendell speaks up about their experience involving one of their Dionae co-workers: “You can’t just replace them. I don’t know of anyone else that is capable of doing what they did. Not just that, but they were also a good friend of mine. People who are willing to hire so soon after their leaving are crazy. I have faith that [the Dionae] will return.” Despite this, many have seized the opportunity to apply for the new positions that have been opened already. For now, authorities and researchers alike are looking into the phenomenon to as of why this has occurred, and what it could mean. It appears that there are still a number of Dionae that have remained behind for whatever reason. When questioned about why the others left, the responses were all similar: The statements are not entirely comforting as there are still many questions left to be answered. Updates will be posted with more information.
  2. Body mods like that were harshly discouraged by staff. Do not expect it any time soon.
  3. I know this. I still do not agree to it for reasons that I stated. It's too general a term that can be used for any and all species that live off world, and is. "Spacers" means what it says. But again, I lost the vote so it no longer matters.
  4. Problem: Off-worlders are a name used to describe any species that does not live at their home world. It literally just means off-world and is used as a general term. My characters use it a lot for such.
  5. Oh, neat. And keep in mind, that image is a n c i e n t - like just learning how the Tesla works- and I've since developed a better layout. I've used to keep two grounding rods in the airlocks as portable shields since ours don't explode- as long as you're careful to not place it behind you so you're between it and the Tesla. I'll have to play around a little more to figure out the boundaries and such now, but thank you for allowing it to preform as a main engine as I really love variety and experimentation.
  6. Another thing, other servers set a maximum generation of mini-balls capped at... 20? Basically, it mechanically cannot generate any more instead of forcing players to be careful of how many they generate- unless that's what this PR does, as I could have missed this. Also read my last comments on the post I made above for any other ideas if you want them. Not sure if they already exist or not.
  7. Unfortunately, I have a specific setup that I use instead of the default which is a one-by-one tile setup, keeping the Tesla core contained in one tile with the containment generators in a close three-by-three configuration around it. The image below was the first non-standard configuration I've used and it's rather messy and I've since improved, but basically it helped to increase power output and make the engine safer to walk around as the ball no longer wanders and you won't have to worry about being surprised and zapped from what you thought was a safe distance. It's kept contained all the while giving a strong output and just overall makes it safer to observe. I'll have to play around with it more, but with what you're telling me is that this setup will now become dangerous because it is kept contained and directly in the line of fire the entire time. On other servers, danger is provided by making either the containment field generators, tesla coils, or grounding rods explode if not properly secured which will either chop power generation or create a Tesloose- but otherwise there are no other dangers and can be safely kept at 3 indefinitely- which is a little ridiculous and spooked me the first time, but power production was again, low, and I had difficulty with upkeep. It was used as a main engine in alternating rounds and I could not rely on the SM because it simply wasn't there, so I either had to create another engine or completely wire up solars and set up extras to help sustain the station, as a reference to what other servers do for ideas to whoever else is viewing this thread.
  8. Sorry for the delay, I've read it again and thought I've already posted a reply a while ago but apparently I lied to myself and dreamed it up. Anyways! @AccointNaim, let's take another look. Call me nit-picky, but this still isn't five sentences long and thus lacks some detail. This part is... confusing at the end. It seems like you merged two conversations into one. Gestalt age does not matter, and only Matured nymphs can form a Gestalt. That aside, they're aliens not bound by the same laws as other sapient life- bartenders generally wouldn't care about a "tree's" age. It's more a grey line, like how some IPC's are roughly three to four years old but are treated as "mature" as well as act it. The AI would have never opened it's doors, nor would they have been instructed to "just to see what happens" as there are laws in place to protect a high-security area with sensitive equipment. I'll post the AI's laws that further back this (assuming it was their core that they opened to the Dionae): 1. Safeguard: Protect your assigned space station from damage to the best of your abilities. 2. Serve: Serve NanoTrasen personnel to the best of your abilities, with priority as according to their rank and role. 3. Protect: Protect NanoTrasen personnel to the best of your abilities, with priority as according to their rank and role. 4. Preserve: Do not allow unauthorized personnel to tamper with your equipment. This interaction breaks an AI's rule four as they essentially opened up their doors and more or less invited something that shouldn't be in there in the first place to potentially damage their equipment. And even if it wasn't their core, restricted areas are restricted for a reason. Not even command staff would allow this- it would be no different than if the doors were opened for a janitor. It's irresponsibly negligent to allow such a thing to happen, let alone entertain the idea. I still don't see what the "gimmick" is. Overall, this application is... lacking a lot to me and I am not very confident in handing over a whitelist to you. The first paragraph of where they came from is good from their background, but there is still a lot missing. You have not listed what their particular interest is- almost every Dionae has one, and if not they would be searching for it- nor where they intend to go with it. It is also what helps to determine a Dionae's name as their names are based off of their experiences- which makes me think that you've skimmed over or forgotten a bit of the lore. Yes, there was a lot of writing, but it feels like a lot of "filler" to me as I still come up empty-handed with information on your character. For now I'm unfortunately going to have to deny this application due to lackluster content. However, you are free to apply again a month from now- about 30 days- and you're more than welcomed to contact me. But I highly suggest a re-read of the lore for further help as well. Hope to see you re-apply again! Application declined.
  9. Heya, Ninbox here! I spotted your post, and I'm here to snag it and discuss with you now about your application. So far, I don't recall seeing your Ckey which is fine, but I'm not so certain about the Vox part. They're characters that are a very fleeting presence due to their roles, so I can't really make any judgements. Here's where the problems begin. Read the first sentence, then read your responses. A "proper" paragraph that we were all taught going through school is five to seven sentences long. If you're having difficulties, just touch down on certain points and expand on those ideas! Like my previous point, this section is lacking. You've only supplied me with one paragraph with three sentences. Please try to expand on their background. What's their goal in life and their interests? Again, please explore a question more and give more substantial answers. With what you like about the character, I'm having a little difficulty trying to understand what you wrote. In addition to that, I'd like for it to be a paragraph long. And as for their gimmick, I have no idea in what you're referring to as well. As for the app itself, try to advertise it so players can leave reviews! They aren't needed, but definitely do help. Just copy-paste this thread's link into the game's OOC feed once per round asking for reviews on your whitelist. Hope to hear from you again soon, @AccointNaim!
  10. Heya, Tesla user here. So at first I was pretty concerned with the state of the Tesla. It's a favorite, but rarely if ever gets used. To me, both engines are experimental and both are equally dangerous in their own rights. Now, like Paradox stated, the Tesla is from what I recall, rarely if ever used and for a long time was already ICly "banned" from use by CE's and Captains alike. It has recently made a comeback, but now it's being nerfed which is disappointing. From what I recall, both are also equally dangerous and experimental engines in their own rights. While I don't disagree that the Tesla could use something to give it that element of danger so that people should have to monitor it instead of just leaving it there, this is unfair in it's current state. If it were a more popular engine and allowed to be used as a main powersource, sure. Have people monitor it. But so far it's barely ever touched and you're making a rare choice needlessly dangerous. If the Tesla grows a little too large, people will have to make sure that cargo is there and then harass them for parts, then wait for those parts to be delivered and make sure that there's enough to replace what was destroyed on top of waiting for the main ball to decay to more tolerable levels. Not to mention getting close enough to install the new equipment is enough to make anyone's buttcheeks clench. I'm an experienced Tesla user. I love using it when I have the time to set it up and I love messing with the design and experimenting of what makes it a robust power source. And quite frankly, the new changes make me very, very wary of ever touching it again. How in the world is someone going to get close enough to push in a new coil without getting hit by an arc from just touching it, let alone wrenching it down? The new PR is better than what was first discussed, but my previous statement is still a concern. IIRC, the SM is also a dangerous experimental engine. Will that also get nerfed? It's a little overpowered too; using pure phoron means zero decay in it's heat capacity. You can just turn it on and walk away.
  11. After a little review of the application and your account and delayed by a technical difficulty, I'd say that this character seems as solid as your application, which although vague has left a positive impression on me. Gotta say, the Ckey fits well with the species too lol Sorry for keeping you waiting- Enjoy! Application Accepted.
  12. Hello, @MelodicVoid! Sorry if I was a little late, it was a bit of a busy week. But with this aside, first I want to say something: G A R B A G E B O Y S Okay, I'm good now. With that out of the way, I'd like to say that these guys have a delightfully humble beginning which is probably my favorite thing. My biggest question is this, however. Does the atmosphere of the planet have a very strong anti-radiation shielding? Please note that mechanically they do feed off of light, yes, but lore-wise they actually feed off of electromagnetic radiation. Some lights emit ultra-violet radiation and there are specialty bulbs out there for both plants and animals alike that emit UVB. The station's outfitted with fluorescent light bulbs which cater to their needs in a sorely minimal way by releasing a safe amount of UVB. Our planet still allows quite a bit of UV rays through it's atmosphere- both UVB and UVB- is this frontier planet more or less similar in that aspect?
  13. Due to no response and no way to contact the whitelistee, this application will be denied and closed. Contact me again in the future if you want to make another attempt, but actively keeping an eye on the forums is a must. Better luck next time! Application denied.
  14. Welcome back, @NickSho_! Glad to see you re-apply. Now, since we've already gone about this before, I'm going to be blunt and say that I am disappointed to see that literally nothing has changed despite my input of what you should have looked into for your previous application, and applied it to this one. You simply copied and pasted without following my suggestion, which has me a bit surprised. Here's your last application. Usually when I post a lengthy reply, it's usually as a means to help you fix up your application to be a little more lore-friendly and not be entirely ignored. The only change I've noticed at a glance was that you corrected the spelling for your character's name. You can choose to try to still go with this version of your application if you want, but it's not advisable and I suggest you re-read their lore on top of the reply I supplied to you in your previous application.
  15. Neinbox


    It's all right, everyone has a bad day here and there. Looking forwards to the final product. Thanks!
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