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  1. After a little review of the application and your account and delayed by a technical difficulty, I'd say that this character seems as solid as your application, which although vague has left a positive impression on me. Gotta say, the Ckey fits well with the species too lol Sorry for keeping you waiting- Enjoy! Application Accepted.
  2. Hello, @MelodicVoid! Sorry if I was a little late, it was a bit of a busy week. But with this aside, first I want to say something: G A R B A G E B O Y S Okay, I'm good now. With that out of the way, I'd like to say that these guys have a delightfully humble beginning which is probably my favorite thing. My biggest question is this, however. Does the atmosphere of the planet have a very strong anti-radiation shielding? Please note that mechanically they do feed off of light, yes, but lore-wise they actually feed off of electromagnetic radiation. Some lights emit ultra-violet radiation and there are specialty bulbs out there for both plants and animals alike that emit UVB. The station's outfitted with fluorescent light bulbs which cater to their needs in a sorely minimal way by releasing a safe amount of UVB. Our planet still allows quite a bit of UV rays through it's atmosphere- both UVB and UVB- is this frontier planet more or less similar in that aspect?
  3. Due to no response and no way to contact the whitelistee, this application will be denied and closed. Contact me again in the future if you want to make another attempt, but actively keeping an eye on the forums is a must. Better luck next time! Application denied.
  4. Welcome back, @NickSho_! Glad to see you re-apply. Now, since we've already gone about this before, I'm going to be blunt and say that I am disappointed to see that literally nothing has changed despite my input of what you should have looked into for your previous application, and applied it to this one. You simply copied and pasted without following my suggestion, which has me a bit surprised. Here's your last application. Usually when I post a lengthy reply, it's usually as a means to help you fix up your application to be a little more lore-friendly and not be entirely ignored. The only change I've noticed at a glance was that you corrected the spelling for your character's name. You can choose to try to still go with this version of your application if you want, but it's not advisable and I suggest you re-read their lore on top of the reply I supplied to you in your previous application.
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    It's all right, everyone has a bad day here and there. Looking forwards to the final product. Thanks!
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    I actually am interested, it was sort of me just laughing a little because I had literally JUST talked to PoZe about it who had already accepted prior to your ask. I'm sorry if my response upset you in any way at all. In a way I intended for it to be a surprise of sorts for players for that specific kind of chirp. I forget if you code or not, but if you do you're more than welcomed to work with PoZe on how to figure out how to make chirps vary in tone/pitch/etc in game so it feels more natural.
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    Find out ICly. :^) Also, @PoZe already snagged this through Discord lol
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    Literally. The title says it all. I simply want to give Dionae the ability to *chirp. That's it. In all seriousness, I don't see why they can't as a Gestalt as they still consist of- that's right- Nymphs! Let this be a gift to all the good Dionae this Christmas.
  9. The amount of knowledge that they gain from a biological sample is actually a bit limited. They can't learn things like math equations, but more very basic, rough things like simple or recent memories, like what they had for lunch or what time they like to get up at every day, or even a little bit about the person such as their personality and views on life. They can also learn primary languages and cultures. Very rough and abstract things. In game they cannot obtain blood samples to prevent power gaming such as obtaining a sample from a cultist and exploiting the newfound information they can translate. As for the limitations, there are a few. The size of a Dionae and how many core Nymphs they have as well as the number of overall Nymphs in a Gestalt determines this. A human can only learn so much because they only have so much room in their brain to store all this information. The largest Nymph acts as a central node/processor of this information and acts/functions like a brain in addition to the sensory input and internal communications from the others. So that's one Skrell-like brain with the addition of five other more average brains working together. They can store a *lot* of information, but they still learn it about as fast as anyone else and more or less must do it in more traditional ways such as reading books- which they can do rather fast- or being taught in a classroom setting and/or given tutorials. In-game, the maximum amount of years you can mechanically play as a Gestalt is 1,000 years old, and with that age you're capable of more or less becoming capable of preforming all departmental jobs safely according to the skill mechanics. But, it would be much safer (ICly and OOCly) for them to become masters at one department and know everything about it per Gestalt that has one core Nymph present within. With each additional core, they may be able to master another department- but by then they may no longer be considered a "worker" class Gestalt.
  10. Locking and archiving then! I hope to see you in game and another application in the future! Application declined.
  11. Neinbox

    Live Animal Traps/Cages

    Bless PoZe 👏
  12. Oh my god we need to work out a new format for applications now that the forums have changed... ANYWAYS! I'm Neinbox, and I'm the Dionae loredev you'll be talking to for your application. Now, the only Ckey we could find is NickSho without the underscore, and looking into the records it seems that you have played only twice so far, the Ckey creation being on 12/11/2018. Now, my biggest problem with this application is that you do not have enough playtime and because of this, not enough rapport with the community. My typical requirements for an applicant is to of had played a minimum of two rounds per week for one month to build yourself a reputation. And although your application looks pretty decent for a first look, you've only played about twice on this server which frankly isn't enough time to let the community get to know you nor experience more of Aurora's culture as a server. For now I'll put that aside and take a look at the application itself, so let's get to it! So far your what and why you'd like to play seem pretty solid. Moving into the character's name and backstory is where I find some interesting things. First, you've apparently misspelled the first part of your character's name "Beautiful" a lot, which I am uncertain if that is intentional or not. I normally don't judge on grammatical errors, but I've spotted a lot of grammatical errors. It shouldn't take any points off of your application, but in the game it might irritate some of grammar fanatics. Otherwise it overall looks pretty good- it has an otherwise simple and humble beginning, which is enjoyable in it's own way. But there are a few things that could be thought about. It's interesting that you chose to have them merge immediately and the reason you gave is pretty solid, but merging takes a lot of energy like caterpillars turning into butterflies. And like reptiles, they can't digest meals without being warm (in this case for Dionae, their primary source of energy- that being radiation) or it would take up too much energy and end up killing them because the energy expended outweighs the energy supplied to them to not only digest their food, but also undergo a fusion which is why many chose to fatten up a good deal before a merge. It might be best if they chose someplace safe but still bright to undergo the transformation, such as a tall treetop... seeing a Gestalt climb down a tree would be interesting lol Now, that wouldn't deduct points either! But what does is inconsistencies with the more common knowledge. A Gestalt would have to spend a little time to get to learn about the new society they have come to join, and not only that but they would also have to get themselves tested to be considered citizens of the community. After that comes the real education- small samples of blood can only impart so much information and doesn't come with a PhD wrapped in a pretty red bow. Being a scientist, a Xenoarcheologist and a Xenoibiologist are three different professions within the Research department, and they all require different education and thus different degrees. Scientists would understandably need a degree in general sciences, whereas the others would require more specialized education. Xenoarcheologists would need possibly that, archeology, even xenoanthropology- the latter which would require more time than regular anthropology. Xenobiologists would realistically need to major in biology, xenobiology, and anatomy/surgery. For a general scientist, the IC qualifications are for your character to have a "PhD from accredited university in applicable field." If you look at all the listed requirements I posted above, it would take more than just three years for your Gestalt to gain their PhD to be proficient in all fields within the Research department- and Dionae with an obsession for a specific field can only learn new things as fast as a genius of any species can- they still have a lot of reading and testing to do. On top of that, in-game in the character prep screen you can go to their "skills" and play with them- each tell you which is good for each occupation, and will show you how many realistic points they take up for characters of specific ages due to how much schooling they require. Another curiosity that I noted is that your Dionae seemed to have latched onto the stars as their passion, but it somehow spread beyond astrology and into vastly different sciences. Newer Gestalts tend not to be so broad until they learn all they can about their initial interest and are able to stray into something else because they're more or less "children" with how newly created they are. And like children, they're going to have very specific interests for a bit. If it is because of the blood samples, I hate to tell you this but they cannot have broad interests simply from small biological donations. For this character to be possible, you may want an older Gestalt that has been around for a while. As an additional note, I really do love that you had them change shape to something more humanoid when they were with the crew though. That was an excellent detail. Overall, I am going to have to decline this application not because of content, but because of the little amount of playtime that has been accomplished. I'd like for you to play a bit longer and build yourself a reputation here on Aurora for a minimum of two to three rounds a week in a month to help do so. During that time period you are free to approach me with any question or comment you have regarding the species, and at the end of it all I hope to see you reapply when it's over! When you do post your new app, make sure to advertise it. Reviews from other players aren't necessary for an application, but they definitely help. You're allowed to post one link to your application per round in-game in OOC and in the main Discord server (I forgot if it was once every six hours or something for this one). I'm leaving this application active for any additional commentary by you be it questions or a confirmation or whatnot until tomorrow night where I will close it. I'm sorry for having to close it so soon, but I hope you understand that it's just so we can all get to know each other a little better before I hand over this responsibility to you as each server has their own rules and culture. I hope to hear again from you soon!
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    Additional/Expanded Dionae Languages

    Giving this topic a little bump. The addition of this will also be somewhat important to upcoming events as well.
  14. We still got some open spots, but they're running out fast! OPEN SLOTS: Team Hephaestus Mechatronic Engineer 1 Mechatronic Engineer 2 Team Zeng-Hu Mechatronic Engineer 2 FILLED TEAMS: Team NanoTrasen Team Necropolis Come join us at https://discord.gg/NQHdd5j to watch the fun or apply for one of the above positions! Each position is equally as important, so pay no heed to the numbers. Hope to see you there!
  15. Hey, everyone! You might have already seen it on the Discord Relay server, but there’s another server that has been advertised as “MECHAMANIA”. What is it? Well, it's an in-character Discord RP event about a mechfight using simple turn-based combat! Why not have it on the game server? Because there's going to be some custom content. Can’t use a giant mech-sword in-game now, can you? Anyways, four teams from four major companies will come together to prove their own skills and genius for fun and a cash prize, and pit their pilots against one another in giant exosuits to duke it out! Currently the competing companies are Nanotrasen, Hephaestus, Zeng-Hu, and Necropolis, each team sponsored by their respective companies. The main premise of this event is that the roboticists were bored and wanted to have a little fun as well as give others something fun to look forwards to while relieving the stress of recent events. Lii’dra attacks, Frost showing his ugly mug again… You get the idea. They reached out to each other from a mech club and managed to get their companies to back them for the event. Who knows? This could bring a lot of new potential to the companies and employees themselves! Now to the source of the problem: we need players! We're low on observers (your character can be there either in person or watch it from home), but most importantly, competitors! Team NanoTrasen has already been filled, but we need at least six more players- nine maximum- to represent the other teams. The positions are one (two max) mechatronic engineers and one pilot for each team. For this you will have to make a non-NT, one-time use event character to do so and you may have to read up on the company's lore a little, but afterwards you are free to toss the character or chose to keep them and have them as visitors in game or use the non-NT relay only. To see what it's about, please join here at https://discord.gg/NQHdd5j . Please read the announcements and rules. Competitor applications will be handled on the Discord only. Ping @Referee to apply! If you have any questions etc, feel free to ask- but yes, this event has been cleared with JB/CCIA and is sanctioned as a CANON EVENT. There will be a little preparation and planning to make sure everyone knows their roles, but the event is planned to happen either this or next month. For now, Merry Mechamania everyone ;^) Edit: Link set to never expire. Sorry about that!