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  1. Honestly, from what I've seen with how long you've been with us, you're no troublemaker, and your newer additions and answers are satisfying enough to me. It also has a uniqueness to it in the naming, which is personally a bonus (no, I do not judge the app off of, I'm sorry everyone). And I'm curious to see what people think of a Dionae approaching them to be called a human name too! Overall, great job, Glasgow. Application Accepted.
  2. After a busy weekend and letting this sit a little in hopes of seeing others post feedback, I think it's time to take a look, @GlasgowSmiling! So far, although there isn't much in the background but that's good. It's understandable that it's short as their life has also been relatively short, so they don't have much to their story. Seeing how most Dionae will latch onto a specific thing as an interest or passion, I take it that Connie's is caring for their "family"? Love the name and their nickname by the way, it's very unique and fantastic to see something so unusual! But, it fits right in. Do you think that they might have any future pursuits that they might eventually wander into one day, such as nursing? To be honest, your entire app is surprisingly the shortest application that I've read, but pleasantly acceptable. Congratulations for that, as with how picky I am I never thought I'd see the day! I also appreciate your wanting to play them purely for the aesthetics more than the mechanics- that is a worry that a lot of the non-Dionae players have to deal with and often groan when one joins for any number of reasons. My biggest problem here though is that there is a lack of display here in the way of what you know on what makes them different from other species. You've only shown that you know one aspect of them- can you expand on their other ones for me?
  3. Good to hear- hope to see you back here again! Application Declined.
  4. I really, really wish that people were reminded to [@mention] staff because even with email alerts and occasional checking, this one slipped under my radar! But I'm here now @simfantic, so let's get this underway. First off, I am glad to see you re-apply, and compared to your previous application(s), I see a vast improvement. It's obvious that you've read the lore, you have far more of a solid background for your character, and you seem to have a good standing with the community! However, and I'm sure you probably already knew this was coming, you don't have a terribly good standing with your track record. I'm still getting reports of powergaming among other things, but the former is the biggest issue. It might not be as frequent as it once was, but it's still happening frequently enough to where I have to worry about how you would play Dionae. Dionae can be very overpowered sometimes, and I'm concerned that you're going to use them to simply gain the upper hand, and I hope you understand where I'm coming from. But I find that it is unfair to leave you with nothing, as I do see some improvement in other regards and I believe that you can do so in this area as well. So, I have a request for you. Save this application, and if you can prove that you can go without major notes (especially powergaming) for a month or two, fix up your application and add a bit more to it if you'd like and then re-apply. Does that sound like a fair deal?
  5. Whew! Alright, with the forums now back online, we can finally get this over with. You've waited long enough @Iron Chaos, and now I can process it. Anyways, you've sated my curiosity and it matches up well with their nature. So, I'm happy to welcome you to the fold! Application Accepted.
  6. Thanks for responding @Iron Chaos! Out of curiosity, why is it human technology in particular that interests them and not any of the other species as well? Skrell technology is particularly advanced.
  7. Hi @Iron Chaos! I've stumbled across your application and now here we are! So first off, I love the information you listed for why you want to play, but mostly the length you went through for their differences. It shows you really know your stuff, which is very important to be able to play this species. The backstory is also nice; simple and vague, but leaves a lot to the imagination. With how many times it sounds like it's merged and separated with other nymphs, I can imagine how old they are and think of their experiences in life. It's rather whimsical, which is fitting. It's also good to see a mention of one of the original discoveries as their origin! Now typically, you'd have to go to school to be working with a big, dangerous experimental engine that can literally wipe out the entire station- at least, that's my belief on how it should be. Apprentices don't get access for a reason last I checked. Are they going to be trained and get certified to work with the engine? What made them interested in the engineering field anyhow? Also, do you have a story behind their current name? Dionae names are typically a summary of their lives, and tell a story. How did this gestalt come to obtain theirs?
  8. Mm, I wouldn't say that their thoughts are necessarily slower, but it's more like having cold fingers in the winter to us due to being in a low-radiation environment like the station. We're capable of thinking normally in an environment with less than ideal conditions, we just may be hampered; the same is for them. But everything else looks good! Seeing that your application has sat here long enough and that you seem to have a good reputation and experience in roleplay, I'm glad to see Coalescence Of Rainfall branch out and welcome them to Aurora! Application Accepted. Good thing you can't complain about my pun after locking the thread :^)
  9. I can totally see it! Now, for your "what makes Dionae different". Like I said before, you only really listed the inter-species interactions, but it's a lot broader than that when it comes to what separates Dionae from other species. It's not entirely one aspect. Can you think of any others that might separate them from the crowd?
  10. So your Dionae is interested in Xenobotany because of the interest in "playing god" as it were?
  11. Heyo, @Colfer! For future reference, you can @mention staff/other players to catch their attention. Sometimes I can be a little forgetful with checking on the forums, as it's not very often that I get applications! You can also find the appropriate staff members on our main Discord server and message them there. The majority, including me, will usually always respond back shortly! Now, for your application, I'd firstly like to welcome you over to Aurora as a player from Baystation. I've never played there myself, but it's nice to see someone willing to explore and try out other servers as well! A few places may look down upon character porting, but I don't mind in the slightest as long as the character is able to fit into our setting or be edited slightly to make it possible. Hell, with your character, they would have existed for around 62 years now, and I wouldn't be surprised if they originally did come from Bay's facility and transferred over bringing with them their personal experiences and memories if the timelines match up, as the current year here is 2460. The only time-travel that's legal in Aurora is forwards! Moving on, I can see that you have a good reason to want to play them, but your idea on what makes them different is more on their social inclination more than anything when it is so much more than that. Keep in mind that their views on the world are very different- even against more than just the human species. If you can think of anything more, I'd love to read it! Your backstory is pretty basic- but that's good! The background is solid, nothing is too complex that questions can be raised against, and it leaves a lot to be discovered of them in-game were I to approve. However, I do have a question. Most Dionae have something that drives them, a thing that piques their curiosity that they pursue it in their studies. They have a natural alignment to plant life, sure, but what made Rainfall continue to pursue a generic thing for them than to go out and explore the more "alien" fields?
  12. Sorry. I really do need to go back and fix up the wiki, I do 100% agree with that. I am pretty guilty of not writing too much down, which is a glaring issue on my behalf and not your fault at all. My biggest problem is that the species is heavily biologically centered because they're that alien. That's a problem because they have a bunch of little things that are rather different about them, and it's hard to pick apart what's fluff and what isn't and how much to put down and where without scaring off the readers of too much or too complex of information, and it's sat like that for a while. But now that I'm back in my groove in force, I'm going to go back and heavily revise what I have to make sure that it has everything both as simple ideas that everyone can understand, and the fluff behind it for those who want to go all-out. But don't worry- there's not going to be drastic changes and there's actually going to be less restrictions on the characters themselves. But biologically, I'll admit I'm a bit stricter on what what's probable or not for the species. For now, I'd say that it's safer to go with what I suggest for their biology, but as far as the character themselves such as personality and all, that's all up to you. Everyone seems to really like One Who Sees, and I'm certain they're all looking forwards to seeing their next chapter. I think you've waited long enough for it, honestly. And if you have any questions like clarification on anything, feel free to contact me. But from now on until I get things expanded on in the wiki, I can't blame anyone for making something up as a part of what Dionae do- especially if I haven't written it down due to the fact that there's so much to choose of what to write down- simply because they're just that alien. Application Accepted.
  13. Well @EmperorVoyd, when nymphs choose to merge with one another they do it in a protected area that's well-lit to give them both the time and energy to do so. They wouldn't move about and constantly interrupt the process. It's like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly in a way. Which means no publicly fumbling around. I can see the merging taking a while, perhaps all day until they figure out how to merge properly, but not what you suggest. However, you can have the Gestalt instead be rather uncoordinated and have difficulties doing tasks such as speaking until the nymphs delegate who does what and learn to work with one another. Does that sound like a good compromise to what you want and what's doable?
  14. Honestly, I was never in the slightest aware that this was a standard/rule. But when I saw the mess that Syntax's document had become with the comments/suggestions and highlights, I felt that it was best to go about converstationson the matter in a platform that was more geared for such instead of something that wasn't really meant to have back-and-forth discussions on it in the first place. And it really has made the task of navigating the page and the questions less daunting, as they are separated. It wasn't me trying to be intentionally cruel or difficult; it was literally me attempting to find the best way to handle the two things for myself as it was all meant as more of a personal reference and not an actually published/released item whatsoever.
  15. Well now that I'm back from my big busy nerd weekend event, it's time for the final decision. This character is overall a stark contrast to most of the other Dionae who tend to keep a rather neutral outlook on life. But for a species that likes to have something new to discover, this one was sorely under-stimulated and it really impacted the poor thing to leave it feeling let down and its needs unfulfilled- otherwise known as, severe disappointment. People don't realize that Dionae can in fact have "human" experiences such as disappointment. They're somewhat of a very scientific species, and if a scientist's tests constantly fail with something they were really looking forwards to, of course they're going to become frustrated and give up but still have that lingering shred of hope. On top of your overall knowledge of the species with the guts to drive them in a direction no one else has really dared to go, I am looking forwards to see what Mould has to think about the NSS Aurora. Hopefully their expectations aren't too low. laughtrack.mp4 Application Accepted.
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