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Incident Report - Sura Cantara

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Reporting Personnel: Karima Mo’Taki

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Roboticist

Personnel Involved: Sura Cantara

Time of Incident: 2-9-2457

Location of Incident:

Nature of Incident: [x]Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury [x]Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault [x]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident:

Karima Mo’Taki’s synthetic unit, ATHENA, was currently assigned aboard the station as an android. It was functioning as an engineering module. During the shift, Xenoarcheologist Sura Cantara had discovered an alien artifact onboard the asteroid. The artifact emitted an energy that was picked up by the station android and cyborg units, including Athena.

The units aboard the station (ATHENA and HELIX) picked up these signals as system alerts. After ensuring the station was not in jeapordy, they managed to conclude the alerts were coming from the artifact on the asteroid.

Unit ATHENA messaged Xenoarcheologist Sura Cantara in concern of the artifact, as the system alerts were inhibiting the cyborg and android units. Sura Cantara replied she knew what she was doing, and merely ignored the units. The alerts were flooding their processors, and they were unable to maintain their assigned directives in safeguarding the station.

Cantara refused to acknowledge the unit’s concerns, and ignored the possibility of a potential threat from the artifact. Unit ATHENA conversed with unit HELIX, and concluded to remove the threat as peacefully as possible.

Unit ATHENA was blocked by Cantara while removing the artifact, and had to resort in utilizing a flash to remove the artifact. This infuriated Sura Cantara. Unit ATHENA brought the artifact to the airlock and proceeded to secure it. However, Sura Cantara went EVA to meet up with unit ATHENA, and proceeded to assault the unit with a pickaxe, severely damaging the chassis and nearly shutting it down. Unit ATHENA was unable to defend itself, not without bringing harm to crewmember Cantara.

The artifact was not secured, and continued to emit energy signals that interfered with the station units’ processing. Not to mention, the potential threat an unknown energy signal could have caused, that reached the station itself.

Cantara acted unprofessionally in this situation, nearly destroying an android that was only following its laws to safeguard the station. Cantara refused to acknowledge the possible severity of a threat. She attempted to pin blame on the android for being defective and attacking her, where ATHENA had only utilized a flash after constantly being denied and ignored. She severely damaged ATHENA when the artifact was taken away from her, and attempted to terminate the unit.

After ATHENA was repaired, Cantara proceeded to state petty insults and slander, that Karima Mo’Taki had programmed a defective unit, and called Karima a ‘slut’. These sort of statements are unwelcomed in a professional environment.



Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: No, as there were no IAA on duty at this time, and this incident only came to attention after the shift.

Additional notes: Attached is a sample of a data log entry from Synthetic Unit Athena. As it is shown, the alerts were hindering her processing.

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First off, said cyborg did not contact any command staff about the problem and instead took matters into its own hands. The artefact was in the storage part of the outpost as testing was not yet finished. When a command staff was finally involved they ordered that the artefact remain on the outpost.

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First off, said cyborg did not contact any command staff about the problem and instead took matters into its own hands. The artefact was in the storage part of the outpost as testing was not yet finished. When a command staff was finally involved they ordered that the artefact remain on the outpost.


I can sorta answer for this. The only heads on station were the CMO, and Warden-promoted HoS. the CMO was SSD. We could have told the HoS, but he was already busy dealing with arresting Travis. HELIX and ATHENA both concluded this to be an engineering issue at first, (they're engineering borgs, it's dealing with power, obvious conclusion) and we informed our department. We didn't take matters into our own hands, we covered it within engineering.

We had laws to safeguard the station and ourselves, and the artifact was messing with us. You would not believe the amount of spam those alerts made. We probably missed important info in the chatbox one or two times because it kept flooding us.

Between the space carp attacks, Travis getting arrested (again), trying to figure out the alerts, the spammy alerts themselves, it was confuzzling. And Athena messaged you over and over in concern to the artifact. Sura just shrugged it off and yelled at the androids to get out of her way.

Athena saw:

1. Threat to station integrity

2. Crewmember who ignored potential threat

3. Crewmember that tried to stop Athena from fixing potential threat

4. the threat is a dangerous artifact that should be kept away from the station and crew.

5. Proceeded to act in the most peaceful method possible to remove the artifact ASAP.

6. Athena flashed Sura once, because she was blocking the way for Athena in moving the artifact to someplace safer.

7. Outside the airlock with Sura, Athena could not defend herself because a. flashing didn't work, b. any other form of excessive force conflicts with her laws.

The Artifact actually shut off once the pressure dropped in the airlock, and Athena was about to explain that to Sura. Instead, she got slammed with a pickaxe by an angry Tajara who took insult from an android. Couldn't shut the doors because that would crush Sura.

Not only that, Sura severed EVERY form of communication on Athena, except for binary. I could not inform ANYONE that the alerts had stopped and the issue was fixed. Instead, Sura 'jeapordized' the situation even worse by destroying Athena's chassis, and returning the artifact to pressure. She also weakened the station indirectly by removing an engineering android out of commission. After we had carp attacks, and potential breaches.

Gosh, that spam was so annoying. For the amount of alerts, it was evident enough for this android to go, "Hey, something REALLY bad must be going on....we gotta fix this up asap."

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Elena Raschnikova, Captain;

Audio log, Addendum:

"I arrived late that shift to check on the station status. The issue was immediatelly brought up to me by the station synthetics. I did order it be removed from the outpost as soon as I heard, as station intergrity always comes before reckless testing. I would... also like to bring light on a larger issue. Dangerous reasearch is all well and fine, but downright rackless one cannot be tolerated anymore, as it has become a pandemic problem onboard Aurora."

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A memo, from the KATANA Project

To whom it may concern,

Upon review of KATANA's shift logs, we can release the following in relation to the above report:

* NOTE: Complete log records cannot be compiled and released, due to logging system errors. We suspect this to be a combination of the unidentified artifact causing suspected power fluctuations (Currently unconfirmed), and a directive-overload related system failure earlier in the shift (A full system reboot was performed between this failure and the events described above, and system appeared operational following the reboot). There do not appear to have been any other logged issues with KATANA during this shift that can be attributed to the artifact.

Presence of the artifact can be confirmed. We can also confirm statements were made by the station borg systems regarding power fluctuations caused by the artifact, but cannot confirm these power fluctuations within the station itself (KATANA was deployed as a pAI device, originally to the chaplain, then unofficially transferred to a security officer that responded to the incident). Statements were made by Sura Cantara, implying she was aware of the artifact's effects, though believing they did not affect the station itself (Again, we cannot confirm any station power fluctuations with our current data).

Additionally, a statement was made by Sura Cantara that the artifact appeared to react to the outpost's atmosphere, becoming stronger as pressure rose. With this information, KATANA had made a recommendation to Sura Cantara, and the station's Captain, in the interest of protecting station integrity while allowing research to continue. This recommendation was to secure the artifact within a location with no atmosphere, and to perform controlled testing in this environment. It does not appear this recommendation was heeded.

In regards to the report of borg destruction, we cannot verify the cause of damage, but we can verify ATHENA received extensive damage, as observed by KATANA following the incident. Radio chyatter indicated a conflict between Sura Cantara and the borg units, with Sura and another scientist (Whom cannot be identified) stated the borgs had gone rogue.

We hope this information aids in any pending investigation.

With regards,

Katrina Silvers

KATANA Project Director

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