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Ban Appeal

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BYOND Key: (Grokbug)

Total Ban Length: (Not stated)

Banning staff member's Key: (Alberyk)

Reason of Ban: (Ban evader)

Reason for Appeal: (I have no idea what happened here. The last time I played I got boink'd by the admin because I was punching myself. We resolved it so I don't know why I "evaded a ban." Could someone clear this up? I'm confused. Thank you.)

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Right, while you being a ban evader might be a mistake. This is exactly why I did think of such: Davey Scrottlebonk masturbates vigourously.

Now, this is a big no, due to obvious reason. Do you see the issue with this?


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Haha, I was just trying to figure out the "me" function. I thought it would be funny because I was in the oxygen bubble on the shuttle alone. It was meant to be my private time. Sorry about that.

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