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CoolDude's unban request (sec job ban)

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BYOND Key: CoolDude22333 Total Ban Length: 7 days Banning staff member's Key: Parate  Reason of Ban: Keeping gear on me as sec while cryoing Reason for Appeal: I was unsure when I was banned, but I do not remember keeping gear on me when I cryo. I am unsure of what happened and when did this ban come. I only noticed around a few hours ago. After talking to a different admin, who told me I could appeal, what I was planning on anyhow, I learned of why I got banned,  if I did make a honest mistake and bring sec gear with me, then I am sorry for doing such, but I would like to find out if I did, Because I do not remember doing anything where I would forget to do such. I thank you admins for doing a good job, usually, and would like you all to have a good day. Thank you for reading this. :)

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Although your formatting is fucked, Im going to accept this under a few conditions.

If you need to go, stow your gear where you got it, and go to cryo. Dont just drop somewhere, because you're hogging the slot, preventing anyone else to play it.

If you cannot make it to cryo, you need to notify staff so we can help you, be it you need to go immediately, or if your internet or computer crashed. We're available on discord.

Failing this, the ban will just be reapplied, and an appeal might be more difficult in the future.

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Thank you very much. I understand everything here, and I will do everything I can to heed this advice. Thank you for reading this, honestly. Also, I do hope there is no next time, but if I need to use a format again, not just this one, I will try not to fuck the entire thing. Keep up the great work.

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