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Antag Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Negativ9002

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key:  PratePresidenten

Reason of Ban:

This would be your fourth and final strike of poor escalation as an antag. Effectively ganked a janitor with very little prior interaction other than to Clean the floors. You will need to appeal this ban on the forums

Reason for Appeal:

My previous unban appeal was processed 31st of march. The appeal was rejected due to a very small amount of time having passed since a different ban. As of now I will be giving it another chance, I have been playing on the Aurora every day if not every other day and I believe enough time has passed since the previous unban appeal to show that my actions in game have improved in a way to add to the round rather than remove RP from the round. There have been several rounds in which I as sec interacted with antags in various ways ranging from a simple talking to without the usage of threats or weaponry all the way to the opposite by using alot of force to defend the crew/myself/station according to the antags behaviour.

I believe this shows what I lacked before which was restrain from using the tools at hand. Just because I have a holstered  .45 doesn't mean I have to use it on the first antag I see. Depending on the antag as a simple talking to can be more effective and more contributing to the round. I hope the admin team agree's with this and allows me to assume antag roles again.

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Hello hello! Ive been looking over your appeal and the likes.

Seems like you've been active and playing decently as far as I can tell, so.. Im going to accept this appeal with a word of warning.
Considering your prior notes with antagging and escalation, you will not be antag banned again if you fuck up, you will be serverbanned.

Other than that, I hope to see good things from you.


Appeal accepted.

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