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Character Feedback: Kermit's Characters

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  • Naalp Aliori-Riqaij'aal (Captain) - Space trucker grandperson skrell with stories to tell. Skilled cryptographer?
  • Rosenwyn Edevane (Captain) - Hot headed, former Europan submariner captain.
  • Aqii Vuroq (Scientist) - Punished skrell; brig come-and-goer. Overlooked mutineer?
  • Qul Vu'xui (Security Officer) - Another Punished skrell...
  • Lou Rosevear (Research Director) - Cytherean science personality.


  • Robert de Winter (Captain) - Cloning defects & marriage problems. Death by major lore retcon.
  • Si-Qari Volq'luushx (Captain) - Skruit captain.
  • Faith Windsor (Pharmacist) - Wormholes, lightning and occultism.
  • Vu'xii Qos-Nuqux'nuul (Pharmacist) - On quickdial for Orion's brightest and most sober hangar techs.
  • Guusje van Willigen (Pharmacist) - The archivist: keeper of ~60 (now outdated) pre-written prescription slips of 2021 Nov-Dec's Aurora crew which (most) pharmacist-mains of the time had access to. That was fun.
  • Alexander Nietzsche (Surgeon) - Father figure.
  • Hugh Oswald (Chief Medical Officer) - A more wholesome father figure.
  • Ka'Akaix'Lyrk C'thur (Scientist) - Zircuitzz.

Tell me what you think of them.

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idk why i still keep this updated
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I've worked a lot with Nietzche and Chipperfield, both are pleasant and great to RP with. But they both suffer from one of the most unfortunate things of all.


Playing Medical


Less medical work and more time for RP and these characters would be amazing, but that not something that can be helped. Thank you to SadKermit for setting up Joseph Lock's Psych Eval too, helps with the immersion alot

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  • 3 weeks later...

I had a lot of interactions with Faith Windsor, and I can say, with some confidence, she's a horrible drug dealer.

No, jokes aside, Windsor is a pretty well done character. Granted, a bit snowflakey, but still good. They got some illnesses that always lead for some interessting interactions. She's also helping one of my chars out in his efforts to become clean and away from drug abuse. 
Sadly, I didn#t have any interactions with her other characters (that I can remember at least), but from what I have heared, they seem to be quite well too.
Keep doing what yer doing!

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