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  1. So, I wasn't ready to give my opinion because I haven't really seen the most of the RP that folks here are talking about. So, the only logical course was to stalk Jesse Armstrong for a round while he was Head of Security. I didn't really find the RP I was looking for after doing so, but what I did find was probably much more important. Spider has a good OOC mindset of how to play a head of staff role, something that is crucially necessary for anyone playing Captain or Head of Security. He involves other departments in the round and by extension, non-security players with the antagonists. He is stringent with procedure with his staffers and a little bit of a control freak, both not necessarily bad things either. He has humanity like people say, emotions and the like so he isn't JUSTICE the bot. My only real complaint about Jesse Armstrong going forward is that he doesn't take security issues one thing at a time, resulting in things being recurring problems. Half of that is delegation the other half being dissemination of information. I'd encourage that you'd work upon that but its more that evident the potential to make a great head of staff is there, just working out first-time command staff kinks is all. You get my +1, hope to see more of Armstrong.
  2. I said I would comment on this, though at of right now I don't really have a resounding yes or no. I haven't had any bad interactions with Jesse Armstrong, though all the interactions I've had with Armstrong has been within the realm of combat and not RP. I can't really speak to the roleplay of Armstrong for that reason. What roleplay I did see didn't really jump out at me and neither do the answers. I wouldn't go as far as to nix him for the chance at trial, but I'd definitively liked to see more about what Armstrong was about instead of what he does.
  3. Hey there, I'm the Player of Joseph Lock, said stuttering nearly killed Security Officer. I didn't really have the opportunity to witness any of what was mentioned in this complaint. A couple blasts to my helmet-less head with whatever green spewing energy weapon and a spike thrower and I was down pretty much for the rest of the round. Only seeing Volvalaad after the EVAC shuttle had docked with the Odin and Lock was being wheeled too the medical bay outside of the docking station. When I saw this post I felt obligated to make a comment on it being the object of motivation for IC wrath. I don't know TheNewOrleans well as a player, I can't really say that for any player on Aurora, I'm just not that in the community yet, but I'm working on it. From what I do know of Volvalaad as a character and my interactions with him is that he regularly toes the line of what is appropriate and what isn't from both an emotional standpoint and a general air of conduct. The why what and where of this behavior is not for me to comment on. But from what I've read of the server rules, especially that of character rules is that a very and I mean very strict interpretation of the rules would see him receive this three day ban. I'm not sure how that stacks up with previous notes and punishments of TheNewOrleans and this is also not really my place to comment on as I've not been involved in anything relating to him as a player prior to this ban. But I do have one thing that I'd like to present. One of my favorite aspects about Aurora Station and particularly the structure of how players are policed are the CCIAA and how characters themselves can be policed ICly. I find the model fascinating and I personally believe it allows for more controversial play in a HRP setting. That being said the server needs to maintain a metric of fairness and adherence to the rules, I just believe that in cases such as Nicholas Volvalaad, the player shouldn't be punished, the character though probably should. From what I've seen I believe in the capacity of TheNewOrleans to create a realistic character, while that character may not be well-liked or well-rounded ICly, or even OOCly, I think the character and the play of said character should be policed by the CCIAA, not Administrative action. Interacting with CCIAA already has strict guidelines of what needs to be done from what I've read. From that point if the player, TheNewOrleans, inherits the belligerence of his character, the OOC administrative action would be more appropriate and highly expected. As in that scenario, the player would've displayed that he is responsible for violation of the rules and not his character. But thats just my two cents on the matter. I won't dispute that the ban isn't valid with a strict interpretation of the Aurora Station rules, just that I don't believe that strict view is appropriate or the best action in regards to Nicholas Volvalaad.
  4. I've worked a lot with Nietzche and Chipperfield, both are pleasant and great to RP with. But they both suffer from one of the most unfortunate things of all. Playing Medical Less medical work and more time for RP and these characters would be amazing, but that not something that can be helped. Thank you to SadKermit for setting up Joseph Lock's Psych Eval too, helps with the immersion alot
  5. Leaving this here for any whom are curious. As per my statements regarding seeking out the means for the position of Head of Security, Joseph Lock. The wonderful Doctor Ciarra Chipperfield, a psychiatrist aboard the aurora had prepared this report for anyone looking into Lock's records. Lock-Report.docx
  6. So here's the thing. I like Braun, he's hot-headed, passionate, and a good security officer. Roleplaying with him is great, dealing with him in game is great. Would NanoTrasen ever give Martin Braun a promotion. EHHHHHHHHHH..... The man is hot headed and is liable and did do things that were unfitting as someone within the position of command. People are expensive, Equipment is expensive, it is easier to replace equipment than people. I don't actually believe that NanoTrasen would promote Martin Braun due to his tendency to vainglory when antagonized and provoked. When that doesn't occur though he's solid, keeps people organized and cares about the lives of his department and others, just not his own. A loyalty implant would probably fix that in him but would Central Command want a man who would self-sacrifice? If I was on the promotion board I would take that as a risk not a benefit. All the same: +1 Roleplay quality is great, don't know if Braun would be a good Chief of Security ICly but I know TheAbsoluteMadMan has the ability to be in command.
  7. Shane was a solid head of personnel last round I played with him. He was brief, too the point and organized. Didn't get too much roleplay with him but I would like to see him as a HoP again. +1
  8. Feedback is good, knowing the character is solid is required before crafting the next. Tear this security officer a new one.
  9. Just grew up there and thanks for the note on the IAA, appreciate it. Also changed the post topic to make it more easily recognizable
  10. BYOND key: Schmuck Lord Character names: Joseph Lock, Leslie Zimmerman How long have you been playing on Aurora?: It's been about a month and a half now of regular play Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: My reason for this is twofold, the first of which is out of character. Command roles are important and should be played regularly as administration of the day to day is vital to the functioning of any station. At the times I typically play I seldom see head of staff rolls with the exception of the occasional Captain and Head of Personnel. I plan on maintaining a relatively small roster of characters even after my singular character on Aurora and because of that it would be good to elevate said character to a Head of Staff roll, for both administrative effectiveness and general help to the station at large, The second reason is an IC reason, Joseph Lock being my only character has taken a liking to the station and has supplanted himself as firmly loyal to NanoTrasen. He's dedicated, hard-working and most importantly ambitious. He wants to be the most help he can possible and he believes by getting promoted he'll be able to help out the most. In game he has been receiving physical and psychiatric evaluations for loyalty implants and getting to know the rest of security staff well, he really wants the job. Why did you come to Aurora?: More character development less action. Sometimes action happens of course but with the limited spectrum of HRP servers on Byond, Aurora seemed like the best place to move too after getting tired of all the fighting. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Absolutely, I'll be planning on making additional characters, some potentially leaning of other command roles but I've made sure to familiarize myself with every facet that is the N.S.S Aurora's Security Team Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? None that I know of Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay and role-playing I'd like to think is group storytelling. I would argue its the most organic form of storytelling for that matter. There doesn't yet exist another model where characters, shards of ones own personality and imagination can come into contact with something or someone completely foreign and develop off of it. It's because of that it is the responsibility hell, even the duty of role players to produce genuine and unique stories based off of each and every one of our own imagination. It's about being surprised, laughing, crying, experiencing and showing every emotion under the sun so that everyone, including the writers themselves can learn and feel from it. It should be a fun and fascinating exploration of ones own self and that of everyone else. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: If antagonists are the creators of conflict for the purpose of pushing the story the heads of staff exist to guide that conflict along a path that involves everyone currently playing at that time. Heads of staff involve other players in the conflict so that they too can experience their own character development and story. A secondary responsibility is to guide that conflict to a natural ending point as is with any conflict, it must eventually conclude. This while important is less so compared to the task of involving characters from all around the station in the story. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: The responsibilities of a whitelisted persons is an interesting thing to think about. They by definition of being on a list have been vetted and approved as to having a higher standard of roleplay compared to members who have not applied. So the biggest responsibility would be to maintain effective and interesting roleplay so that players who are less fluent or simply looking for an authentic experience have both a good setting to inhabit and good roleplayers to aspire too. At that point you're also a member of the community, that includes helping out both ICly and OOCly players who wish to learn or improve upon their own roleplay. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Tau Ceti is something of a second coming for someone like Joseph Lock. Growing up in the Eridani Federation with a Solarian mother, it seemed like the natural conclusion for the the Sol Alliace to lose another area to the corporations, let alone NanoTrasen, at least through his perspective. The fact that a rebellious admiral from Sol attempted to stop the corporate assimilation and failed, thats just icing on the cake. Moving to Tau Ceti from Eridani Upsilon to work for NanoTrasen, he just thought it was the best move, the Federation is a host of people who are steadfastly loyal and ambitious to rise in their corporations. The Republic of Biesel is practically NanoTrasens front yard, yes there are ambitious people but few who had grown up in the stratified society that is the Federation, and none with the cunning and ambition of an Eridanian. Lock also is well aware of the fact that NanoTrasen is one step away from being let on the Board of Five, better to put himself into a good position before it becomes impossible to get it. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Head of Security is what I'll be playing right away, but I plan on branching out into IAA, and Head of Personnel in other characters to be created. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Joseph Lock thus far is my only standing character and he plans on achieving the job of Head of Security through his IC interactions. He's yet to have a formal interview yet with any personnel about said interest but he has had medical evaluations as stated previously for loyalty implants and if he'd be a good fit. Other characters have not been created yet, but once they are crafted to their completion, they will be introduced into the aurora-sphere. How would you rate your own roleplaying?: A solid 8/10, I'll never be perfect but I always try to make my characters genuine and realistic. I type fast and sometimes that leads to me saying things before another person had a moment to respond but I try to police myself on that. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? Yes I understand and I don't plan on having an administrative action taken against me Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yes I have and I feel as though I can do the command roles justice. Extra notes: The only uncertainty that I have in this application is the conflict of information between Heads of Staff and CCIA. On the format page for the whitelist it says that IAA is included in this whitelist application but I'm not sure if I'll also need to make an application to be central command internal affairs as well as regular internal affairs. If so then I'll submit that shortly. None of my answers or motivations change as a result of this note.
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