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[Archived] Staff Complaint - riqpleydagasd

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Please archive this topic as it is being dealt with in the unban appeal forums.



YOND Key: negativ9002

Staff member's Key: riqpleydagasd

Game ID: b1y-cEaL

Reason for complaint: Unjustly banned under the guise of validhunting.


The ban states I was banned for validhunting. I disagree that this is what happend because of the following:

I believe that validhunting would be described as "intentionally targeting an antagonist within the round and attempting to interfere with them if not eliminate them from the round using available means. This often goes hand in hand with great disregard to other players involved. Typically a mindset of 'whatever it takes to stop this person'."

I am not under the impression that was the mindset I had during any point of that round, nor do I think my actions reflect a mindset like that.

The admin in question explained the clarifaction for the ban it in the following way and I will summarize this as I do not have the logs as they failed to save, "It is validhunting in this case because you shot someone while in touching range in a hostage situation."

To clarify on what had happend during the round that led up to this point:


A ninja appears on the station and is first seen in the cargo bay, this is where their first interaction with the crew is and they harm a cargo crewmember as was audible to me trough the stuttering in the common radio channel. The ninja continues to teleport around remaining unseen for most of the time without speaking. There follows a point where they are spotted within the HoP's office next to the HoP himself and blood being present on the floor beneath the HoP and an injury on their head.

The majority of security move over to the HoP's office including the HoS. The HoS initiated conversation for the first time this round with the ninja. As the ninja talked with the HoS there came a point of disagreement where the ninja threathened by claiming possession of bombs and the readiness to fight. Further time passed as the ninja came to the point of threathening to kill an officer standing outside the HoP's office.

Now the ninja teleported outside the HoP's office, at this time everyone in view including the HoS pulled out their taser, energy pistol or .45 pistol and started moving towards the ninja. I followed suit with my .45 loaded with rubber bullets in hand. A skirmish erupts outside as the ninja tries to grab someone. I was close and attempted to push the ninja away from the other crewmembers to prevent them from grabbing anyone. That failed as they managed to grab a cargo technician near the vault door.

The ninja is now facing away from me with their back towards me at point blank range. An antagonist openly stating their intent to kill another crewmember. Now holding another crewmember without wielding a weapon. Has now exposed their back to me. I took this chance to try and render them unable to hold the hostage by firing while I have a clear shot.

This quickly changed as after the first shot was fired the ninja moved at the same time. No shots were fired after however the ninja retaliated by applying an supercharged-stunbaton to my character repeatedly after which my character distanced themselves.

Communication now started again after which the ninja took his hostage and another person they ordered into the bridge and skirmished with security once again by throwing flashbangs and EMP grenades without provocation. The ninja eventually teleported out and the round continued.


Now I understand fully. That shooting someone with a hostage is not something you would normally do or rather should do at all. However that does not change the fact that this antagonist at the time did not have complete (aggresive grab) hold on the hostage until after the single shot was fired. I do not believe that what had happend that round can be considered validhunting in the slightest sense. I see what has happend as a unfortunate timing as it only took that one movement to go from shooting an hostile unarmed antagonist with rubber .45 rounds to shooting an unarmed hostage with rubber .45 rounds.

Again I would like to reiterate I firmly object to what happend that round to be considered validhunting as past experiences and explanations from other admins and moderators would be directly opposing this.

I am complaining that this is an unjust ban issued by riqpleydagasd and should be looked into as I do not believe this falls under valid hunting but rather under neglect of duty or the gross negligence charge which should have been dealt with icly by the present HoS.

Additional remarks:

riqpleydagasd was under the impression that I used a stun baton on the ninja after shooting which was false as indicated by my own logs which I verified at the time. This leads me to believe there may have been some confusion in the logs as this whole conversation with riqpleydagasd started after the ninja died in the armory which would be by my estimate atleast 30+ minutes of logs between the hostage event and the point the conversation started. I would not be suprised that a mistake was made while reading the logs of the people involved that would lead to such an impression.

Due to a lack of response from the admin team on my unban appeal I have decided to post a staff complaint additionally as I'd like to believe that there is a reason why its not being adressed as being processed or dealt with while two other unban appeals have already been replied to. This reason could be that the unban appeal contains a complaint and should be placed under staff complaints rather unban appeals. If this is not the case delete the post that is incorrectly placed.



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