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  1. Moreso dont use it to hurt others/antag, or do criminal things. If you think you need to question it just ahelp. Accepted on the terms that this agreement is followed
  2. Right so Tish asked me to handle this. I am willing to lift the ban on the following terms 1. There will be no more telescience fuckery, if you question it you must ahelp. 2. If you do not follow the first outline of this, I will be reapplying the science perm ban and it cannot be appealed and you will receive a month server ban. Does this sound agreeable?
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  4. Voting for dismisal. While this is very very easy to add, I fail to see how this benefits any roleplay
  5. -1 Im going to be perfectly honest in saying that, you tow the line quite alot in terms of roleplay and actions. I think there needs to be more time of good conduct and behavior before this is considered
  6. Keep this discussion on-topic please. Failure to do so will result in warnings. If you have legitimate concerns, discuss it seriously and civilly
  7. Going to echo skull here, The thread has been cleaned up of off-topic posts or posts directly calling people out. @Kaed makes a legitimate point that in some aspects there is issues with cliques, and I think as a community, despite if we all like each other or not, we have in common that we want a welcome enjoyable environment. With that said, I believe discussion should contuine. If there is Anymore posts that are off-topic, seriousness or calling people out directly then you will be warned. If you have a direct issue with a player, it should be ahelped or make a complaint.
  8. DRagO

    Dragos Feedback

    So the largest issue I have is, how can I do better to serve the playerbase and community, so I have made a form to give me feedback on. I would really really enjoy it if people could be constructive/serious with it, you can remain anon if you wish. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfPUtHvQr5AFOg1Kf2-mfnJW67X5sEQJjf8S4-KciQelLVWCw/viewform?usp=sf_link
  9. Me and tish both were involved in this issue. You were just banned from science for abusing telescience, only to be unbanned and steal the captains id and give yourself all access. You argue you didnt see it in the rules, but if you were just banned for abusing something only to repeat it again, it doesnt give me much hope of change
  10. So make a complaint, not a ban appeal. Ban appeals are for people who are accepting of there ban and wish to appeal it, not quasi complaints
  11. You insulted them by implying they were unable to speek/type properly or they were drunk. I was there for the incident and to be perfectly honest, you were being a complete dick to them. It doesnt matter if you feel they are right or wrong, acting like you are the big dick will never end you up anywhere in admin tickets or these situations. If you felt it was unjust, you make a complaint, not refuse to listen and tell staff off like that. That isnt the type of attitude thats really welcomed anywhere
  12. Skrell can be captain, not just humans
  13. I dont wanna draw this out into a long long post, but essentially, the appeal was denied because, me nor tish, or really anybody felt the apology and feelings itself were genuine and were going to be followed up upon. I chose to make this ban in a way that gives you a easy way to appeal it instead of just outright perma banning you. It was designed in mind that when you are actually ready to appeal it. This was posted in the appeal, but things like this were said aswell Im going to be honest and say that, him if he was actualy trying to play psychologist is wrong and he shouldn't, but the type of attitude present is still clear, that you don't understand fully why this ban was placed in this manner, and why it was placed in the first place, as a majority of the appeal and the ban request was re-directing at others such as coalf and vtc and sonicgotnuked. I agree, that we need to take a more hard line stance on how toxic this place can be, but you are not contributing to that by not setting the example for what you want to see. I had hoped that everytime I checked the appeal it would click, and we can start moving forward, but I believe you arent ready yet. You have the potential inside you, I just havent seen it shine out yet, nor has tish.
  14. This isnt really going anywhere besides both of you arguing at this point. I am going to lock this for the time being. If you have actual further relevent information, pm me or tish it on discord
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