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  1. Ckey/BYOND Username: QueenOfYugoslavia Position Being Applied For (Species Maintainer, Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): Human Lore Dev Past Experiences/Knowledge: DMing PnP games for about 3 years, Lorewriter for another (non ss13) server in the past. Ability to sprite, Intermediate at DM code, can do some advanced things but still learning Examples of Past Work: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/5407 (Credit to BrainOS For helping with the sprite work) Overview of a race I made up for a project for NBT Additional Comments: I would like this held open until a human lore deputy slot is opened up please
  2. BYOND key: QueenOfyugoslavia Character names of all involved: Documentation of the event, Link to post/Screenshot in game. If multiple screenshots please compose an album: Yee five hundred years ago. Union Jack floating SCUM infiltrated the aurora and caused the naked virus of 14/12/2460 With this said, the brave scots of Aurora fended off brit infiltrators most dieing in the process Have you read the application rules??: Yes Have you made sure this incident didn't result in administrative action? Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Why does this moment deserve a spot in the Hall Of Fame?: It was quiote the fun moment that rarely ever happens. The server had glitched causing perma nakedness and to fix the issue, We were issued orders from god @Alberyk to commit armed warfare against one and other to find the cure Are you certain we are all laughing together are not shaming someone?: I mean yes Final thoughts/anything you want to add?:
  3. DRagO

    Staff Complaint - QueenOfYugoslavia

    @Alberyk @Yonnimer @EngineersDream were all involved in the discussion. Alb allowed you to bomb the shuttle before it had people around it in this capacity. He aswell as other staff watched you wait till the group came to the shuttle before you bombed it. Has there been no notes or such in the past of warnings, aswell as the previous perma ban, this would of simply been a sec ban or such. It was agreed on that due to your history a perm ban with chance to appeal would be acceptable and I went with advice of staff
  4. DRagO

    Staff Complaint - QueenOfYugoslavia

    Alb aswell as others agreed with the verdict. The decision was not mine alone but based on the staff consensus at the time You after the round proceeded to brag about it in ooc and ic aswell. However you nitpicked the ahelp aswell and I wish you posted the full version of it, which I will do however [02:29:36] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: hey, got a sec? [02:29:42] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: Alberyk (?) allowed me to [02:35:07] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: You had ahelped earlier about it, he didnt ok you detonating it with (?) innocents as collateral, did he? [02:35:37] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: If the innocents decided to follow the heavily armed mercenaries onto their blood-red, heavily armed ship, that's their own perogative. Their 'recruits' had already went and harmed crew before at their insistence. [02:37:46] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: You still just, bombed departures indiscriminately and killed people who were not involved.....as a detective, with (?) ERT on standby [02:38:39] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: The bomb's radius only damaged the exterior windows. It was not indscriminantly, as they shouldn't have been following the mercs onto their shuttle if they weren't directly involved at all. [02:39:11] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: Thats not how escalation works. Just because they follow somebody doesnt mean you can just blow them all up [02:39:44] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: I didn't know they were following behind. I had planted the bomb before any of the mercs got on their ship. In fact, I intended to disable the ship so they would be at the mercy of the ERT. [02:43:45] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: But you just said you saw them get on with (?) them. You planted it earlier but you still went through with killing innocent peopler for nothing [02:44:24] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: I had no idea there was a bunch of crewmembers that joined up with (?) them getting on. They were all wearing red suits. I was concerned with walking out of a hole in the window and not getting suspected of breaking into their ship [02:44:54] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: I saw the line of red suits piling on, and I figured things were going to go smoothly. [02:45:11] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: This begs the question too of why a detective is. [02:45:16] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: 1. Planting bombs [02:45:22] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: 2. (?) Can build bombs [02:46:50] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: The merc ship had bombs in it just sitting by the window. The bombs were planted because a group of armed men had just arrived on the station, muscled crew into giving them corporate secrets, violated multiple employee contracts, violated just about every regulation, intimidated security and the rest of the station to the point where they were all made entirely ineffective and cowering, and attacked crew and left a cargo tech hospitalized [02:47:16] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: So I saw the bombs and asked Alberyk (?) if I could bomb the merc ship and he said yeah [02:52:42] yonnimer -> bathsaltsaddict: hi i'm taking over this ticket it for now. Were the bombs connected to the switch when you found them? [02:53:15] bathsaltsaddict -> yonnimer: Yes. I set the timer to a minute and ten seconds and walked away. I wanted it to just disable the ship, really, but the mercs happened to pile on at just the right moment [02:53:28] yonnimer -> bathsaltsaddict: passing this back to queen it would seem. [02:55:06] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: so you are aware of the past issues involving things from power gaming, validhubnting and other similar play, correct [02:55:14] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: aswell as a perma ban in the past [02:56:35] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: This was extremely irresponsible behavior aswell as conduct on your part. Ontop of that the validhunting/ganking these guys with (?) really no sense of respect for the collateral around it [02:56:39] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: I am aware, but considering the fact that I told Alberyk (?) what I wanted to do and got authorization from him beforehand, I don't particularly see this as a problem issue. I had my reasons, there was proper escalation. Escalation doesn't always have to result in largescale firefights, and doing so would be suicide against the combined mercs and raiders anyways. [02:56:50] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: I dont feel you have [02:57:15] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: Learned the lesson from your past ban. As the behavior has slowly been going on over and over since it in slow amounts [02:57:52] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: I'm not aware of any other situations that were indicative of anything being repetitive. [02:58:25] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: With (?) this said, I am going to be applying a ban with a undetermined length for the time being. I would like you to await till after the new year before making any appeal as I believe you do need to sit out for abit and after a time, make a case for how you can improve over time [02:58:34] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: Can I get a second opinion? [02:59:32] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: I did get authorization from Alb to bomb the merc ship. Any collateral was entirely the assistants who willingly joined the armed, dangerous men for no other purpose than money and walked onto the ship with (?) them willingly. [02:59:50] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: the general consensus from staff is that this behavior has gone on for awhile and the lesson wasnt learned [02:59:50] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: The bomb, however, was planted before anyone walked on the ship, and as they were all in red suits I failed to notice the assistants among them. [03:00:27] queenofyugoslavia -> bathsaltsaddict: You may make a complaint if you feel this is a poor decision or wait till after January 1st 2019 to make a appeal [03:00:44] bathsaltsaddict -> queenofyugoslavia: Very well.
  5. +I have gotten to interact with the player abit more and have decided to change my support to +1. They have shown they are able to handle situations calmly and with a level head and have improved from the past issues mentioned
  6. DRagO

    Revert The Dangers of Teleportation #5651

    How so? I just tested it with prate aswell as with other objects
  7. DRagO

    Revert The Dangers of Teleportation #5651

    Circuits have cameras. The issue is, circuit assemblys and such break as do gps's if you teleport them into a wall
  8. @Wigglesworth Jones @Yonnimer
  9. Ok so, first of all Claiming I don't know how game mechanics work is false when you twisted the wording of what was said in the ticket, which to help those reading I will post a snippet aswell as the full ticket and break it down [01:27:26] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: hey, got a second? [01:27:31] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: Yup. [01:27:46] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: Why did you attack the security officer? (?) [01:27:52] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: which one? (?) [01:28:03] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: sholl (?) [01:28:31] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: He was arresting me for destroying a posibrain in my cremator while I had all my traitor equipment in my pockets. If I let him arrest me, I'd be permabrigged as soon as they searched me. [01:30:11] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: Why were you destroying the posi? [01:30:43] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: I activated after I found it in the maintenance crate, when a player loaded into it, I told them they were a soulless demon and cremated them. They found it funny. I'm a Dominian Priestess traitor. Synth-hunting. [01:32:17] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: Was there a reason you went for decapping the officer? (?) [01:32:26] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: I needed to kill him, that was the quicket way. [01:32:44] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: Why did you "need" to kill him [01:32:53] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: Already told you, please re-read my message. [01:33:11] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: Im asking you to explain why you needed to kill him, not why he was arresting you [01:34:31] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: Him arresting me WAS the reason [01:34:51] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: Have you read our rules on proper escalation during conflict? [01:36:19] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: I've been here for five years, so I have. [01:36:32] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: as per admin heads gank policy, security are fair game if they try to arrest traitors. [01:36:55] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: what gank policy are you refering to [01:37:19] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: It is your job to know staff policy equally as mine, please ask an admin in asay/msay. Im in a security fight rn [01:39:38] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: kindly link me this policy if you have it on you [01:43:51] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/1935-gank-amp-hostage-situations/ [01:44:02] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: I asked Garn if this was still current last year and he said yes [01:45:00] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: It basically says if security is trying to interfere or arrest you, you can kill them. My entire round and gimmick would've been over 30 minutes in if the officer (?) had successfully arrested me, so I killed him [01:49:03] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: Heres the issue. Killing them is one (?) thing yes but, why did you decap him? [01:49:23] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: because that was the quickest way to kill him, he didnt have a helmet on and hitting him anywhere else would've allowed him time to shoot me. [01:50:25] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: I think you understand that, its really pushing it to kill jhim outright instead of mortaly wounding him, but its very very excessive to take him and decap him to remove him from the round [01:50:32] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: especialy with no build up To which I was linked a policy from 2015, after discussing in msay with doc, evan and yonni it was determined decapping him even broke this quoted policy [01:50:38] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: It didnt remove him, you can be cloned despite being decapped. [01:50:47] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: no, you cant. You cant be cloned without the head and brain. You are attempting to twist what was actualy said but however this is very minor. [01:51:05] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: You know nothing about the game lmao. There's head re-attachment surgery, once you re-attach the head they can be cloned [01:51:22] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: If you'd like me to link you the surgery guide on the wiki to show you the operation, I can. [01:52:44] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: Im aware you can clone with the head reattached. Thats not the point, nor is surgery the point. You went over what is acceptable to remove him from the round. Killing may be valid whilwe questionable yes. However decapping him goes over any point of whats acceptable, especialy with the lack of rp and lack of actual physical threat from him [01:53:22] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: It's not my fault that in the process of trying to kill him his head flew off. DEVS coded that feature, not me. I used a weapon to defend myself so I wouldnt be a traitor removed from the round 30 minutes in [01:53:41] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: The gank rules are clear and the action I took was acceptable. [01:55:20] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: I was fully armed and geared and a search and arrest would've been an immediate round end for me. The Officer (?) got killed ebcause if I had 'injured' him, medical would have him up in seconds and then he'd also be hunting me down as I'd be on the run [01:55:57] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: I didnt intend to remove him from the round I'm not the one (?) that got rid of his head nor did I ask the other traitor to get rid of it or even KNOW about him getting rid of it until it was already done. I left his head there purposefully so he could be cloned. [01:57:27] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: As an example, you cna check my ticket with Alb. Officers ran at myself and the toher traitor, and they got blown up by the welder tank we were already planning to deotonate because they posed a threat to us and he said ti was OK. [02:02:25] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: These are two (?) different issues [02:03:28] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: I have been invited out so I have to go in a few minutes, but I'll ask that you consult with the admins online about this because I dont want to have to file a staff complaint. The Officer (?) was about to END MY ROUND as an antag and icly asa traitor, so he got killed because that's collateral and under server rules AND gank rules, that is acceptable [02:03:59] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: It will be a few mintures so if you could wait that would be great [02:04:11] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: Sounds good, I should have 10-15 minutes before I have to go. [02:05:25] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: when the officer (?) approached you, did they ask you to come with them and you asked them to wait? [02:06:00] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: They asked me to come with them to the brig yes, I was recovering from a vent pepperspraying me VV showed no event of pepperspray nor did I find it in logs so this is up to debate which I hope the officer can confirm or deny, however still irrelevant [02:10:21] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: My friend is on their way, I only have a few more moment. [02:10:45] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: one (?) moment and I will have my verdict on this [02:13:29] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: Alright so [02:15:43] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: I have reviewed the logs aswell as screenshyots of the incident sent to me and I am going to leave it at this. Im applying a warning for this as this breaks the line of whats acceptable for escalation. While the opolicy is iffy and even agreed by staff that its old and not up to date, its irrelevent as this policy even itself was broken. they were showing no active threat towards you besides trying to arrest you to where you attacked them with no rp instead of attempting any other manner of evasion. You could of killed them or wounded them to where they would be unable to hunt you down but you picked to decap them to kill them as quickly as possible. [02:16:22] xanderdox -> queenofyugoslavia: Aright. I will see you in a staff complaint then, thanks for your help today. I gotta blsat for my tim hortons date [02:16:36] queenofyugoslavia -> xanderdox: Take care You left in a hurry, seeing just as you were captured and being borgified, which you did say you were leaving and is valid, the issue remains that you went far over anything acceptable for conflict with the officer. The officer was unarmed and had peacefully asked you to follow them to which you quickly made a comment and killed them moments later with no build up to this situation besides you destroying a posi. A warning was placed as you claimed top understand the rules yet went with this option aswell, followed by previous notes and warnings you have obtained. I have nothing against you personally nor was I attacking you. The issue was plain, you removed a user from the round with zero build up and solely to progress yourself. You even made the argument that he would of chased after you had he been healed by medical, which in all fairness, possible yes, but that drives a story forward. A antag isnt supposed to go in the middle of the hall and display this behavior
  10. DRagO

    Player Complaint - TheOrleans

    "Orleans's gimmick as it stands was ok in its idea and for most of the play. However the issue with the gimmick was moreso how it climaxed out and ended. The gimmick at the end had escalated quite far and actions taken by orleans were by standards acceptable, however the flaw in it comes with the interactions with others, namely those he brought into the chamber and dominated. Gimmick's that run in a course like this can stall down to a un-fun grind that at times leads to situations where more escalation is needed or where rp can ensue" With this in mind and to overcap the situation, Orleans did create a belivable gimmick but the only issue that did happen would be the lack of rp where he could of furthered it properly via escalation but failed to do so. However this does not break any rules of the server, so therefore I will leave this as a verbal warning at most, that when doing gimmicks such as this, please if possible try to aim for the climax of the gimmick to still allow rp for others, the idea fo a antag is to help drive a story, and you cant quite drive a story with the gimmicks issues towardw the end"
  11. Im in negetive support for the time being. I feel the attitude issue that is being displayed in the psots can be a issue aswell as the demenor you display in discord at times towards others. Due to this, aswell as inactivity is all I myself and others have to go on. I would encourge you to get your play time up aswell as address issues involving general demenor towards others which can be seen as hostile or pompous at times
  12. [b]BYOND Key:[/b] QueenOfYugoslavia [b]Character name:[/b]Mira Akhandi, formerly Mira Castralo [b]Item name:[/b] /obj/item/clothing/under/fluff/mirauniform //Mira's Cloth Undersuit - Mira Castralo - QueenOfYugoslavia name = "order cloths" desc = "A set of dark under clothing, loosely fitting. Ment to be worn under a set of robes." icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miraitem.dmi' icon_state = "miraunderarm" item_state = "miraunderarm" contained_sprite = TRUE var/pr_open = 0 /*Is the "What do you want to do?" prompt open?*/ /obj/item/clothing/under/fluff/mirauniform/AltClick(mob/user as mob) if(!pr_open) pr_open = 1 switch(alert(user, "What would you like to do?", "Order Cloths", "I wanna roll my sleeves up.", "I wanna roll my suit up.", "I go back to normal.")) if("I wanna roll my sleeves up.") user << "<span class='warning'>You roll your sleeves up.</span>" src.item_state = "miraunderarmsleeve" if("I go back to normal.") user << "<span class='warning'>You roll your suit back down.</span>" src.item_state = "miraunderarm" if("I wanna roll my suit up.") user << "<span class='warning'>You roll your suit up</span>" src.item_state = "miraunderarmsuit" pr_open = 0 /obj/item/clothing/suit/storage/toggle/fluff/mirarobes //Mira's Alchemist Training Robes - Mira Castralo - QueenOfYugoslavia name = "junior alchemist robes" desc = "A robe with a light silky gold colored belt around the waist. Placed upon the print is two red jewels pinned to it neatly." icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miraitem.dmi' icon_state = "mirarobes" item_state = "mirarobes" icon_open = "mirarobes_open" icon_closed = "mirarobes" contained_sprite = TRUE cold_protection = UPPER_TORSO|LOWER_TORSO|ARMS min_cold_protection_temperature = SPACE_SUIT_MIN_COLD_PROTECTION_TEMPERATURE armor = list(melee = 0, bullet = 0, laser = 0,energy = 0, bomb = 0, bio = 30, rad = 0) /obj/item/weapon/reagent_containers/glass/beaker/mirabeaker name = "alchemist flask" desc = "A large bottle used to mix chemicals inside." icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miraitem.dmi' icon_state = "mirabeaker" contained_sprite = TRUE volume = 40 amount_per_transfer_from_this = 10 possible_transfer_amounts = list(5,10,15,25,30,60,100) flags = OPENCONTAINER | NOREACT /obj/item/weapon/storage/backpack/alchemistbag name = "\improper Burlap Alchemist Bag" desc = "A smallish burlup sack, modified to lug around belongings. Stiched into it is the letters 'M.A' " icon_state = "giftbag0" item_state = "giftbag" /obj/item/clothing/shoes/fluff/mira_pboots //Mira Boots - Mira - QueenOfYugoslavia name = "dark boots" desc = "A pair of black boots with tall fittings." icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miraitem.dmi' icon_state = "mira_pboots" item_state = "mira_pboots" contained_sprite = TRUE [b]Why is your character carrying said item to work?[/b] Mira Castralo was hired upon the NSS Aurora under science internship, which turned into a tutorship under the Senior Unthai alchemist Eri Akhandi onboard the NSS Aurora. Upon initiation into her tutorship and into the Akhandi, Mira wears the robe as a symbol of her junior skills to her mentor in her pursuit in the field that is often times overlooked or seen as a non exsistant field of research aswell as the culture and spirituality of the Akhanzi Order and what it means, even with as fragmented as it is. Mira wears her robes to continue the honor that her mentor holds aswell as respect for the culture/religion around it and the importance the field of study has. The robes them self mean alot to her in the sense of belonging to something and representing a study and field, aswell as a person she looks up to and respect with the remainders of the order that he represents and what that idea means, Uthani or not. Her flask itself is more of a tool of her study, containing 4 chambers (For a total storage of 40u), it can be used to hold chemicals poured into it without mixing them [hr] [b]Item function(s):[/b] Order Cloths: None junior alchemist robes: Warmth protection, slight bio protection? Far less them the labcoat alchemist flask: the no react is moreso item simulation due to the bottle having multiple chambers for chemical storage, similar to those of 18th century alcohol decanturs [b]Item description:[/b] See code blurb [b]Item appearance:[/b] [hr] [b]How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?[/b] I think can serve as a good instance of how our lore can work in ways of intersectionality, due to the Akhanzi Order's acceptance of those not of uthani origin/birth and joining as a member of said order. Her robes visualize how species of all kinds can intermix into each other and create better and more varied characters, aswell as boost influence and desire to learn more about the field of chemistry/alchemy [b]Additional comments:[/b] miraitem.dmi
  13. DRagO

    Sign language clarifications.

    As somebody who is mute and knows American Sign Language and YSL (Yugoslav Sign Language) there is a large difference between languages sign languages as there are certain aspects of other languages that dont exsist in the others. Would be nice to have a difference between the two
  14. DRagO

    Revert The Dangers of Teleportation #5651

    To point to Fowls comment about the welder bomb, thats false in a sense that the damage it causes is variable and can be like Moondancers test or like the test I performed on a test server in which I was able to welder bomb a entire department of the derelict by simply finding the most dense area to teleport it too along with extra explosives being sent. The main issue I have though is this essentialy punish's new people to telescuience and makes them afraid of exploring or learning it
  15. Went ahead and made Moom these, basic but it should suffice