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  1. I believe fully Samara is able to do atmos aswell as Rosetangos ooc ability. Im saying, and as the synth lore deputy and kyres can echo this that the AI was in no way facing a law conflict, the AI was justified in blocking them from a area they are not supposed to be and Rosetango was aware of this as Garn confirmed it was ok. The self antagging issue is them going about claiming its subverted aswell as breaking into the area and hacking the APC, its unrealistic behavior and was not necessary at all
  2. 1. You are not a atmos tech, you may have atmos training but you are not a atmos tech and cannot be in there unless command has issued you access. 2. Garn told you the AI's behavior was valid 3. This was in no form a law conflict 4. You begin to convince crew the ai was rouge/malf and even went as far as to later break into the area, cut apc wires and weld yourself into a locker. This wasnt metagrudge or poor play by the AI, they were doing there job and you did not like being told no, its pretty plain and simple. Being upset icly or oocly does not excuse self antagging which instead of ahelping again you decided to act out in a unrealistic manner. The ban was applied by @Garnascus however, I feel the week ban itself is generous due to the fact you were told recently you need to shape up your behavior as Willow, which what you did in response to this situation is essentially the same issue that had been happening with Willow which is unrealistic and outlandish outbursts to small issues. I have no issue with lifting the ban even though I did not place it under the condition that a actual commitment to improving roleplay is made, as this becomes a issue if it repeats over and over again with warnings or small bans, nobody wants to be banned nor do I want anybody to be banned but im saying I feel there needs to be a cemented commitment to tell staff that this behavior is being curbed
  3. To just put my two cents in. Myself and every other developer adds new content for free because we enjoy the server. I dont see a issue with meme titles if its tasteful and semi related to the topic, but the actual pr desc needs to be serious and explain what it does
  4. Solarian Navy Captain found deceased on-board crashed shuttle outside Nanotrasen facility The body recently of a Captain Feitzgerld Archibald aswell as a the famed oligarch who had been missing for two centuries, Feodor Mally has finally been found on a mining dig site in the territory of the NSS Aurora. Miner Dimitri Petrovitch stumbled upon the crashed shuttle carrying Archibald, a long missing war hero who served in the navy almost two centuries ago and was reported to of deserted the navy with a small crew at the time. Alongside Archibald was at the time mining oligarch Feodor Mally, a wealthy businessman who was said to of struck gold in finding these sites, his last words with his family was he was onto something with a plan for a rock query in the territory. The bodys were found alongside a drone that sent a distress signal after the crashed shuttle was disrupted by phoron mining, after being identified they were cremated and the ashs have been confirmed to been delivered to the Solarian Embassy who offered there many thanks, The Solarian Navy's military council today voting unanimously to remove the desertion charge from Captain Archibalds records and spread his ashs with full honors on his families estate this coming week, the family thanking Captain Alessandra de Cortez for returning the ash's home, aswell as Doctor and Adhomai war veteran Rocco DeFranco and Dimitri Petrovitch for there efforts in recovering the body. A Sargent Tim Patterson remains and dog tags were found, however due to a missing sample of there skull for dental records, they cannot be confirmed as his corpse.
  5. "I fail to see how any of that contradicts what I told you. Also your poor roleplay as command comment in regards to... what? Where's the evidence of this, barring the complaint that was deemed invalid? Is it your opinion that I was showing poor command roleplay? Because that makes extremely little sense and there's nothing backing it up in that post." People are only removed from command whitelist if they show poor roleplay or break the rules, im not sure exactly what led up to your whitelist being stripped so I may be assuming so forgive me. "Two of those people you went to weren't present during the round. I also never claimed the AI escalated. I claimed the BORGS were doing things after the AI had stated they were LINKED. This, from my perspective, was entirely true. I literally watched a cyborg drag an injured crewmember through security to process them. While injured. That's not keeping the crew safe or really abiding by their laws." Paradox was present as was Alb, I sent garn the entire ticket logs from all sides. Borgs acting out or showing poor gameplay for synthetics is not valid reason still to order the ai be essentially killed or carded as they have shown no reason or sign that they are malfunctioning. A borg aswell dragging a crew member is also not a sign or reason to assume they are malf, to echo what was said yesterday in a discussion similar to this "Assume borgs barely go malf" "And by the definition I got of Validhunting from Arrow, whom I asked for the accepted definition of validhunting the server uses, this isn't validhunting." Its best to explain to them the full situation instead of just asking for a answer without context Had it been right after the CC announcement or afterwards does not change the following points. 1. You defied Central commands announcement when they said the new AI was working fine 2. You essentially wanted there power shut off and for them to be carded with no escalation after Central said they are fine I do not believe the aspect of you did not know they were malf, considering Yonnimer made a CC announcement about it, it should be clear that this was admin bussed in to keep the round going from a fresh perspective You went against really every rule of escalation in this, they with the CC announcement aswell as you being loyalty implanted, should of treated them like a new player, this would be the same case if security was attacking crew and a new security officer joined, killing him because he is the same as those who attacked you earlier is a shitty thing to do and takes away from what the game and antagonists are about, driving a story forward and having fun, and by going about it this way you disregarded Shadows want/need to have a enjoyable round by doing this, and it is something that should not be seen as a norm to do to people because at that point why have antagonists if I can say my character is paranoid and assume they are a traitor or other sort of antag, it completely nulls the point of antags if you can do that to everybody.
  6. /* ******Today at 6:07 PM The previous Nanotrasen Artificial Intelligence personality received by the NSS Aurora has been dismantled after an oversight in the production of the new model. We apologize for any inconveniance this might have caused, however, Central Command has sent another model to fix the previous stated issues. Any questions or concerns may be relayed to Central Command at the NTCC Odin. As well as a little blurb under the first paragraph saying "Shits fixed, no problems at all from the old AI will be in this one" basicly. The previous Nanotrasen Artificial Intelligence personality received by the NSS Aurora has been wiped after an oversight in the production of the new model. We apologize for any inconveniance this might have caused, however, Central Command has sent another AI personality to fix the previous stated issues. All issues with the former AI should be fixed within the new one uploaded, including any possible core-related issues. Any questions or concerns may be relayed to Central Command at the NTCC Odin. this is the full one [03:05:31] drwago -> dasfox: Got a sec? [03:05:34] dasfox -> drwago: Sure. [03:06:08] drwago -> dasfox: Did you order the CE to move down to the ai (CL) core to disable them? [03:06:17] dasfox -> drwago: Yes. [03:06:33] drwago -> dasfox: Why? [03:10:06] dasfox -> drwago: Because disabling it's power is the safest way to guarantee it won't just turn the turrets on behind us when we go in to card it. The last AI (CL) killed people and almost killed me, and the way laws work it doesn't work through personalities, it works through machine. That's how it's always been. So I've played through the entire shift as suspicious of this new AI, and even the malf-borgs were acting off that were apparently lawed to it. I also got told by the antagonist the exact same thing I'd said earlier about it, as well as the other borg stating it was like the other one recently, which is the same conclusion I arrived to. [03:10:37] dasfox -> drwago: I could have ordered an assault on the core, but I didn't want to just kill it.I wanted to disable and card it, and take it back to central and keep the core inactive. [03:10:45] drwago -> dasfox: But central announced the AI (CL) was fixed with a working AI, what convinced you otherwise what its still broken [03:11:01] dasfox -> drwago: And you can't fix hardware with software, Drago. That announcement *doesn't fit how it works.* [03:11:14] drwago -> dasfox: Its not a hardware issue [03:11:20] dasfox -> drwago: Oh yes, this personality suddenly repaired the damage law-board in the AI (CL) core. Yes, it is. Laws are loaded on the hardware. [03:11:28] dasfox -> drwago: You can't law MMIs or Positronics. [03:11:32] drwago -> dasfox: Malfunctioning laws are a software issue [03:12:43] drwago -> dasfox: And yes you can law them [03:15:27] dasfox -> drwago: No, you can't, because they *lose their laws* the second they exit a chassis or core. The laws are connected to the chassis, and to the core. Not to the personality. Beyond this, Drago, if me ordering an AI (CL) be disabled after the borgs were being strange and the /last AI/ nearly killed me is terrible, would you rather me walk somewhere and potentially risk the lives of my people against an AI that I didn't know was correctly lawed or not, as the borgs meant to be /connected/ to it were being overly aggressive? [03:16:13] dasfox -> drwago: Would you rather me just let it sit and ignore the entire round of units misbehaving and going off that are meant to be linked to the AI, (CL) and so on? [03:16:29] drwago -> dasfox: You are loyalty implanted, are you not? [03:17:07] dasfox -> drwago: And the lives of my people and hte integrity of the intelligence were my top priorities during this order. Hence why I ordered it's power be shut down and not to *destroy it*. You can card a powered down intelligence. [03:21:35] drwago -> dasfox: Why would you ignore Central command's claim that the AI (CL) is fixed and in working order? [03:22:03] drwago -> dasfox: And apparantly,a intruder convinced command of this? [03:24:17] dasfox -> drwago: No. The Intruder mirror'd exactly what I thought; that the AI (CL) was just being sneaky. I was going to do the order regardless, I got sidetracked and told to talk to them by my staff however. Also; if Central says something. Which goes strictly against everything that works and provides no legitimate evidence otherwise, and an AI is suddenly rebooting it's own cameras around me during my conversations, I'm pretty sure I'm able to be suspicious of something. [03:26:16] drwago -> dasfox: But you still without much escalation or reason ended the AI's round, and went against what Centrals orders were [03:38:09] dasfox -> drwago: Sent an ahelp after that: Okay, and? I'm a person, playing a person, with feelings and thoughts. The implant is not a mind control chip. Central's word is not law, and I will take splash for my decisions if they do not align with what they want. I do what I believe is best for the corporation, and in (?) that regard I did what I thought was best for my crew; keeping them safe from another AI (CL) who could plausibly kill them. [03:39:19] drwago -> dasfox: But if you put aside the entire loyalty implant issue, you essentialy killed a new AI (CL) with no escalation [03:40:59] dasfox -> drwago: It was not a 'new' AI. (CL) I did not do so instantly. This was well after an hour had passed and I had enough time to even think up a plan to nonlethally disable it for guaranteed secure transport. You seem to forget *power does not kill an AI*, (?) it disables them, and they can be carded, and when carded restored in (?) a terminal. This was my plan. [03:41:24] dasfox -> drwago: I did not just do so with no escalation; the cyborgs that were LINKED to the AI (CL) were acting up. Not just Nanny-Bot who was unlinked. [03:42:05] dasfox -> drwago: I will not just ignore nearly dying (?) to an AI (CL) because it's pleasant for the player who joined after if I believe they're still a threat. The announcement isn't a 'OKAY SORRY GUYS RESTART', it wasn't orders, it was a statement. A statement I deemed false. [03:51:24] dasfox -> drwago: I don't mean to hurry you but I have things I need to run and do tonight, and I'd like to not disconnect in (?) the middle of an ahelp. [03:52:49] drwago -> dasfox: After ccia sent the announcement, what did they do to warrant getting rid of the new ai (CL) [03:56:09] drwago -> dasfox: Hello? [03:56:39] dasfox -> drwago: Drago, the escalation had happened. Yonnimer (?) sent the announcement to 'explain away' the AI (CL) trying to kill people and give the new replacement an entrance for it to make clear it was someone else. I am RPing a person, a person who knows that laws are linked to the hardware of a machine. In (?) which I told the Chief Engineer earlier into the shift to check the AI (?) and never got a response back. As in, go in and do a reset, go in and check the core, make sure everything is as it should be. With no response back from this, I waited. And the cyborgs continued being rowdy and not listening to orders very well at all unless I basically gave them no other option but to. The ones that were linked to them, that is. Beyond that, the unlinked cyborg we didn't destroy who was just being a meme was unrionically listening to orders /better/. This was a problem. My solution was to card the AI via disabling it's power, and re-enable it. That was how it went down. [03:58:11] dasfox -> drwago: I was not going to risk personnel to just waltz into the core room and try carding an AI. (CL) Because in (?) the end if it doesn't work, that man or woman is dead. It is not in the crew's best interest for me to do so. I gave an order to keep the safety of my crew as safe as they could be, and to keep the AI (?) as in-one-piece as it can be. [03:58:46] dasfox -> drwago: My other option was just to kill it. Destroy it. Let the intruder take it in (?) it's suit. None of these are good options. [03:59:47] drwago -> dasfox: Ok but to echo what I was discussing with another staff member, the reasoning all above doesnt matter in (?) that, it was clear a admin added a new AI (CL) and you immeditly went to card them or "Deal with them" for actions the other ai (?) did [04:00:48] drwago -> dasfox: Do you see why thats really awful to do and destroys any enjoyment or ability for them to tell a story? [04:05:30] dasfox -> drwago: Drago, I gave them an hour and a half before ordering anything beyond a reset and a general look-around-the-core. I was not going out of my way to fuck a person's round. Shadow cna complain as much as he wants, I did not once go out of my way to ruin his round as the Malf AI. (CL) He even accepted to take a look around. The CE didn't do it. I was never told why, how, when, where, what. Nothing. So in (?) the end I took the action into my hands after I had watched cyborgs drag beaten down men to security, to order it. And I watched them do it again, immediately after I left. I watched broken cameras be repaired on their own. I did not do this simply because I could, Drago. I did not move to 'deal with them' at all. I moved to secure them. They can tell a story, they had the ability to send more announcements, to give RP about it instead of just letting their cyborgs faff about and make me even more suspicious. They could have told me, quite literally, anything beyond 'OH NO IM 100% OKAY' when their linked cyborgs clea [04:05:40] dasfox -> drwago: -rly were not acting in (?) this way. [04:06:40] dasfox -> drwago: If I /did/ do that, yes. I'd understand it'd be a shitty thing to do. But I never once did. [04:07:27] drwago -> dasfox: But this was a new AI, (CL) why would you punish it for the acts of the other ai? (?) [04:11:09] dasfox -> drwago: Me asking a lawed AI (CL) to be checked is not a punishment. that is my prerogative as a captain (?) of a vessel. If I feel it needs to be checked, for any reason, I can and am at my authority to order it. New AI (?) or not. So I did. I did not punish it for these acts. If the cyborgs began acting any differently than they did under the command of the other AI, this was not a punishment. I did not punish the AI for actions of another, I gave an order to disable and secure (and not kill, which would be punishing it) the AI to guarantee it to work exactly as it says it is. This could have been done earlier in (?) the round without the use of a card at all. I literally just wanted him to look around the AI core to make sure nothing was out of place, and do a law reset to make absolutely certain. [04:12:22] drwago -> dasfox: But it was a new AI, (CL) they did nothing to even warrant that it would still be malf and the CE and others agreed when I asked them [04:14:51] drwago -> dasfox: To wrap this up, im applying a 3 week ban for validhunting. This was really generaly shity behavior that was in (?) very poor taste and you have been warned multiple times in the past week about this type of validhunting behavior. You may appeal on the forums or make a complaint [04:15:31] dasfox -> drwago: >warned multiple times for validhunting. Now I haven't been, but alright. Whatever, sure. My warnings are for doing something during an ahelp, and a minor warning for marking my targets the wrong way. But alright. [04:16:07] dasfox -> drwago: Just fucking apply it so I can go about my night please. [03:25:01] drwago -> *****: Got a sec? [03:25:06] ***** -> drwago: Shoot [03:25:25] drwago -> *****: Did you suggest/imply to the captain about the ai (CL) being malf still [03:26:00] ***** -> drwago: The announcement I saw implied they were replaced with another malf. Also, I was trying to kill the AI (CL) regardless. [03:26:05] *****-> drwago: Well, kill or capture. [03:26:55] ****** -> drwago: I did imply that it was still malfunctioning to the captain and to, like, the entire crew, but I did it to try and convince them to let me into the core to intellicard it. [03:27:28] drwago -> ******: thank you I initialy set the ban to three weeks yes, because I did not feel perma banning you was proper for fitting of what happened, I was informed we do not ban people for longer then a week but less then a perma so i lowered it to one week and was told that if you are punished then your whitelist was going to be stripped since you have already been showing poor roleplay as command so I had little to nothing to do with the whitelist strip, but to discuss the issue. I have no issue with you, no issue with you as a person or hold any grudges, why you blocked me on discord or such is really unknown to me or why you generally dislike me, however in this decision making of this situation I was not alone in deciding it and went to multiple other people to get there opinion as I did not want to make a opinion alone, these people including Garn, Alb and Paradox who all agreed this was really really utter shit to do, aswell as contacting the CE player who contradicted things you claimed as the new AI had not escalated at all. You went out of you're way to ruin somebodys round for the mistakes of the malf before a new one was admin bussed in, and in all honesty, that ruins every single spirit of fun of the game to actively shit down on somebody with no escalation. I do not feel a need to post further here as its quite plainly cut out, that this was really not cool and really clearly validhunting.
  7. Goign to deny this on the basis that its a item that exists already
  8. Its really close to impossible for a number of reasons, mostly given the server restarts itself and does not save that ticket data I believe, that and not everybody is around for cross ticket stuff, and with that Im voting for dismissal
  9. Why even have command then if they cannot oversee things?
  10. You icly call it for icly reasons. A end of round shuttle thats voted can be delayed if command feels icly its needed
  11. Why would/should a ooc force stop something thats a ic issue? Delaying the shuttle is a ic issue and should remain as such.
  12. Voting for dismissal, this is really more of a emotionaly charged issue and honestly something that should be handled icly
  13. Are you involved in this directly? Going to post this here for now, do not post unless you are actually involved in the issue, just being a bystander is not reason enough to comment
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