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  1. Alb is giving his opinion. I want to believe people can change. It is as simple as that. Nothing shady.
  2. I won't accept a appeal then or ever until you show you can improve and behave Locked
  3. Yeah no, I am denying this. If you can't play and not push the rules or boundreys and actively can't show you have improved, this will stay denied. I will be denying any future appeals until you can actually prove you you have improved. Currently you have wasted your chances for the most part and I have zero faith currently that if I unban you that you will stay unbanned. Denied
  4. Im going to keep this short and blunt. This is about the fourth perm ban you have on record, why should I lift this if you still can't prove definitively you will behave?
  5. Whats wrong with the bar placement?
  6. Going to go ahead and accept this, we really enjoy how it ties in with Frontier themes and is a excellent example of blending two cultures together
  7. Lets keep this on topic, if there is further tossing of insults/accusations then you are going to be warned, as this is your warning. Keep it relevant or dont post
  8. Eridani is just a point of intrest to me, however I look forward to helping with the sol re-work that is being planned as for making more factions information and lore more readable and accessible and understandable, I see alot of oppritunity with expanding on frontier lore aswell
  9. Again, its mostly a concept thats being suggested, I thank you for the feedback on this issue though and I believe exploring the lifes of upper class Eridani is something we can expand upon without changing the whole system
  10. I was inquiring with them first about the ownership/relationship to normandy as this was brought up to me as a issue, I had every intention of discussing it with you and then the both of you until I was told to leave it to kyres, however I apologize if I came off pushing at him to answer for you, that was not my intent. As to this @BoryaTheSlayer my child, I dont plan to just work on Eridani, I will gladly and whole heartly work on other elements as given to me or requested for help on.
  11. Firstly, I believe you are not remembering the situation fully or are confused about it. I was contacted by a member of the admin team and given a large amount of screenshots of questionable ipc play from you and the other player, another question being how the other player somehow came into ownership of this IPC. Kyres at the time was on break/loa to handle personal issues so the issue was given to me to look into. Keep in mind none of you were in trouble nor are you currently, I was given vauge screenshots of questionable synth play and seeked the involved players out to get clarification on the whole issue to put the person who reported it to ease. I went to Darkstar first as I could find his discord easier and saw it first, inquiring about the relationship between the ipc and his character aswell as how they came into ownership of the ipc, again this was just to gain clarity on the situation where i was given vauge information, I would never act on such vauge logs without understanding the situation from BOTH sides, leading into the next issue You essentially asked another player not to discuss with me attempting to look away from the out of context screenshots and understand the situation. I had every intention of coming to you aswell a s then discussing it with you both as a group as again, none of you were in trouble but when Im handed a task I am going to complete it and understand every detail of the situation to help you and to ease concerns of others, as is the mission goal of serving the playerbase. I feel you jumped the gun for whatever reason and assumed you were in trouble, which I understand, I have a hard way of conveying my thoughts at times and tone with how I bring issues up, however I feel the whole process of this incident could of been avoided had you not jumped to assume this was a attack, as my actions in this investigation were solely to address a concern and to get the facts from both of you and not vauge screenshots, that would be unfair to judge anybody by that standard and would be the downfall of this community if we judged on the vauge accusations of one party. I hold no ill will towards you and I thank you for being respectful in your post and allowing me to clarify this with you.
  12. To clarify, I believe I have the time to dedicate to it currently, the situation described before has mostly been resolved, however I thank you for understanding and I understand the concern y ou hold
  13. To address this too, the project has been worked on, just not pushed to github. My plan is to implament it in cordination with expanding on Eridani augments
  14. Are you suggesting a fallout type trait system?
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