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  1. Honestly it feels like a endgame weapon in a fallout game then a realistic weapon for combat on a space station
  2. shadow president this is crawling reptile, can you hear me?
  3. is this the darpha chief donald anderson??
  4. After giving this time and discussing it with the user, I cannot in good mindset approve this until remorse and understanding of there behavior is shown. Should they appeal again showing they understand what they did wrong and why it was wrong I would have no issue lifting this. Denied
  5. Thats still not constructive. If I say "Your Pr is so fucking idiotic" against "I dont really agree with this in the pr for x, x ,x", the other one sounds better as its constructive
  6. Honestly, are we even a community if we cant act as civil as we would in person? No offense but this whole using the internet as a mask to be dicks to each other is mega dumb
  7. Going to go ahead and deny this. We normaly dont accept these apps for medals or such unless its incredibly relevant currently, had this been 2-3 years ago this would of been a different story
  8. I will be handling this, however I would like Arrows question answered
  9. I mean at most those were joking around as he was asking for reviews for that pr, however to the point about git comments, normaly as long as the actual content of the commit is valid, the commit msg really doesnt have a offical standard for what it must go by, as @PoZe mine are ambigious as hell
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