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Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Saunan

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: TheGoret

Reason of Ban: Self-antagging, playing as a crazy person when told not to multiple times and stole a spare captain's ID on extended.

Reason for Appeal: I've made many mistakes, i understand that i hekk'd up after repeating a few offences, i'd like to apologize for my behavior and the fact i'm insane. I think i should be unbanned because although did bad things, i can still learn not to do these mean things and become a good little player, i think i was dealt with a little harshly. This server is the only one i play(ed) on so i'd also appreciate a magical return so i don't have to play on the other questionable servers.

Best regards,


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 Hi, its me. 

You have been given many chances to correct your behavior as I told you during our little conversation. You have been warned, and even banned one week by @Pratepresidenten as an escalation of your actions. You have been unbanned not even a week ago and yet, I still see the same things you were spoke to about. Self-antagonism, making an unbelievable character even if I specially asked during our first interactions to change it. It might have started "well" (even if I have some doubts on that part, since a quite lot of people have been telling me that you were still a problem) but the same mistakes were made. 
As a result of all of this, I decided to escalate to a permaban. And I am not going to lift it so soon, since you applied just a few hours after the incident. How could I know that in in such a short time, you have read the rules and acknowledged your errors? You had time during your one week ban, but yet, nothing came out of it.

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I have read the rules specifically right when i joined for the first time, i have acknowledged my erros, i'm just an incredibly bad at being a good boy. I have made attempts to better myself but old habits die hard. I did not have time during my week ban, i'm generally a busy person with woodworking but i do spend a lot of my free time trying to have fun on the server.

I do apologize for the naughty things i've done, but a permaban seems a little harsh for what i've done, even if it's not gonna be a 1 week ban, i'd still like to play in the future.


Sweet dreams,



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The permaban isn't harsh. It is an escalation of your previous warnings and your ban. You are free to reapply in one month, that'll give you the time to read the rules. Also, cut the "naughty boy" thing, its really weird and doesn't put you under a serious spot and makes me think you're not taking this seriously.

Appeal denied.

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