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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay. Its been a good solid month and I hope you understood all of that and read the rules. i'm going to accept this appeal, since you really seem to be motivated for it. Though, keep in mind that you'll get instantly banned at the next offense, and with probably a longer time before an appeal. Appeal accepted.
  2. I couldn't know that unless you posted. But thanks, anyways.
  3. Hello, staff team again. Just making sure they even know this thing exist. @TheSleepyCatmom
  4. I joined the server and left because apparently I was late from a few years. Don't.
  5. Video game? All I see is eternal suffer.
  6. So clearly you haven't really paid much attention. I banned you for breaking the rules immediately after being unbanned. You have proven yourself doing self-antagonism, as you have been brought up in security multiple times and always tried to run away, punching people and things like that. You told the AI to state its laws and called it rogue when it didn't immediately after you went out of the arrival shuttle. You broke the atmosphere of the game quite some time, using netspeak or else. I need to add that all of this has been done, again, in only a few hours following your unban. For me its quite logical to keep a low-profile after a permanent unban, and don't do anything that can be seen as wrong. This is why I'm going to not accept this appeal, again, until you have proven valid arguments that could change my mind on that matter. You are free to reappeal in one month.
  7. I see that you're determined. Even if my mind still hasn't changed, and normally an appeal is to be made quite some time after the first one, I'm going to ask you a question. What was wrong with behavior? From what I'm seeing here, its kinda the same thing you said in the first appeal, and it makes me think you don't see my point.
  8. Hello. Yesterday, you made a unban request and it have been accepted by @Garnascus. You were allowed to play on the server again, because it was some years ago and maybe you'd had evolved. But all I saw was a LRP borderline behavior. You have displayed yourself not respecting our rules, as all I heard about your character was complaints. You have been in security numerous times, or even walk around without a jumpsuit. You even asked the AI to state its laws immediately after going out of the arrival shuttle, and telling everyone that it was rogue when they did not answered to you. For me, you clearly don't want to play here, and invest yourself. You have been given another chance to play, and completely skipped it. Rules doesn't limits itself to grief, killing people, metagaming and LRP. We are a HRP server and we expect some efforts from our player base. Also, a comment like that when we expect you to explain why you should be unbanned has nothing to do here. Appeal denied.
  9. Reporting Personnel: Katheryn Linerbord Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer Game ID: b1J-c4lo Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - Unknown(Offender) - Nyarai Eze (Witness) - Sophie Hawkins (Witness) Time of Incident: 04:30AM Real Time: 21:30 GMT+2 Location of Incident: Main Level of Aurora Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [X] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [X] - Other: Sending defective robotic units on the station (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: On 13/06/2461, at 04:30 in the morning, Central Command sent us some robotic units in the name of the Project Peacekeeper. They all dispersed on the station and everything was okay for ten minutes until I step in the library. I inspect an advanced unit then I get strike in the back by one of them. I got knocked out and when I woke up I was being dragged and cuffed into the hallway, heading to security. I eventually got my handcuffs removed by the warden, and the unit was disabled. A few minutes later, the same incident happen again, but on other people. When I enter security, I see Sophie Hawkins, the actual head of security, getting shot at by a security unit. I try to disable the unit manually, but it shots me and another one strike me in the back, again. I went to cryo after that, not feeling up to keep going in the shift. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: I did to Sophie Hawkins(Head of Security) and Launce Jadine(Captain). I went to cryo shorty after. Actions taken: (Description of efforts made by the reporter, security, Heads, and/or Internal Affairs to resolve this incident) I didn't bothered to bring up the issue to the IAA since their identity was unknown. Additional Notes: I want to say that it was a very embarrassing and humiliating situation. Whoever sent these bots, probably knew that they were defective or forgot to check on them before sending them. I got physically and mentally injured by these situations, and I wish something to be done about the one that built them.
  10. I fail how to see how me asking for the logs would get you frustated, since it was not my intention. It might be because I'm not an english native, so my choice of words can be sometimes wrong. My comments weren't baseless, I literally took example of the logs you posted: For me, someone that rush into a department and do things like that is clearly acting like a weirdo. I don't know if you imagine the scene in real life, but for me its really weird. From this point, the chief engineer asking to get you out is completely fair. Also you need to keep in mind that a Head has complete "power" on its department and if they want to remove someone, they can. But-- Check bellow. Like I said multiple times, I did told them that he should have more interactions before calling immediately ISD and shoving people off. For me, it was clearly resolved because I spoke to them, and they acknowledged. So here is my question: What else did you wanted me to do more? Warn them? Ban them? Because I got clearly confused on what you wanted in the end. It is really a gray area. We don't really know if its against the rules, but we try to enforce a minimum of RP, specially a head of staff. That was the "resolved issue" I was speaking about, and that is what Prate told you. What I said earlier. Also, being frustrated is completely human and can happen sometimes. Thinking that just because I am from the staff team, mean that I cannot show any emotions is completely out of mind. My frustration also made me give the ticket to Prate, by a problem of subjectivity and that I clearly wanted for you to get your problem resolved.
  11. We could put the TCFL poster, or a varient of it. At least, it represent a bit our server instead of "lol toilets blood".
  12. [12:48:35] thegoret -> ornias: Right. I'm done with this. I spoke to them about giving a bit more interaction before calling security. I told them that it wasn't a thing to do. Which, Prate spoke to them about that as well. I also told you that if you had a problem against this character, you should get it brought up through a character complaint. Which would have been completely fair for you to do. [12:33:53] thegoret -> ornias: For me its kinda an IC issue. Its their rights if they don't want you into engineering. As for the character itself, if you think there's a problem you could bring that up in a character complaint. I asked Prate to take over because I was starting to question my judgement and I wasn't feeling up to continue. I was confused because I was playing as well. Sorry, but when there is a changeling and a blob at the same time, I might get my stuff wrong, specially when I'm tired. I might have been a little harsh, and I'm sorry for that. I shouldn't have acted that way and I'm sorry. I just don't like when people starts to get frustrated in ahelps. If you want something to be resolved, keep your calm. I am here to resolve conflicts, and starting to caps lock just makes me feel you're starting to get agressive and put you in the wrong spot. As I said multiple times in ahelps and earlier, the issue was resolved, because the player was spoke to. I wanted to play at the same time, and bringing the issue up again frustrated me as well and kept me from playing when for me the matter was clearly over.
  13. The permaban isn't harsh. It is an escalation of your previous warnings and your ban. You are free to reapply in one month, that'll give you the time to read the rules. Also, cut the "naughty boy" thing, its really weird and doesn't put you under a serious spot and makes me think you're not taking this seriously. Appeal denied.
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