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  1. Hello. For clarification, the reason of the ban isn't only the one you mentioned: You already have been banned recently for the same offense, aka, a "reference" name. Given the fact that you accumulated the notes and the warning that happened not even two days ago about a disconnection after killing yourself, I decided to escalate to a permanent ban. Now, as it was a potential internet problem, I'll give you the benefice of doubt. But I'll ask you to stop the names like this, and have a more believable one. You can't just take two really known individuals, and merge them to make "Caesar Von Schrondinger". Tl;dr, I'll unban you. Only thing I ask is to change the name, and please contact a staff member on discord if your internet dies, so we can sort that out. Alrighty?
  2. There's nothing more wrong than vomitting on the floor. Its an instinct to vomit to your local toilets/everythingthathasasink. Its too much of a pain to scrub the floor.
  3. I modified your formatting so it can be more readable for the staff who is going to handle it. Be careful next time please.
  4. Alright, after a few days of thoughts we took the decision to give a warn to both of you. Resi, you clearly could have prevented this by simply blocking Burger, ignoring him, and not trying to start fights. In the discord screenshot you took, you are clearly the one who tried to start it, not Burger. Burger, your problem was to respond to the "agression" directly, and doing justice yourself. You should have brought up the issue to a staff member when it happened, and not letting it sink to bring it up again later. Alberyk and I think this complaint is resolved. We will close it and archive it in 24 hours.
  5. Hello. jpowell59 is no longer part of the staff team, and I'm willing to give you another chance by lifting this ban. Remember to read the rules, and ask any questions either on the discord or by ahelping.
  6. Hello. @Alberyk and I are going to take this complaint. Give us some time so that we can gather informations, check the round ID that was provided, and go through your posts. Reminder that we would prefer if you keep your posts short and concise.
  7. I edited the staff member's key to the correct one. @Alberyk
  8. Xelnagahunter's interview is available here: https://pastebin.com/cdBrLBCJ
  9. some people really think that is the worst thing about this
  10. i try to let people say their last words before closing it i swear!!! i wait 10/20 seconds if there's nothing i close it... IM INNOCENT
  11. Why not turning those famous copypastas that are all over the internet to fit into our universe? I'll start with the navy seals copypasta, which can fit with every military organisations we have in our lore.
  12. Alright, I've read through this novel. Firstly, thank you for responding so quickly. I lacked time to answer yesterday, and I have been busy until now. The fact that you're trying to reinforce your point by putting in evidence solid arguments is respectful, but I have some problems with all of this. The first quarter of your post is about lore related stuff. I never pointed out the fact that we should remove your whitelists, or that you had a bad RP. You are a good roleplayer from what I saw, and I think not alot of people are going to think otherwise. On a OOC point of view, nor do I think that you are a bad person. Really, my only problem is the way how you play antagonist, and the possibilities of powergaming. I remember this thing being brought up from people who were playing and ghosting during that round. Apparently you beheaded twelve people with force gloves and a glaive. I wasn't on at that moment, nor I trust the sources that could be biased by it. Drago handled it and I'm not going to go against their judgments since it was a complicated situation. Moving to the next part, you brought up the complaint that made Mogelix, and that Garn handled. Never I mentioned that you made characters for the sake of antaging, and going to cryo when you were not. I am only revolving around WHEN you play antagonist. I know that you are playing normal characters sometimes, and I have no problem with that. I don't think its relevant, so I'm going to pass. You should rectify this for the sake of not making anyone handling this confused, Prate wasn't the one that antagbanned you, but @Tailson. You were banned one week from antagonist. This action has been given by an admin that seem to have escalated it after multiple times breaking the rules in a short time as an antagonist. While you are saying that you learnt from that, of course you did, because you know it would be more than an antagonist ban if you did it again. This is logic, if you break a rule, you're not going to do it again(normally). I feel like you are taking out of context what I said. I NEVER said that a gimmick was necessary. I said that an antagonist must show a story. They can do it using a gimmick for sure, but they don't need one. But making interactions for everyone is necessary, as stated in the rules here: and as Prate told you here: You are master of the round as an antagonist, and everyone is counting on you to make it fun. But most of the time, this fun revolve in frustration. I fail to see how a narrative revolving around security chasing you through the whole station, people screaming "NINJA MAINT" and the AI stalking you is a good narrative. "Hey, did you see that guy in a dark suit teleporting around? -Yeah. -Isn't that scary? -Yeaaaah." Is this what 2 hours of a round are supposed to revolve around? A simple talk in the bar? I don't think its supposed to be like this. When your only interaction with the crew is literally "they saw me and reported me", I don't think we could qualifies it interaction. I have absolutely no problems with that part, as it is fair and valid. I wasn't in this round, so I can't say much about it. If people enjoyed it, its great. But that doesn't excuse the other problems. I'll ignore the part that goes next with it, since it is fair too. Please, using the argument "he does this and I do the same but why isn't he punished too" isn't appropriated. I made this complaint because I had issues on my mind, and that your behavior is repeating itself. You think someone is doing things wrong? Someone need to make a complaint. Nobody is doing one? Do it yourself. You are never forced to do anything. You could have just ahelped to get you fixed. Anyways, I wasn't even pointing out the fact that you were a Vox was a problem. I have no issues with you contributing to the server. But despite the fact that you know that it is too op and that you want to correct it, you still use it sometimes. The rouns was when I was on my first/second day as a trial, and I think it was revolution. You had a breacher, as an Aut'akh and you were dragging a medkit around. I think the round ID was b3e-auUo. It was on the 14th of September, so it was a week after you brought your project up. Also for Garn's sake, the round ID where they were just flying around as a vampire was b3l-cttM.
  13. Ban every single of you, I will. No power, you all have.
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