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  1. You just won because I passed admin 3 months ago. But for someone who has been headmin for ages... You should be scared for your slot...
  2. Hello! As you might be aware, I made a PR to add a phonograph to the bar to add atmosphere and make it more welcoming. Although, I think that we still lack in musics that could fit a bar. I'm making this thread to gather ideas of what I could add, under some little prerequisites: -Must be under Creative Common or Public Domain. Permission of the artist can be asked if they are available -Must be in the same mood as the other musics, although its not set in the stone If you want to know what the other musics are, here is the link to them: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/tree/master/sound/music/recordplayer If I get a ton of requests, I will make a poll to decide which musics people want. Have fun!
  3. You're precious. Stay safe and don't hesitate to pass by my PMs if you need it.
  4. I'm going to refuse this as you clearly didn't understood why I banned you. [2015:13:39.527] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: ThePool/(Pool Rogers)->TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne): but as...a person that abuses his power [2015:13:46.662] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne)->ThePool/(Pool Rogers): Why would they? [2015:14:03.580] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne)->ThePool/(Pool Rogers): If they do, they get fired. You have absolutely no reasons to be that extremist ICly. [2015:14:05.566] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: ThePool/(Pool Rogers)->TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne): in real life i don't like the police...in here i don't like security [2015:14:10.984] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: ThePool/(Pool Rogers)->TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne): for the same reason [2015:14:13.794] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne)->ThePool/(Pool Rogers): That's called a self insert and its bad. [2015:14:25.977] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne)->ThePool/(Pool Rogers): You are on a research station. It's a bit different from police. [2015:14:42.743] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne)->ThePool/(Pool Rogers): They are as employed as you are. If you make mechs for the sake of it, you're going to get fired pretty quickly. [2015:14:42.981] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: ThePool/(Pool Rogers)->TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne): well...fuck it ban me if you want [2015:14:50.412] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne)->ThePool/(Pool Rogers): I never said this. [2015:14:56.083] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: ThePool/(Pool Rogers)->TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne): i will finish that mech [2015:15:33.143] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: ThePool/(Pool Rogers)->TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne): if you so want to know the reason why the character hates security...come and as him [2015:15:48.272] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne)->ThePool/(Pool Rogers): Hell no you wont. If you want to play like that, I'm going to go straight for a perma then. [2015:15:58.836] b5c-b5EP ADMIN: PM: ThePool/(Pool Rogers)->TheGoret/(ISU-Ardenne): as i said...go for it If you don't want to follow our rules, I see no reasons why you should belong here. If you ever want to play again, read the rules once more and you'll be free to make an appeal in one month, or make a staff complaint. Locking and archieving.
  5. I've read through the app and didn't got disappointed at all. The concept of this character is something very interesting for me and while I haven't really interacted with you ICly, but I do look forward for it if you get this whitelist. Tl;dr Rose is an amazing, cheerful player and I never had problems with them. The character id interesting, and you gave out pretty good answers to the questions. +1
  6. help i'm surronded by mortally challenged people
  7. Hello, if you ever happen to make an application, appeal, or anything else, please include the complete format. For the appeal itself, it must be a huge coincidence as you had a metacommunications ban in the past and I decided to escalate. You also disconnected as the same time as one of the three greytiders, so I've thought you were part of them. I'm lifting the ban as it was a mistake on my side, and sorry for the little spook and frustration.
  8. Hmmm, someone said? Let's get started. I have MANY more. For another day, perhaps...
  9. Sorry, I had some shit going on and totally forgot about it. I guess I can give you a second chance and since you seem honest, I lifted the ban. Sorry and enjoy.
  10. You should really stop positioning yourself as a victim, because you're just the contrary of what you want people to see you as. Just the reason you got banned for, the ban request that Geeves made clearly points you as the harasser and the person that should be taken out for everyone's good. Alberyk gave you one chance and asked you one thing : to behave, prove that you indeed belong here. He made a step towards you and even gave you the possibility to come back on the discord if your behavior was alright. I see nothing wrong with this, everyone has a right to have a second chance, but you just pushed everything around you and got banned from multiples affiliated Discord. You went into someone's PMs, showed your maturity after they told you that they fear confrontation and took advantage of it. You don't know where to stop, you are an impulsive person that need to stay away from everyone for their mental safety. Bunch of people that I consider my friends personally who interacted with you described the same feelings towards you and as a note-- I won't tell who nor tell them to comment here because I'm afraid that you hold a grudge against them and seek ways to hurt them. You're a wasted potential. I like Adrien Major, and despite my OOC problems with you, it never kept me from interacting and roleplaying with you. You're a good roleplayer and you could have taken advantage of that positive trait to grow out of it, and show to people that you could be more. But you never did, and never will.
  11. Your history on this community is awfully long. To this day, I still have no problems to keep you banned. You haven't changed at all, you remain the same person that you have always been. Actions have consequences, and you are just learning it. On that note, I'm going to send my first interaction with you, which just prove even more that you are a disrespectful and toxic person that nobody wants to interact with. Don't expect people to walk your way with the tons of shit you sent them, be it on a discord server, or either in PM. My opinion on you has never changed and it will never change. You are toxic for this community, and you don't belong here. I don't even know why you keep fighting when you know all the harm you have done.
  12. Again, it was me. We should stop pinning each others' characters.
  13. Reminder to be civil when speaking to each others. We aren't animals, and we don't need to throw passive agressive and be non-constructive because we are angry or whatever.
  14. I'm on 2/3 of these screenshots, but everytime I was in difficulty. Coincidence? I don't think so. PS: I totally FORGOT about you turning me in EVERY species in the fucking game. Top ten pictures taken before a disaster
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