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  1. Hey! Little information, HRP mean High Roleplay, not hardcore. Also, the admin that banned you retired quite some time ago now, so I'm going to take this. I am willing to give you another chance as you seem motivated enough. Two years is enough for someone to change and I trust you on that. I've removed the ban, and you should be able to connect. Contact me over Discord with the ID Goret#1468 if you have difficulties to join. Enjoy your stay!
  2. I'm going to bump once more. I honestly think we get unconscious too easily, and that cuts alot of RP. Imagine dying and you can't even say goodbye to your friend next to you. Blacking out shouldn't be that common. You don't black out every two seconds, if you go unconscious, you'll remain like this for hours or days or until your death. For me, you should only black out when you are on huge oxygen loss. In space, you'll black out a few seconds after your body was exposed to the vacuum because of the lack of oxygen reserve in the bloodstream. For me that should be one of the only cases where you go unconscious. Tl;dr, I think that'd be a nice feature. I also support the paralyzed part to avoid a "HELP SEC MAINT" situation.
  3. I am locking and archiving this topic as the ruling has been reworked by @Alberyk here:
  4. Oh boy. Here we go. Its in spoiler because its too big~
  5. You are authorized to keep the name Caesar, as long as it doesn't go with something really TOO known and popular. I'll unban now that you understand. Appeal accepted.
  6. I feel like you're drifting away from the main subject. My problem was the combination of Caesar AND Shrondinger. The use of the latter seems not very common at all, but I would have no objection to it being used, like Caesar. I just want you to understand the problem and accept it, then I'll unban you and you'll be allowed to play again.
  7. Hello. For clarification, the reason of the ban isn't only the one you mentioned: You already have been banned recently for the same offense, aka, a "reference" name. Given the fact that you accumulated the notes and the warning that happened not even two days ago about a disconnection after killing yourself, I decided to escalate to a permanent ban. Now, as it was a potential internet problem, I'll give you the benefice of doubt. But I'll ask you to stop the names like this, and have a more believable one. You can't just take two really known individuals, and merge them to make "Caesar Von Schrondinger". Tl;dr, I'll unban you. Only thing I ask is to change the name, and please contact a staff member on discord if your internet dies, so we can sort that out. Alrighty?
  8. There's nothing more wrong than vomitting on the floor. Its an instinct to vomit to your local toilets/everythingthathasasink. Its too much of a pain to scrub the floor.
  9. I modified your formatting so it can be more readable for the staff who is going to handle it. Be careful next time please.
  10. Alright, after a few days of thoughts we took the decision to give a warn to both of you. Resi, you clearly could have prevented this by simply blocking Burger, ignoring him, and not trying to start fights. In the discord screenshot you took, you are clearly the one who tried to start it, not Burger. Burger, your problem was to respond to the "agression" directly, and doing justice yourself. You should have brought up the issue to a staff member when it happened, and not letting it sink to bring it up again later. Alberyk and I think this complaint is resolved. We will close it and archive it in 24 hours.
  11. Hello. jpowell59 is no longer part of the staff team, and I'm willing to give you another chance by lifting this ban. Remember to read the rules, and ask any questions either on the discord or by ahelping.
  12. Hello. @Alberyk and I are going to take this complaint. Give us some time so that we can gather informations, check the round ID that was provided, and go through your posts. Reminder that we would prefer if you keep your posts short and concise.
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