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Idea for Rev replacement

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So, rather than Rev. What if we had a round type focused on controlling a viral outbreak. A select few people start with the virus. It causes coughing and sneezing, maybe hairloss and jitters or something- this affects all races equally. In my current version I've thought up, this virus doesn't actually cause any real issues. It's more like an identifier and means of splitting the crew. The non-infected staff, specifically Medical and Security must focus on quarantining infected personnel. This is as far as I've gotten with the idea, but wanted more input. Really, my main gripe is Revolutionary relies heavily on the "ARE YOU [REVOLUTIONARY] OR [LOYALIST]? Y/N" in order to break the station into two camps, and it's entirely reliant on the creative capabilities and willingness of the crew to engage with whatever the premise for the revolution is- which is why these rounds usually fall flat on their faces. But if there was a somewhat unpredictable means of 'converting' personnel, it'd make it less about being loyal to NT or a revolutionary, and more about wanting to not be executed for hosting a virus that cannot be cured. You don't get to agree to being a rev if it's forced upon you due to circumstance. No more "Nah, rather just sit and watch the round, then complain about how shit Rev is after the round."


Anyways. Give ideas and thoughts.



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