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  1. BYOND Key: AmoryBlaine Staff BYOND Key: SonicGotNuked Game ID: b6a-dINk Reason for complaint: SonicGotNuked purposely misinterpreted my actions during the round to justify banning me permanently. After losing my memory, I awoke awhile later and misspoke in remembering what happened prior to my memory loss. I corrected this ICly, and moved on. Rather than believe this, SonicGotNuked accused me of lying and had multiple members of staff back him up. I do not understand how I can be lying about this, when I literally said immediately afterwards that it was a mistake, and then
  2. Bottom right is the current ERT uniform, these are three possible versions we could use to replace it.
  3. So far, this is what I have. The SEC and alert signs glitch a bit during their activation.
  4. And the visor, the visor is sorta tiny. You should stick with the NT-Sec visors a la dead spess
  5. All the above being said, the L/Tpr looks fucking hot. The only real complaint I have in regards to the sprite is the cone head.
  6. Personally, I would prefer they carry a similar aesthetic to the Sec and Hazard suits- and the HAPT suits. I'm also not that big a fan of the role colouring, would be nice if they all used the L/Tpr's colours with badges or armbands denoting their role. Or maybe different types of helmets to differentiate them.
  7. Thoughts? I made the last- current- iteration as well.
  8. Agree with this. Wizard is not very enjoyable, and barely adds anything to any given round.
  9. I don't see why. The standard beret does. The alt beret and cap don't have to.
  10. Right, now that I'm out of bed I get what you mean. Yes, these are just resprites to change the colours of a few around, and make the icons more uniform. Do suggest what you think each should look like, though. I intend to try and diversify them after these versions are added.
  11. The trolley and the items that fit on it need to be changed for sure, then. You shouldn't be able to lift a vending machine onto the trolley.
  12. It's more about the aesthetic than the armor value.
  13. Let's just take portions of the ling and add it to cult. arm blade, arm shield, specifically, should be implemented for late game cultists as irreversible changes to the body if they use a specific rune.
  14. We could, I guess, have these jump between each version with the visor toggle. I know some of you like it covering the eyes. The beret with the silver badge is removed. The cap is darker.
  15. We can add it afterwards, with the new jacket. But right now it's stopping me from finishing the PR since I reorganized the naming of the coats, since there's more now. I don't mind it being there since only like five people know it exists. Well, uhm, not five anymore.
  16. Arming doublet, Gambeson. It's a jacket, a padded one. It won't have any defense qualities. I mean, it could, I suppose. Available to everyone. Not sure what colours it ought to be in. But yes. Thoughts?
  17. Someone deletes the detective's coats mapped into the walls near the detective's office so I can finish my PR for new coats. I don't want to learn mapping or downloading Python right now. Thank you.
  18. I mean, what's the real difference here? You have two officers immediately available in one area, and none in another, or an officer available in both areas. What antag is at a loss if there's two officers that isn't also at a loss if there's one? Either way, you've alerted Security. Only difference is now you're more likely to be apprehended than if there was one- but also more likely to deal with one third of the security force.
  19. The only way to effectively keep Sec from rallying around the people they know to be capable of organizing them is by removing the HoS. I've nothing against this, really. The HoS is a bit redundant, given the Captain ought to be able to handled it. Frankly, if you really want to restructure command, the Director of Research should be at the top, followed by the Head of Security in a smaller position of authority with the CMO and HoP beside them in rank.
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