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  1. These are just base coats to be used by anyone, mostly to go with business-wear. I'm working on more, futuristic coats separate of these. I already have one prototype design in through a custom item app. The blue and red forensic jackets, I want to replace them with green jackets. We could just add an extra to the locker. I probably will, but it'll have to come after this addition, since I am editing the lockers again in another PR I have planned, for hats. Removing the outdated Sec beret, re-naming all the berets so they're all uniform in naming conventions, ect.
  2. As I understand the gun is becoming optional. Which is good. Because automatically having a gun sorts spoils the open-endedness of this.
  3. The commissar outfit was out of place, and as such, should not be available to NT-Sec. The standard uniform remains in the locker, as does the corporate. The detective's locker has shoes in it, two coats, hats, and three uniforms, and gloves- which you also spawn with. It's too much stuff.
  4. @Myazaki Would you be against this idea?
  5. @ParadoxSpace If Detectives are to have armored coats, I think that they SHOULD be the same sprites as the rest. Yes, this is contrary to what I said before, but I feel that there's literally no point in making a unique sprite for armored trench-coats, since the whole point of an armored coat is to be inconspicuous.
  6. EDIT: This does NOT change the Ned Kelly material armor/trench-coat items. That comes later. - Removes armor values to all security jackets and trench-coats - Replaces old security jackets with new versions, adds new investigative jacket in green. - Replaces old trench-coats with new versions, adds more variation. - Trench-coats are no longer investigative attire and are available to everyone. - Removed excess from security lockers. (Removed commissar outfit, redundant gloves, redundant shoes, classic detective outfit, forensic jackets) - Removed old sec beret from locker and loadout, added proper beret to loadout. - Resprited DEFAULT labcoat. - Resprited straight jacket. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8295 Some of the trench-coats, and the new Investigative jackets. No more hunchback lab-coat. No more grey mess straitjacket.
  7. If trying to make stuff look like it's belongs to the same game, is creativity killing, perhaps that's an issue with the creator's capabilities or intent, rather than with creativity. The idea that creativity equates to a breakdown of uniformity in design is silly. These things can co-exist, it's just easier to go and do your own thing rather than consider how it looks in comparison to everything else. This is made easier when the vast majority of people don't particularly care about consistency. I care less about the fact it's purple and the rest are green and more about the fact it looks completely different from the rest of the present work. But in regard to it's representation of Zeng-Hu, how does what is presented represent Zeng-Hu? It's pretty bulky looking from the comparisons, the grip looks similar to that of the new .45s, which makes me think of it more like a gun, and there's a massive company logo on the side. Not subtle at all. What I'm getting from the item, with these things in mind, is what I feel Necropolis brand equipment would be like. Bulky, military-esque, and with a big stamp of approval on the side in the form of the logo. I always assumed ZH had a more sleek and percise feel. Evidently not.
  8. This is just some mashing of sprites, give you an idea of what that camo looks like with other stuff in use.
  9. I need opinions, which should we go with?
  10. Completed, added in. Can probably close this.
  11. Wezzy's is definitely more in-line with what Medical has, but I do think it's a good idea to work purple into his design. Brainos's and your's is fairly distant from the rest of the medical items, and it's hard to recognize AS a Medical item. I do like Brainos's and your's because it shares my style of weapon grip. But overall, it stands out greatly with the rest of the medical equipment. No offense to either of you, but Wezzy's fits better, and I have to be consistent in my stance on being in favour of things being uniform in design.
  12. Unsure about this one. It's a miniature semi-automatic magazine-fed rifle. Holds a capacity of 8 cartridges. Unsure of the caliber chambered, or maker. Hoping to replace the Springfield. Use by poor colonists, boarding parties, ect. Could maybe add a scope to it, have it operate as a Designated Marksman Rifle for the Mercenaries.
  13. Pulse Rifle, Sol Battle Rifle, and Mercenary Submachine Gun. The Battle Rifle is a WIP. As is the Submachine Gun. The only changes there are the magazine, and addition of red light. Probably gonna leave as is.
  14. Off-duty as an alt-title for visitor makes the most sense. Punching out of your slot for 15 minutes of a 2 hour round is not a good idea, since someone else may want to play that slot while you're doing visitor things. Also, in regards to visiting your work place. This is the future. A future where large corporations have a very big part in people's lives. Most of the characters live on the Odin. There exists less of a distinction between your home life, and your work life, as the corporation encompasses all of it. Really, we should have larger dorms aboard the station, and a cafeteria to better emphasize this increase in work/home-life melding. That people just live at work, almost. That work is their life.
  15. Anyways, the addition of these sprites will go unnoticed past persons such as myself who are cognitive of our designs. Enjoy.
  16. I think it's a bit presumptuous, and telling, that you completely overlook the context of me talking about myself and my work to say that I am opposed to this because it doesn't fit with my work. It does, but I've kept from comparing it to my work directly, outside saying it is better than mine.
  17. If the librarian can also act as curator shouldn't the library be bigger and also link with Research or something? This is cute, though. I do think it takes away a bit of something, as you can no longer hide behind bookshelves anymore.
  18. This thread and what I am talking about is handling the firearm and the mechanical function of the safety. Your examples are entirely removed from the topic, I don't see how you can take me talking about the intent of the user in regards to where your finger is in relation to the trigger, and how that co-exists with whether or not the safety is on, to have any relation to accidentally dropping your gun, or accidentally pulling the trigger when you're walking along because neither of these are things which concern what I am talking about. What I am talking about is handling the firearm and the mechanical function of the safety co-existing, rather than having a faulty mechanical safety system that you can override with harm intent anyways. Same thing happened to me, was set to help, wanted to examine someone, gun goes off. It shouldn't work like that. Even with the safety on, like you said, instead of it just saying "You don't fire because the safety is on.", it goes CLICK CLICK CLICK, with a new chat line for each time you kick. Shift+click still works, but I don't see why I shouldn't be able to safely click the screen whenever help intent is set. We have intents for a reason.
  19. Guns are very dangerous, which is why my INTENT should be taken into account. If I'm trying to HELP, I'm clearly not putting my finger on the trigger. But I fire anyways, which is stupid. If I want to cause HARM, I do have my finger on the trigger. That is all separate from whether or not the firearm is set to SAFE or not.
  20. Re-add the intent based safety system to co-exist with the mechanical gun safety system. Frankly, having the system based purely off the state of safety on/off, is weird since the safety system gets overrid with harm anyways, so it's not really doing what it should- not fire when set on. CM's system has both intent and mechanical safeties, and they compliment each other quite well. I never misfire, because I never have the intent to fire unless I want to, or when I do swap to the intent to fire, I don't fire, because the mechanical system is on. It doesn't hurt to adopt this system, since it benefits the user and has no downsides other than sorta covering the same thing, but differently. Clicking the screen with help intent and a gun in hand should not lead to me shooting anyone- safety on, or off. It's the help intent.
  21. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8213
  22. If the biggest reason for the change- as understood by the playerbase- is maint loot, remove the maint loot. As of now, it serves little function to anyone other than sort of prize for traitors wanting to waste TC on accessing an area where no one is. Yes, you can hide back there. Yes, you can hypothetically gather a cult back there. But that is severely cutting down the likelihood of actual fluid interaction between antags and stationeers. It is wholly on the antag to seek out the interaction, since the safest area is now essentially devoid of any threats and it is unlikely that outside an known threat being in maint will security actually enter. How maint and security function now, is fairly poor. The only means to accessing maint are through a station wide removal of ID locks, going and getting your ID upgraded, or dragging someone else along with you to act as a doorman in what is likely a dangerous situation, given the need to access the area in the first place. None of these options actually make sense if there's an emergency requiring you to be there. If there's an emergency requiring Sec in maint, you don't open all the doors. You don't go to the bridge and get your individual IDs upgraded by a command member who is hopefully in the round. You don't drag more people into the situation. Revert the change, don't revert it. I don't care about I already got used to it as is. But it's clearly a flawed concept, and has been executed poorly.
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