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Unban Request MasonTHJM

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Total Ban Length: Permanently

Banning staff member's Key: Alberky

Reason of Ban: "Emoting unzipping his dick and pissing"

Reason for Appeal: I do completely understand why I was banned, and that I broke one of the rules which was ERP, but at the time I was just not thinking at the time of the repercussions that would occur by doing that, and I do feel regret for doing that. I generally thoroughly enjoy playing on the server, and to be permanently banned on it is very saddening to me because this sever is one of the more fun servers I've come across on Byond. If my ban is appealed, I will make sure that something like that never happens again and will be more careful with what I say. I feel like a complete idiot for doing that and I hope to have a second chance to make it right. Thank you for your time. 

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