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Virology Changes


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who doesn't love virology? test monkeys aside


so I'm planning on making some changes to make Viro Great Again. the steps to MVGA are as follows


Phase 1. (80% done)  add in a new role, Pathologist. an alt title of Biochemist, Pathologist is a role centered on supporting the rest of medical, mainly Virology. other duties would be assisting in diagnosis and maybe autopsy? reason for expanding responsibility is to give them something to do aside from poke monkeys with pointy needles and have them be involved more with medical. 

Phase 2. (10% done) Revamp the Virus random events. Re add random viruses

Phase 3. Add new Viro Symptoms and poke at how viruses work

Phase 4 (maybe). Remap viro. I mainly want to move quarantine to the same level as the lab so it actually is used


also somewhere in here I plan to resprite the antibody scanner. 



stretch goal is some people have poked me about making surgeon its own slot so while I'm screwing with this stuff I'm going to ask around for peoples thoughts

This is my first big project related to SS13, so I cant promise time, or that I will be able to do all of this. Right now im looking for feedback and ideas on symptoms or such. I can't really promise I can implement suggestions, or really anything! but I like input!

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