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  1. I do not care. It is against the rules. First time or not.
  2. Do not insult staff on the forums. You know better than this.
  3. I apologize for the delay. Work has been eating up most of my free time as of late. Let me jump back into this with two notes. 1. Your notes, while they do not reflect exactly on poor antag RP, show poor escalation and build up. This affects your ability to drive a story. This is the main concern. 2. I got a second opinion from Flim, an Admin on this ban, and a suggestion. I'm going to see this antag ban lifted as of 06/24/19 due to the time it took for us to sort this appeal out and the time you've been banned for is considered reasonable. I will end this appeal with a bit of advice. Please be careful from here forward as an antag. Your notes and previous warning/bans are hefty at this point. If you fail to keep to antag rules, you may lose the ability to play antag period. Thank you for your patience. Please ahelp an admin/mod when you log into the server and link this appeal to them so that the ban can be lifted. If there is no reply to this appeal within 24 hours it will be locked and archived.
  4. BYOND Key: Shadow7889 Game ID:b10-diR9 Player Byond Key: Azazy Staff involved: Arrow768 Reason for complaint: This was during a round of traitor. The player in question was playing as a Warden. During the round, the Officer, Unity had engaged in terrorist acts against crew and Command. I'm unsure if they killed the Captain or not, but their actions led to a fight on the Bridge, Main level near or in the Captain's office. At the same time, I, Vertgo, the Robotist was a traitor as well and had a fully armored, lethally kitted and charged Durand active. My partner robotist ( Who's name has escaped me. ) had left for the bridge to speak with the Captain on signing off on the Durand, I assume. I used this as an excuse to see if I could free Unity form the ISD should he have been detained. Upon reaching the Bridge, I went inside as the AI was letting out a Doctor. Upon seeing the ISD, I made my intentions clear that the IPC was to be released from ISD custody. Unity further stated that if he was released, they'd be spared. Either during or shortly after stating our demands, the Warden left the bridge, running with Unity cuffed in his hands . Ignoring all concept of fear ( He was human ) and the safety of those on the bridge, Non-ISD personnel included. I fired a shot to make my intentions clear, but missed and hit Unity. The Warden continued to leave the Bridge. At this point, The ISD and I engaged in a firefight. I doubt I killed anyone, and once the ISD decided to flee from my location, I broke off and went for the brig. From there the Durard was ion'd as expected and I removed the Cadet using it from play with about 5-6 bullets to the chest. After this incident, I took shelter in a local tunnel and the round continued with other things . None seeming to be linked to this complaint, so i'll avoid going into more detail unless asked. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? I did not ahelp about this. However Unity's player did. I believe arrow issued a warning/note. I wanted to file a complaint as this act was beyond excusable in my opinion. ISD should not act without fear, or endanger others. As well as the player had ruined what could have been some intersting neogoiations with the two IPC's. Approximate Date/Time: Date: 06/18/19 Time: Around 3-4pm EST. Thank you for reading.
  5. Oh boy. Alright. Let me clear some stuff up, as I was the CE. We're going to get into some serious detail here because I believe a few things are missing. 1. Yes. I did ask for the ISD to remove you from my engineering lobby at first. I've never played Reporter on SS13. I am not sure how far your access goes. I assume it's common areas like all the rest. Would love to have someone double check that, please. Because if you were in my Department without access, I was right in having you removed firstly, as that's ICly not okay for you to barge into an area in which you don't have access. If you do have that access, that's my bad. I'll keep this in mind in the future when dealing with Reporters. 2. My LOOC comment '' Oh fuck, a reporter that's not afraid of a trespassing charge! '' Was a legit compliment. OOCly, I find this amazing. I'm not saying run into a firefight or get your ass slapped with an i200/i300 charge, but too many station reporters are afraid to disregard some low level infractions to get their ' scoops ' The fact that you might have just come in and completely ignored the fact that I was telling the ISD to remove you to get SOME details was hilarious. I loved it. 3. You convinced the CE to let you stay. Yes, at first I had no intention of dealing with you, as the pre-round set up needed to be done, and that's what my CE was focused on. SM/Shields/RCON. Once that was done, I had every intention of speaking with you. 4. I let you stay! Once you started digging in your heels, I was both ICly and OOCly convinced this might be fun. So I told the ISD not to bother, and even let you into my office to speak with me while I got ready to check the SM. One of our engineers had already set it, so I was like, fuck it. You want to get to know Overflow? Let's go check out the SM together. A place I would not normally allow any non-engineering crew. But you had convinced me both ways. (Besides, if you had touched a button, I could have had it fixed rather easily. ) 5. Unfortunately antag stuff got in the way. I was made aware of a ' POSSIBLE AIRBORNE ILLNESS ' which we knew to be the changling getting started, but not ICly, of course. At this point I had to declare a Code yellow, and get the ISD a head of staff, thus I took the role of Acting Captain until another head of staff arrived, in which case I would give them the role, if need be, because I don't like dealing with non-engineering emergencies. Medical ones are the worst. They tend to cause a panic. 6. After this, you went to cyrosleep and proceeded to bash me in Dsay. Repeatedly. I'm sure the logs are there. This kind of upset me, but as a staff member, it's something you have to get used to. Still, it hurt my feelings. I went out of my way to grant you access to an area you shouldn't be allowed, even showed you around the SM for a bit until the antag stuff got in the way. Had you not of gone to cyrosleep, I would have been more than okay with you tagging along me all shift. Maybe next time? I hope this clears up some of the issues. If not, let me know.
  6. Sorry for the delay on this response. I was the staff member that issued the perma ban for antagonistic roles. I made this decision based on my own findings as well as the staff that were online at the time. We had gotten a few PMs about your behavior as a cults and overall lack of RP towards the all too inevitable sword fighting and such. When I spoke to you, you seemed to have an issue understand my reasoning. I based my findings on four things. 1. Your notes, which you have already had the chance to look over and understand. 2. Your gameplay as an antag earlier in the day. Two changeling rounds, in which you failed to RP with crew while extracting DNA. It was to the point that you were extracting from SSD crew and people just coming out of cyrotubes in medical. Literally. The first instance Drago, the mod had stated they talked to you. And then I had spoke to you on the next instance. 3. The collective opinions of at least four other currently active staff on the server at the time. I do not issue permabans lightly. They're a means to an end most of the time. I try to avoid doing so unless I have a very good reason to do so. 4. The actions taken in the round. There we are least two to three ahelps concerning your RP and drive of story. After investigating the round and doing some digging, the ahelps were valid.
  7. Honestly? I feel like it depends on the situation, and the antag. That and the ability to fight back. If I'm playing as a Captain/HoS I will check the situation once we move to red alert. Do I have enough manpower to fight this unknown threat? Are my secure locations okay? ( Armory, vault, SAT ) How bad are the crew doing? If if got a teleporting wizard fireballing crew because I refused to give them the SAT, and half my officers are in the morgue, and the other half are struggling to chase, yes I will request ERT. The best thing about ERT/TCFL is their ability to boost the stations ability to bounce back. If i get one medical specialist, I can probably keep my crew alive. Those red bois can give the antag some trouble or just handle it. To boot I get this lead that 9 times out of ten will toss his guys around my station, sorting the issues. Yes please. HOWEVER. If my crew are in serious danger, and the station itself is heavily breached/broken, ISD are dead and the crew are likely next? I may choose to evac the crew. If the crew are begging for a shuttle, I tend to go along with it. The biggest thing here is, listen to your crew. Ask them what they want. You can handle it. But they're a part of the team as much as you are.
  8. Not going to lie. After reading all this, and understanding that we do need to balance IPCs so they're not so.. gun ho about being robust, I still feel like we are strolling away from what makes IPC unique in their own right. Yes. We shouldn't be hard to kill. However we are machines. Metal and wires, breaking one shouldn't be easy. I personally feel these new tweaks will cause some backlash in our community. Still, I'm more than willing to see how this goes. And I really hope we don't see these new tweaks abused. And of course, thank you Kryes and everyone else for your hard work and dedication to the IPC race and development.
  9. You didn't get a goodnight because I wasnt there to give you one. Clearly your own fault good sir/ma'am.
  10. Would be a wonderful addition to our CCIA team. +1000. Hire her already you pencil pushers.
  11. YES PLEASE. DO ITTT. I'm so sick of running Merc rounds where some people think the only thing TO DO is kill and nuke. And I'm running out of Wizard/Ninja gimmicks as well. You are the bomb, Kryes. +1!!
  12. I was the one that issued the permaban at the request of thegoret, who is on trial currently. Just from my standpoint, and do inform me if I'm out of line here. Your use of LOOC during the round involved calling the ISD ' shitsec ' insulting other players, and basically being toxic as a whole. Your notes are vast, and this seemed the best course of action. Not to be rude, but you need to own up for your actions. Honestly.
  13. This is the best thing since sliced bread. I've seen so many new avenues for RP open up since this went live! From general round stuff to even antags making use of their contractor status! Props to the team that made this real. You guys are amazing!
  14. Going to be a -1 from me as well. I've still yet to see an improvement in your IC actions/understanding what's acceptable and what's not.
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