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  1. Alright. I'll lift your ban. But one toe out of line, and you're perma'd without the chance to appeal. If there are no complaints or any more issues, this will be locked and archived in 24hrs.
  2. We are rehashing on these points becuase you didnt understand that your unban needs to be about your actions. I am not going unban you becuase ' time has passed. ' fix your reason for appeal, and I'll lift the ban.
  3. I'm not asking you to beg? I'm asking if you plan to not act like this again. You're asking for an unban due to passing time. That's not how this works. Understand your mistake and make sure it doesnt happen again. That's what I'm saying.
  4. You also attacked other in LOOC which is directly against the rules. If I lift this ban, I assume you wont be doing this again? You will be walking a very fine line. Any action against our server rules will result in a permaban without the chance to appeal.
  5. Alright, then we go back to my first set of questions.
  6. This means that you were being aggressive towards other players/ things that happened ICly. As well as your warnings and notes had affect on your ban as well. Your style of Roleplay wasn't suited for our server and needs to be adjusted to fit the needs of the server/other players. Make sense?
  7. Do you understand that your behavior was unacceptable for the server? What do you plan to do to avoid this happening again?
  8. I've been preaching this since day one. If it cant be removed then nerf it and add the ability to revert. Or a timer. A one minute revert timer. Even as a wiznerd I hate this thing. I cant put people back.
  9. Hello again, sorry for the wait! Myself and @Pratepresidenten have tore through the logs, and what evidence was provided here as well. @Star Dust given your extensive amount of staff entries the past three months, many regarding validhunting and a lack of fear RP, we've come to the agreement that a ban is in order. There will be a 7-day ban applied to your ckey as a result of this complaint. I urge you to reconsider how you play Alice Green from here on out. If this happens again, you will likely be looking at a permaban. Thread will be locked and archived in about 24 hours unless there any concerns or issues that need to be addressed. Thank you again for your patience.
  10. One. Your RP is up there. Effective and wholesome at times. Two. You need to dial it back on characters like Sarah and John. They are horrible. John is a meme. Should have been deleted forever ago. I've witnessed you power game with Sarah. Dial that back. As for your app, +1. You're eager to learn and I hope that comes with playing an IPC. Expect more feedback once your trial starts.
  11. Greetings citizens! Myself and @Pratepresidenten will be handling this complaint. Please grant us some time to dig through logs and collect the stuff we need. Sorry for the wait!
  12. I'm wondering why you want to force a change because you personally dont like something. Are you putting out a suggestion to gather feedback from others in the community or serve your own concept of what's good/terrible? Blacksec isnt that bad. There are worse things that need sorted in security than their suits. I can give plenty of suggestions if need be.
  13. Hm.. today I'll finally enable status updates..

  14. I didn't have screenshots/nor the ability to speak with the player on the matter. I do not typically given warnings/ban/notes on players unless it's clear cut. As Kor was handling the ahelp and I was AFK, I wasn't sure if you had sent screenshots. The information I needed was given to me by that player on the following day. If it had not of been, I would have asked an admin to get me logs for that round to double check, then apply a warning.
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