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  1. I do my best as HOS/Captain to combat this kind of mindset from the ISD/Command. I've held on three different canon rounds, laser tag events, and even during an extended round, went out of my way to permit crew to buy guns from a merchant given they filed a permit through me personally first. It all went well, as I expected it to. Sadly I'm only one person. I would like the rest of the Command team to try and approach the lack of morale in rounds as hard as they do code and regulations. Give your crew some fun. Let them relax more. I know recently Vira Bolwhateverherlastname is as Captain hosted a pool party as well. We all need to chip in a bit and keep morale icly at a top. And if you're having an issue finding a way to icly justify why? Profits increase with productivity. Let your crew have a bit of fun, and I promise you, when you ask them to be productive, you'll see it double, if not more.
  2. As one of the ISD mains and a fan of dep sec, I cannot agree with most of the peoples complaints here. I loved how dep sec forced you to conform to a new department. It made you work with the crew. I made some really good bonds as well. I was forced to focus on my department instead of the station as a whole. And honestly, it was amazing. - oh theres a teleporting dude running around with a sword on code green. - " Hey engineers? Yeah get your heads down a bit. Some weird stuff is going on " it made you focus on protecting crew and less on GET THE FUCKING BAD GUY AAAA. Dep sec made me play a smarter officer. I think in time itll get rid of the valid hunters, the problem children of security, and focus up on people that play security to protect the crew and station like they should be. Also perfectly fine with sec comms removal on green. Sec officers can use PDAs or gen comms to talk to one another. Like the rest of the crew. Sensitive issues like hostiles can go to command staff PDAs who can verify it and move to code blue. From there ISD comms should be unlocked so the ISD can work on focusing on threats to the crew as a whole. That'd be super cool.
  3. That's fine with me. Thank you! ❤️
  5. I hate to be that guy but it's going to be a -1 from me. From what I've seen icly from gough is some lack of communication with sec when you do play them. That cannot follow you if you get trialed/approved. Communication between a head of staff and their team/department is a big deal. I'll be watching you a bit more closely given this app. If I see stuff that changes my mind, this opinion may change as well.
  6. Time to start my lizard app. I'll probably do a bug app next.. 

  7. Disagree. Stun batons are a good alternative to force. A few taps to the chest against your non-compliant aggressor and it's cuffs and to the brig. Telebatons can break bones. They're more excessive. Pepperspray is less than lethal but can cause lasting problems and is typically frowned upon by most of the ISD. I would like to see stun batons stay.

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  9. I believe the issue isnt the game mode but a lack of creativity in said play style. Improving on the wizard role would be better. Editing spells and even adding new ones that can help drive rounds better might be a good idea. It's hard to keep coming up with new ideas when you play the same thing over and over. That's why I barely do merc/wiz/weeaboswordmaster anymore.
  10. I have both ICly and OOCly bullied this woman into the CMO position. +1. It's about dang time.
  11. Decent Head of Security. However needs to improve on communication with Command/ISD.
  12. This entire feed made me laugh and die inside. Never change, Aurora.
  13. I've Intrim'd their Skrellian engineer quite a few times ICly as Captain Sloan, and every time they take up iCE they do an amazing job. Val is one of the engineers I want to see go into to Command. And the player themselves is great to RP with. +1
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