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  1. repost if you're plotting a guwan x human romance arc!

    1. Haydizzle


      repost if you are about to take someone's whitelist

    2. Shadow7889


      Repost if you're going to continue to bully Dizzle into changing guwan to GUWUN

  2. I've played so many rounds with Nesh, and every character I've met has something going for them. Their IC playstyle is fantastic as well. Xinth is the best bug on this server. +1 from me. Hope you get it!
  3. repost this if you metagrudge all dominians

  4. Reporting Personnel: Razorak Szsk Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Visitor Game ID: cbY-dkaN Personnel Involved: Bling-35 - Bartender (Victim) Alan Jones- Investigator (Offender) Iliasz Jajszczyk - Security Officer (Offender) Secondary Witnesses: Valorallen Vitellia - Witness (Captain) Time of Incident: Around 22:00 Station time. Real Time: Around 7pm EST 05/10/2021 Location of Incident: Bar Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Propert
  5. I've been in contact with their CE twice at least and every time it's an amazing experience. RP is fantastic and they know what's right and wrong with Command play. Also they gave Szsk snaccs. +100
  6. Due to Community feedback on Szsk I will not be moving to have Szsk as HoS. Instead I'll be bringing back an old HoP I had beforehand, Jarvi.
  7. Would adjusting the application to reflect a different character be permitted then? I can understand where you and Danse are coming from.
  8. Thank you for this feedback! While I understand your view given Szsk, it's also a flaw of his, ICly. He has a lack of trust for humans, and this causes tension, and not to mention he's got a bit of an issue with Zivic. He sees Zivic as annoying and loud, and possibly racist. However, this is purely from an IC standpoint. OOCly, I have no issues with the player! -1 or not, I still appreciate this sort of feed back. I may end up tweeking Szsk's attitude a bit if needed before he moves up to command. Thanks again!
  9. BYOND key: Shadow7889 Character names: AlNzar Satak and Razorak Szsk How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Since 2015 Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I was on the Command whitelist once before. Being a part of Command staff always offered a variation of RP from the norm as standard jobs went. There was more.. I think the word I'd like to use is options. I always wish to be a part of the upper echilon that helps move things forward. Keeps things interesting for the crew/players. Why did you come to Aurora?: I came to Aurora due to a friend's suggestion to the s
  10. I was Officer Szsk during that round. During the round, lethals were only cleared once the wizard had rather quickly murdered at least three people, and leaving one other person unable to play. Given they had a scrying orb, I cannot possibly understand how they thought it was a good idea to murder at least 90% of the crew with zero medical. As stated by Mel, ISD moved to detain, not kill. Myself and Takano used disruptors and batons without harm intent and were met with fireball spam and bats. I can understand as an antag, causing conflict is a part of the role but I cannot stress enough the l
  11. +1 for sure. Szsk will be ' borrowing ' this.
  12. Ree. That is all. 

  13. My favorite IC drama is calling sinta lizards. 

    Humans are stupid. 

  14. I have played a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of rounds with Mel, seen her RP, seen her go from community member to staff and have enjoyed rounds with her in it as Command staff. I have zero doubt in my mind she'll excel at being a stinky lizard. Big ol fat +1
  15. God. How do you play..? That would be painful 😭
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