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  1. so on the topic of the QM and their authority. I do believe they are in an awkward spot. I think they should be removed from the control of the HoP and the QM made a mini head. command channel access, but non voting on any matters, and given authority in regards to station supply and finance. and finally, should have the ability to deny orders from heads of staff. why? two reasons one IC and one OOC. IC the QM is the supply chief, they have goons, they handle sensitive matters and have a level of trust by the corporation. It makes sense a for profit corporation would have someone dedicated to making coin/managing assets and supply and them having a seat at the management table. OOC the QM has as of right now little power, as if someone doesn't like your decisions there are TWO people over you they can tattle too to get it reversed. As well as QM is a great role for people wanting to get a taste of leadership, and that should be expanded so people without a command whitelist can give a minor leadership role a try and see if it is for them.
  2. I'm going to be the radical here and say the best solution is a removal of cloning and resurrection mechanics. I think a better route would be things such as defibs and ways to revive people within a minute or two of death. A consistent issue I would say we have Is death is not taken seriously, things are very, very safe. Cloning is atleast inconvenient. people will just sidestep the puking and right now this is what we have suggested. in 2-3 minutes you can instantly be back up again to go go yeet the antag return to duty. and no matter how difficult the chem recipe, it is going to be in the common knowledge how to make it in mass within a week or two of being added. This ties in to a bigger issue on stakes, which I feel is an issue in gameplay, lore, and community attitude. but I feel something like this moves in the wrong direction. if I am an antag and I Bump off the Captain and Detective to get them off my back while I do my dirty deeds. in the time it takes me to go make a sandwich those two are back and ready to valid my salads. Merc team landing and making a decisive push and seized the station? forget whatever juicy RP plans they have once they are In control because unless they go and start blowing up machinery sec is back and ready to rumble. There is a reason we had the clone troopers meme. if people are 100% deadest on cloning being a thing, just shift it off station. say some Biesel hospital can clone bodies after shift.
  3. I like it! right now I see behavior I believe is toxic coming from this. People playing a char with an enhanced skillset over others in their department, or acting above others because "I'm an off duty CMO". they should be able to play visitor but I think people should be discouraged or disallowed from jobhopping command non command.
  4. I'd say remove it overall. if people need to know If someone is dead, medical can tell. currently everyone just knows they are dead, and RP and tension just stops. I think removal overall would be best
  5. I say a hard no to this. non armored antags also need to be considered in the equation. slugs wreck anything, a sec officer with slugs, lethal 45, and ballistic armor could fight God himself. if security absolutely needs slugs to handle a situation, their friendly coworkers in cargo exist.
  6. If we are worried about bloat. maybe just add one or two alt titles like "Consular Officer" and "Representative" and just have some closets of clothes and McGuffins at the place they spawn at. so people can just fluff it as whatever they want it to be. the role is behind a whitelist so I quality shouldn't be of major concern. I also still think if we don't go with something like that IAC Rep would be a cool option, and I'd be willing to wrangle the code if no one else wants to do that
  7. I think an IAC representative would also be an interesting title, there is a lore connection between the two, and the crew would keep them busy.
  8. who doesn't love virology? test monkeys aside so I'm planning on making some changes to make Viro Great Again. the steps to MVGA are as follows Phase 1. (80% done) add in a new role, Pathologist. an alt title of Biochemist, Pathologist is a role centered on supporting the rest of medical, mainly Virology. other duties would be assisting in diagnosis and maybe autopsy? reason for expanding responsibility is to give them something to do aside from poke monkeys with pointy needles and have them be involved more with medical. Phase 2. (10% done) Revamp the Virus random events. Re add random viruses Phase 3. Add new Viro Symptoms and poke at how viruses work Phase 4 (maybe). Remap viro. I mainly want to move quarantine to the same level as the lab so it actually is used also somewhere in here I plan to resprite the antibody scanner. stretch goal is some people have poked me about making surgeon its own slot so while I'm screwing with this stuff I'm going to ask around for peoples thoughts This is my first big project related to SS13, so I cant promise time, or that I will be able to do all of this. Right now im looking for feedback and ideas on symptoms or such. I can't really promise I can implement suggestions, or really anything! but I like input!
  9. I get the point you are trying to make "if xenophobia is constructive to player RP why don't we put it on this group instead, if its so fun obviously they'd like it" to address the issue I see this is skirting and lambasting. Right now the "benefit" of being human is RP. issue me and others have is this benefit doesn't exist while all the while the other races have a power creep of abilities and mechanics, leaving humans kinda behind the curve. People sign up for a whitelist and essentially get a slew of boons and such for their characters, the boon of staying human is supposed to be institutional supremacy. While it is another topic I feel people would complain less about this if Humans where given more buffs or unique features so they didn't just feel diet everything to xenos as their advantages are wide sweeping in so many instances. and on the off chance this is an actual factual serious suggestion, no you'd hemorrhage players because it would off put new blood, and people when they whitelist take on the risk of IC discrimination. if the DEFAULT race is discriminated against it would essentially be the codification of meta superiority and the shitting on of new players
  10. if I'm being honest. the nuke has STYLE points. and the self destruct currently does the advantage of destroying sensitive data, and any other threats that may not be of a living type.
  11. I agree 100%. This would be a godsend for antags as well as encouraging people to actively communicate with their co workers and be active participants.
  12. I think CSI should not gain more access, and possibly loose morgue access. I think autopsy and such should be in the realm of the medical department. should they retain morgue access Medical should still maintain primary responsibility over bodies and the CSI should have to work with medical on autopsy.
  13. That doesn't address any of my concerns nor is it any sort of comfort at all. as that requires the following things. 1 A belief that I will receive a fully honest answer, 2 a belief that I can take action on said information, and 3 A belief that it is more than just an empty face saving gesture. of which I have none
  14. Ok. so if I have this right. there is a forum that only a small subset of players have access to. where they can talk about other players as they please. which according to you includes writing notes that affect IC interaction from information from other players. say what you want but this screams foul play to me. and on your second point on how we don't deserve to know? we absolutely do. This is a game, this is not a real corporation, this is not real life. there is NOTHING gained from restricting players from this information. then you say just because a small group of players want something they will get it no matter what? what I am reading here is that a group of players think they have been basically meta grudging people in their own little clubhouse, want to make this official and codified, and when you find out we may not want this. your response is to flip the board and tell everyone they don't deserve to know information related to their character in a game and that all of this doesn't even matter as you will do it no matter what.
  15. Taking a measure like that only worsens the issues brought up by people, including myself. Since now this list of damning cross round information exists out of players reach. Not only would moving it to the Head of Staff forum not be an improvement in the slightest, now there can be OOC information affecting my rounds that I do not have access to. that would be like making new rules, but only putting it on the staff forums. but worst of all this screams "if the community doesn't give us what we want we will do it anyway in our secret clubhouse" And to re-iterate my issues. non removable notes are a problem and place to much power in the hands of one group of players. it gives the threat that if you do not fully follow the beat of their drum you will have a penalty slapped onto your character that will follow you from now on. and before people say "well just do what they say" its not that simple. while I'm not saying people should disobey constantly, but forcing people into lockstep or penalize kills role play, while also leaving much room for favoritism. And having to appeal via CCIA doesn't fix this, it just means more of a tangled web of IC/OOC bureaucracy that may or may not be biased in favor of the head of staff. If Head of Staff notes on char records could be removed by players if they saw fit, without the need for staff or IC staff aid this would fix this issue. it would allow people to continue to RP conflicts and issues cross round, while also protecting against any abuse.
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