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  1. +1 from me, good guy to play with and interact with IC and OOC, and knows his stuff in regards to the department he wants to head.
  2. N8-Toe

    Remove Cargonia

    I think this is 100% un-needed. Removing QM because some people are shitters is cutting off your nose to spite your face. it is a role people play often and it would be a shame to remove it, and to whitelist it I think is also bad In regards to guns and powergaming. That is an issue that needs to be ahelped and enforced by staff if it is done unreasonably. removing mechanical systems because a few people suck is a terrible way to go about this. Making players depend on command to do every thing is not fun or interactive gameplay. I can remember when things from science came out of the protolathe in lockboxes, it sucked, and it hurt RP and round progression of the story. I think below this issue is the major issue of securities monopoly on violence and peoples attitudes towards that. we should be having that conversation instead of talking about removing QM and nerfing departments into the dirt TL:DR. this is a community/Enforcement issue. removing mechanics would be a shame and cutting off our nose to spite our face.
  3. 100% support this, a deadmans switch in the uplink would be great.
  4. I'd prefer if there where more or equal nurses than physicians. what if we drop MD/Surgeon slots to 2-3 total. roll the remaining slots, and the intern/resident role into one. make them all alt titles. Bay handles this issue well. there are oodles of slots in medical, but only 3 doctors including the CMO. the rest are corpsman, medical technicians, and so on.
  5. I think shrapnel and bullets should be buffed. and I always like increased lethality
  6. "He's got wild hair! SHOOT!" but yeah I like this.
  7. I think Mechs should still be powerful in melee. if your trying to fight a mech with a spear, getting your face slapped off by a huge metal death machine is the logical course of events. but on dedicated melee weapons. I do have to agree swords are probably not a good fit. a shield maybe could work in tandem with ranged weapons.
  8. pleasant to play with in engineering, and to talk to on the engineering department discord. +1 from me!
  9. I mean, I will say when I'm playing sec officer unless blood is drawn I don't usually arrest people. I tell em to knock it off. I will also say I dislike processing and dump that on the warden when possible.
  10. I like this. I like it a lot. opens up Rev to other gimmicks in my opinion by giving them the teeth to carry it through.
  11. he's always pleasant to interact with OOC, while also being a good player. +1
  12. I think having it be "you do not have good memory of the events of your injury" works and doesn't hinder RP. and would prevent people waking up from getting put to an inch of their life and going "IT WAS JIM!"
  13. yes the smoking hurts you thing was panned because no one gets lung cancer from a single pack. I view smoking in SS13 as part of the aesthetic, its the sci fi future but some things stay the same. I also think loads of variety are cool. And on dip? yell at people IC for spitting on the floor or such. and I seriously doubt SS13 smoking is going to be the tipping point on anyone. if we are afraid SS13 induces or supports bad behavior there are many worse ones we could point to than smoking
  14. they have this on other servers and it's great. I dislike being the only on in a department usually because I don't have teammates for shenanigans and crisis. so knowing I wont be the only engineer/medic will make me want to ready up more often. On the topic of toxicity, I've never seen people actually fight over this on servers with this feature. and it is not hard at all to find out someones Ckey. so I don't think there is a downside
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