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  1. Security has the homefield advantage, as well as support of medical/engineer/synths. so I don't think six is to much. As well as the station will have 15-25 people usually to pull from as well if security gets clobbered. so I think a max of six. maybe scale it with pop so with very high pop the amount of hostiles goes up.
  2. simplest solution is just disarm the IAC ERT and keep them in rotation. also I do agree IAC with Katapracths doesn't make much sense as the Kataprachts are essentially just vigilantes. but yeah maybe an IAC auxiliary with the TCFL would be interesting.
  3. yeah im with Danse, kinda sick of them at this point and doing this would make it worse
  4. hasn't sold me. I think AI is still workable, and I believe it is a shame to loose such a unique feature.
  5. I think the AI is one of the most unique aspects of SS13, and I enjoy playing it greatly. I think it would truly be a shame to loose it, so I do not think it should be unmapped.
  6. I understand that, and I think that makes it "random" in the sense of the resulting person is whoever clicks join first. so it may as well be random to the person who opens the ghost spawner. I could have phrased my post better.
  7. sure, that's near impossible to stop. but if a ghost spawn role is implemented it should not be limited only to their friends. doing a mechanic like that is just codifying meta buddies. I think the idea of an assitant or body guard role is amazing, but I believe it should be done via ghost spawner that anyone can join, or a job slot.
  8. I think a ghost spawn is best. as that person would be "trusted" and same faction. a diplomat isn't hiring a secretary off the street to handle their sensitive paperwork. I also think if it is a ghost spawn role it should be random, and not "selected". the barrier of entry to a role should be joining it, not being friends with someone.
  9. I think the best solution is just give them rubbers, and call it a day. having a gun for self defense fits the detective as they are often off interviewing, and tracking down people to talk to. So a weapon for self defense fits both from an IC and OOC perspective.
  10. just slap the shitters, IC and OOC. we do not need to babyproof every role.
  11. I'm definitely interested in this! thank you considering doing this.
  12. there's nothing shitsec from maglighting you into next week already. Or just kicking you in the ribs while your down. I'm for this
  13. I say keep it, as Is right now. Another option. I worked briefly on adding a new alt title to bring back "virologist" maybe make it so the virus event only spawns if there is a virologist aboard.
  14. As someone who digs playing both Detective, and forensics tech. I love this and have wanted it for awhile. leave them as alt titles, add in two sets of equipment, and merge the offices into one big investigative suite.
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