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  1. I've had positive interactions with danse in the few times we've spoken OOC. Overall from what ive seen of them on the forums I think they have a good vision, and their description of their plans and answers here only reinforces that belief. I also think having someone as motivated working on human lore would be a great assets for the community. so a big +1 from me.
  2. I've had little OOC interaction with Cael, so I can not comment on that. However I like their ideas and plan they presented for moving forwards and I think they present a good ground work for new and exciting lore that would be impactful on gameplay. so a +1 from me
  3. I kinda want it to stay growls. because it gave it personality beyond "says"
  4. I like Sec antags. it prevents as others have said of them being these OOC undoubted paragons And as someones who has played recent rounds where a sec antag stomped. I don't see an issue with it. sometimes the crew is going to get whomped by an antag, and at the end the crew is going to out number the traitor five to one. They have options and the ability to plan to handle a guy with a gun.
  5. The thing on needing a cadet ship in records feels like a new player trap to me. Something that could easily be glossed over that could get someone in hotwater with them confused as to why. On the arrest thing. I also think it should be as simple as possible, something along the lines of "Investigators should not be making arrests or using their weapon under normal circumstances, they should only do so to stop a violent crime they are witness to, or under extreme circumstances" on Autopsy, I like the blurb, however my radical opinion is I think medical should do autopsies to get that sweet sweet cross department cooperation
  6. I mean I can dig that as well. but having ammunition be able to be printed could come in handy during rev, or cult rounds or other team antags. Mercs/heisters could resupply on ammo by seizing an autolathe. If the core of this issue is sec executing people with slugs, than the problem is players. If you axe slugs to stop that, they'll just laser them or something
  7. just slap people who execute antags? and slap people who force CT's to do their dirty work. Lethal ammo should stay in lathes as it is a potential source of ammo for antagonists.
  8. Psych being part of medical is good as it allows communication between them and the rest of medical, as well as lets them be part of a department of people to hang out with when nothing is happening.
  9. I like ghosts having LOOC, being able to be walked through something by a ghost or be given mechanical advice I think is a benefit to the game and community. as well as situations like communicating to robotics as a ghost vis a vi posi and other such ghost roles. if people are salting as ghosts in LOOC just bwoink them. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face
  10. Security has the homefield advantage, as well as support of medical/engineer/synths. so I don't think six is to much. As well as the station will have 15-25 people usually to pull from as well if security gets clobbered. so I think a max of six. maybe scale it with pop so with very high pop the amount of hostiles goes up.
  11. simplest solution is just disarm the IAC ERT and keep them in rotation. also I do agree IAC with Katapracths doesn't make much sense as the Kataprachts are essentially just vigilantes. but yeah maybe an IAC auxiliary with the TCFL would be interesting.
  12. yeah im with Danse, kinda sick of them at this point and doing this would make it worse
  13. hasn't sold me. I think AI is still workable, and I believe it is a shame to loose such a unique feature.
  14. I think the AI is one of the most unique aspects of SS13, and I enjoy playing it greatly. I think it would truly be a shame to loose it, so I do not think it should be unmapped.
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