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Side-effects and Allergies.

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This is a break off from https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/12344-remove-tricor/ considering this is a bit off topic from the OP.

It is rare in the real world to take a drug with no side-effects. A lot of real world instances include muscle stiffness, dizziness, reduced or increased appetite, damage to the liver, sweating, nausea, hormonal changes, aches, etc. Even if its just flavor text, occasional messages that you feel a certain sensation, it would be nice to have on the medicines. Such as bicardine making you feel sore due to muscle and tissue regeneration, the same feeling as your muscles recuperate after exercise. The more thats metabolized the more intense the message is. Maybe adding a tiny bit of pain from it considering your health-doll icon is really accurate at telling you your current state, a little pain would throw that off unless you have a health scanner to double check. (ie. You ache a little. Your whole body feels sore. Your muscles cramp painfully!). Some other effects off the top of my head would be tingling from kelo or derm, phlem/mucus from dexalin (evacuated liquid from the lungs). Twitching or minor nausia from hydronalin/Arithrazine (not enough to vomit unless its a large dose). Sweating from Dyvolene (sweating out the toxins). Ryetalyn irl causes anxiety and appetite issues. Im sure If I thought on it more I could come up with more.

Another thing is that Medical records have a slot for allergies, but you have to RP allergies currently which might be difficult considering you might not know what youre being injected with or the ingredients of what you're eating. Maybe just a spot on the character setup screen in disabilities to select something like nut or grain allergies, or perhaps allergies to certain medications (preferably only ones that have an alternative treatment. I know several people with latex or benadryl allergies that cuts them off from certain medications. Again, it could just be flavor text or based on the amount you consumed. For nut allergies you could feel swolen or itchy from just a small amount but go into anaphylactic shock from a larger dose.


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