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  1. I was thinking of it more like a game of cat and mouse. I pester them and they try to set a trap or catch me. The only thing they lost was a box to keep their gloves in, which never leave that table anyway unless they're wearing them. Rats dont think to themselves "oh, they probably like this box so I should leave it alone". I wasn't causing harm to them or taking away their medicine, or doing anything a rat wouldn't do. That said, I get that I shouldnt do that now, I just dont think I should have died bc admin didnt feel like warning me first.
  2. Its annoying but I dont think it warranted death. This is just like the meme of ss13 where sec shoots the clown bc they're annoying instead of dealing with it like a normal case.
  3. Im personally in favor of a harder-more realistic medical. Maybe not to the extent that patient-loss is a common thing, but to where complications and slightly more realistic wound recovery happens. The first part of this is sutures. These would be used to close puncture and gashes permanently, as gauze really only staunches the bleeding. Sutures could also be used as a replacement for the cautery, taking a big longer to do, but leaving little or no scar behind, where the cautery can be developed at R&D, where its fast, but always leaves a scar (so people can opt out of it for cosmetic reasons in medical records). The biggest downside of sutures being that a brief period after having them done, running would have a chance to make your stitches burst, reopening the wound (except for stitches on the head). I also think more tools should have fail chances like the bone setter and hemostat already do. Like syringes missing the vein, or tearing the skin slightly after retraction. Medical mishaps are more common than people think. I want there to be a little more suspense and urgency in the med-bay considering that once they're inside, they're pretty much guaranteed to live, because I'm sure we all know some of the lazy doctors who just use the cryo-tube for almost every patient, which can bring anyone from triple digit negative health to 100 for a minuscule amount of chems. My last part of this suggestion is that freshly healed wounds take more pain/hallos when hit, encouraging a rest period where you are more likely to avoid a fight. Nearly every wound in the real world is pretty tender even after its healed. Patching up an officer that just had 90 brute damage on his head or chest, only to run back out in the fray without any downsides doesn't seem very RP friendly, as very few do pain RP after they're already healed.
  4. HoPs are always more than happy to give EMTs a little extra beef to their access. Not once have any of them had a problem with it. I can tell you that if a medical borg is on the roster, they almost Always get to the patient first in the brig hallway, cargo lobby, etc because they get caught behind the front door. I know this because I'm almost always that borg 😅. It's not from a lack of trying on their part, it from other people being unreliable or slow to respond. Engineers basically have discount all-access already, so they dont need ID changes. CTs can just mail their packages, and SOs can ask for "general" access if they want, I just don't think anyone has tried that I've seen
  5. wow, I forgot those exist. see? there's so many modes of communication being ignored because of a universal radio system. NNet- You can personalize chat rooms and aren't forced to listen to hooligans, balds or unsavory characters, the sounds of people dying and mutemas grunts. Might be tedious to check due to no notification sound. (please dear god dont add the discord noise) PDA- Gets your attention and is easy to respond too but restrictive on recipients. Holocalls- makes you blind and vulnerable to things around you, but lets you hang out with a few people on the other side. Req/Fax- Lets you know exactly what is wanted of you or what information you need to know. used for more formal things like sec reports, autopsy, releases, etc. Alerting sec via req also tells you an exact location, so instead of "SEC TO MED" its "security requested at virology" with a big flashing screen thats hard to miss. Mail- Can me very personalized ICly and can be poured with character and charm if you want. Slow, and easy to miss, but I think it would be nice in some instances.
  6. you still have PDA, NNet, Req Consoles, talking in person (things like the holodeck would be more widely used to fraternizing. ), and mail/fax/letters
  7. Could you imagine irl listening to 30-40+ people at once over comms, trying to tell them apart by voice while also make sense of people talking over eachother? An entire stations worth of talking right in your ear at all times. It would be awful. What I think would be a nice test is if common was removed, and things like request consoles (which are EVERYWHERE) would become wayy more useful, for things like calling for sec, requisitions, etc. NT chatrooms would also be used once in a lifetime, perhaps as a discount-common. This would also make sec patrols more vigilant and have them use cameras a bit more. Its a mixed bag that isnt all good, but I think it would make for some strong RP moments and make a little more sense. It could be kept, but be listen-only for non-head staff. Heads and AI could use it to make small announcements to the whole station or for ERT to make orders. This is just personal preference, but I like long drawn out paperwork and putting a T H I C C stamp on it (if only we had envelopes instead of "small parcel" that I could seal). The slow methodical parts of ss13 instead of just complete chaos on common when something happens to upset them. This is just a way to filter it out a little and put a bottleneck on the amount of crazy that you can see at one time. because dear god Im so guilty of going text blind because I just start subconsciously blocking out common because its just so active. Pros Chat will be less cluttered, leading to less text-blindness because of a long rambling conversation over common. It would be a little more realistic RP wise to not have a ton of people in your ear at all times. Request consoles and chat rooms would get the love the deserve. PDA messages would be more common and attention grabbing. Antags will no longer have their stealthy cloak-and-dagger moment ruined by someone screaming bloody murder over comms. Cons You cant scream bloody murder over common when you're getting shanked. (dept radio would be fine I guess, or we could just add a sfx to the scream emote already) Might make less attentive players oblivious to important notices on the request console or Nt chatrooms. Modes of communication would be slower. People without any encryption keys, like assistance and visitors might have trouble keeping in touch without a tablet or laptop.
  8. Things like blood, dirt, broken lights and rampant brand intelligence dont set off alarms, and you're not guaranteed to have people complain about it on common, which is your only way of knowing without stumbling upon it yourself. What I propose is just a simple drone request console that can be mounted on the wall in the main hallway and lobby of departments. It could even be consolidated onto the current request console that exists already. I dont think Ive seen engies use the drone request console tucked away behind engineering even once the entire time ive been on aurora. (edit) If it could also tell you how many drones notified, so that if there are none, you aren't waiting for help that doesnt exist.
  9. I can vouch for this. As antag myself she deliberately ignores some things to further the plot, like that I had slipped out of my cuffs in the brig, which she made it clear that she was ickly unaware of. Guards did a poor job of searching me and I snuck out with my emag once she left to get me some food. I think she has her odd moments ickly but I just play that out as a character flaw, not a player flaw. Do too well and you're considered valid-hunty. Not to well enough and it makes you seem like an incompetent HoS that shouldnt be a head in the first place. It seems like a very unfair lose-lose situation if they cant have a little fun with it.
  10. wow, yes. That way better of a solution. I personally check the manifest to see where im needed most at round start but I know a few players that cart around as no-modules for little while before specializing. +1
  11. "you are dead now because you broke a rule that is not known or written down" does not seem like it was fitting at all. Even if its just a small respawn timer I dont think its a reason to take a play out of the game. Rats will eat through garbage cans, cardboard boxes and walls even if there is no food to be found, for nesting or to wear down their teeth so they dont grow too long. The players who ahelped it lost nothing by having their gloves be on the table instead of in a box. If you feel so strongly about rats not eating boxes, just make it more clear in the wording for other players that don't know, or remove it entirely because I can guarantee you that I wouldn't have messed with medical had I known it was a no-no
  12. BYOND Key: GlitterGuts Staff BYOND Key: Arrow768 Game ID: b2f-b87r Reason for complaint: I was killed without warning by an dev and received no message about the incident until I ahelped, because I thought that me dying was a glitch. Evidence/logs/etc: clipped to the post. Additional remarks: I could have been winded or warned instead of being taken out of the game, even if its just a few min timer. It felt like a severely disproportionate response to what I was doing and my ticket was closed before I could give a response. Rats chew on non-food items all the time to get nesting material like cardboard and wood so the part about it being for food doesn't matter a whole lot. Rat nests are filled with paper and insulation shreds. I also know ive seen other rats do this exact same thing for an entire round an nothing happens to them. Its annoying, yes, but thats why there are mouse traps and people easily kill rats whenever they want. I'm sure it seems petty but I really don't like being killed out of the blue for something I didn't know whats wrong, even if I was just a rat milling about, considering there's no rule against shredding boxes as a rat, unless this falls under the "dont be a dick" rule, where I say, rats are considered pests, so I was acting like one. Plus, eating a box isnt the end of the world, it doesn't destroy the items inside, it just inconveniences them a little. All I needed was a little "hey, try not to bug medical too much" or "you should really just go for unattended food"
  13. Probably the coolest looking and least used module right next to clerical, nobody chooses it unless its a meme or they dont know any better. I get that theyre supposed to be able to help with a bit of everything but not be very good at it. But theyre just complete garbo that I dont see why NT would even waste their time making this module a thing. Heres my proposition for a new standard borg loadout. These I think would help make it a decent "assistant" type module that isnt just awful or too good in any particular field. Pen Wrapping Paper Destination Scanner Bar of Soap Crowbar Wrench Health scanner Flash "Standard" gripper (for pocket sized items) Food Tray Cyborg auto injector (so a doctor can help load them up 5u of medicine or inap. Needs to be filled manually and does not work like the hypo spray. Not enough imo to step on the feet of a true medical borg) Corporate Regulations Book Comb (I think they can be used on people that arent you but idr. Void if not) Cyborg Mirror (basically a hand mirror that can be used on other people) Towel Inflatables Dispenser GPS Energy sword (when emagged, same as now)
  14. I tottally agree. I even made my own thread on it a while back.
  15. This is a break off from https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/12344-remove-tricor/ considering this is a bit off topic from the OP. It is rare in the real world to take a drug with no side-effects. A lot of real world instances include muscle stiffness, dizziness, reduced or increased appetite, damage to the liver, sweating, nausea, hormonal changes, aches, etc. Even if its just flavor text, occasional messages that you feel a certain sensation, it would be nice to have on the medicines. Such as bicardine making you feel sore due to muscle and tissue regeneration, the same feeling as your muscles recuperate after exercise. The more thats metabolized the more intense the message is. Maybe adding a tiny bit of pain from it considering your health-doll icon is really accurate at telling you your current state, a little pain would throw that off unless you have a health scanner to double check. (ie. You ache a little. Your whole body feels sore. Your muscles cramp painfully!). Some other effects off the top of my head would be tingling from kelo or derm, phlem/mucus from dexalin (evacuated liquid from the lungs). Twitching or minor nausia from hydronalin/Arithrazine (not enough to vomit unless its a large dose). Sweating from Dyvolene (sweating out the toxins). Ryetalyn irl causes anxiety and appetite issues. Im sure If I thought on it more I could come up with more. Another thing is that Medical records have a slot for allergies, but you have to RP allergies currently which might be difficult considering you might not know what youre being injected with or the ingredients of what you're eating. Maybe just a spot on the character setup screen in disabilities to select something like nut or grain allergies, or perhaps allergies to certain medications (preferably only ones that have an alternative treatment. I know several people with latex or benadryl allergies that cuts them off from certain medications. Again, it could just be flavor text or based on the amount you consumed. For nut allergies you could feel swolen or itchy from just a small amount but go into anaphylactic shock from a larger dose.
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