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EternalConquest3 unban request

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BYOND Key: (EternalConquest3)

Total Ban Length: (Permanent)

Banning staff member's Key: (alberyk)

Reason of Ban: (Opening vent to space to escape security on minor charge)

Reason for Appeal: (after some reflection, i wholly agree that this was an incredibly dramatic and not really believable way to act in that situation. I would like to note that apart from stupidly opening the vent, i had assumed that security would simply run away for a second but instead they gunned me down with lasers, im only saying this because in the ban report it says i ran outside without a suit, i really didnt do that intentionally, but I didnt think it would be believable to just stand there and get shot. this doesnt excuse my actions, and i handled the situation poorly, im just trying to say that i didnt mean for this to turn out this way. I was not familiar with RP before joining this server, and am a very new player who basically chose servers at random so the early interactions i had with mods, which made me look like someone who was ignoring the rules, were purely out of incompetence on my part, i didnt know how to play this game or what the objective even was or how to conduct myself on this server in terms on what was or wasnt allowed. Im willingly to try again, and I dont believe is any excuse for what i did, but most of the trouble ive been in has been because im just inexperienced.) 

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