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Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Zookzacoon

Total Ban Length: Not listed but permanent 

Banning staff members C-Key: Alberyk

Reason of Ban: Calling the shuttle as an AI, claiming to play as a bipolar AI, then after getting wiped by the admins I rejoined as an AI again

Reason of Appeal: In the ban reason it was said to read the rules and come back later, I have since done that and feel I am ready to come back after getting a bit more experience with Ss13 on my belt, the ban was applied a month ago, I also think that the ban was a little uncalled for, as he could have just job banned me and called it a day, instead of banning me for rejoining as an AI, when again job banning me was an option, I admit I did wrong but the admin did too, in my eyes, although I am not holding a grudge and I am not throwing him under the bus, I just think he could have handled it a bit better, but I am aware that what I did wasn't the best, and I won't do it again

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