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Request Console Forms Overhaul

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I am drafting up this project now as a collective community feedback and suggestion thread while I collaborate with CCIA on updating the forms lists while removal old forms that are either repetitive or irrelevant.

I am suggesting the following forms to be removed entirely from the database
- 1006: Resisting Recruitment: How To Avoid Helping Spies
- 1007: Identifying Foreign Spies
- 0116: Synthetic Command Recommendation

I propose adding a form regarding visitors to allow a fast track onto assigned station/ship while making them read directive 9 and understand that they agree to abide by corporate regulations and station directives. It will also include simple information for ease of getting them into the records system.

The rest of the forms will be receiving a logo stamp at the top, removing the NanoTrasen Inc., while tidying up the rest of the formatting for sake of consistency. 

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