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Have corp liaisons spawn on station, not the ODIN


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What the titles says. Liaisons spawning on the ODIN means they get a shuttle, a shuttle that can be taken back to the ODIN on rounds when the station is not meant to be able to contact the ODIN, IE malf. Also makes pods useless, as why take a pod waiting to be picked up when there is a shuttle that can take you right back to the ODIN in an emergency. Also disallows CCIA to take the shuttle if it is away, since a airlock locks them behind the control console to recall it, although this can easily be fixed on it's own. 

There are, of course, other alternatives to fix these issues, this is just the one I suggest.

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I think it makes sense for a Liason to be able to move freely from the station and the Odin, since they are supposed to serve as a link between the station and whatever organization they represent.

Now, for sure, they are not supposed to use their shuttle to go tell Odin's staff that shit hit the fan onboard the station, but I think they should have a smaller shuttle to board the station.

It makes sense for them to come from the Odin, and not spawn into the station, they are not common workers that gets onboard the station before the shift begins, they are a Liason that serve mostly a representative role other than being a worker. Maybe they should have a different shuttle, in order to allows CCIA to board too, and maybe make it so that the shuttle have a cool down or it does not work when the station is under code blue/red.

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