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[Resolved] Incident report jade rathel


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Reporting Personnel: Emory Helosi

Rank of Reporting Personnel:Security Cadet

Personnel Involved: Jade Rathel Security officer

Time of Incident: continuous incidents all shift on several shifts.

Location of Incident:NA/coms

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [X]Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: Jade has displayed misuse of coms and barrade people (including myself) with constant insults and racist remakes. NT promotes friendly work environments and her constant verbal harassment discourages a friendly atmosphere. Not to mention it’s against sop to slander people and insult officers.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: one shift I reported it to the HOS Ana. She took no actions, the other shift no HOS was available.

Additional notes:

this kind of behavior especially coming from an officer (someone that should be setting the example) is unbecoming, it creates distrust and has escalated issues to the point of aggression when other resolutions could have happen had jade not provoked a suspect into attacking her with the racist remarks.

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