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Unban request

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BYOND Key: Jimdijkemans / boopamboi   ( i forgot my login so i created a new account "Jimdijkemans", got banned on "Boopamboi")

Total Ban Length: Permanent 

Banning staff member's Key: pratepresidenten

Reason of Ban: "Acting like a greytide, tried killing himself and logged off after being winded"

Reason for Appeal: I made a small mistake almost over a year ago and got permabanned for it, I tried loading my weapon as a noob and shot myself instead, then left the game. I also made a few other small mistakes while not fully understanding the game, I already put in a unban request a long time ago but that got denied. I did not mean any harm. I just wanted to roleplay. Thats why im coming back, I miss the High RP aspect in the game. I still dont get why i got a perma ban.

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