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[Accepted] Sharkatk's Unathi Application

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BYOND Key: Sharkatk
Character Names: Alden Beach, Jak Crusoe, Mike Ghosh.
Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Azure

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:

Yes, a couple times over. I am nervous of messing it up so I've been going over it again and again. I really want to do well and been trying my best to soak it in.


Why do you wish to play this specific race:  

Well, besides being a scalie. The reason I want to play this race is I've always been interested in them from the little I played a long time ago and even more so now that I've been starting to log in more regularly. They seem like a fun race to roleplay and conform to their values and ways, plus I'm always interested in breaching what I know and finding something new, even if it's terrifying at the beginning.  

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

There's a lot that makes role-playing them different from humans, their way of life is a lot different compared to humans.  Tradition, honor and religion are a major part of their livelihood, their homeworld being feudalistic though their colony on Oueras is more of a democratic confederacy. Holding to their values are just one of the many things that make them different, including their social standards, caste system, and the way they display their emotions or even their biology. 

Character Name:  Skazurah Skah'zhar

 Please provide a short backstory for this character 

Born in the year 2443 in New Skalamar on Ouerea, Skazurah was a odd one out right out the get go, being azure scaled to a clan that didn't have any other in it. Even growing up, it quickly became apparent that something was different about him. When he was old enough for schooling, his parents opted to teach him at home to help shelter him from prejudice, very much leaving parts of history out of his knowledge except for bits and pieces. His father was a old Kataphract, an injury to his leg and his family led to him slowing down to focus more on the well being of his family and clan. As far as Skazurah can remember, his father always held him up to high standards, trying to raise him in the ways of the Kataphract. Having issues with shyness and occasional hyperness that stemmed from feeling like it didn't fit in often meant he didn't hold up to his fathers standards, much to the ire of his father.  He didn't get out much of his home in his early years, the only times he got out was with his father, either taken along with him to social gatherings, to stores or even to the park to help expose him to the world and get him acclimated to it, though he always felt the gaze of onlookers anywhere he went, only reinforcing the shyness that he had as he kept close to his father at all times. Even recalling one time where he tried to get him to rough house with the other boys in the park, being small for his age and scrawny only added to the scrutiny that his color brought, quickly bringing the boys attention to him as a ripe target to bully such a weak Unathi, adding to his insecurities and making him more anxious of other Unathi. In his 13's up, he started to get more curious about the wonders that New Skalamar held, exploring New Skalamar whenever he got the chance, anxiety brought his eyes away from the constant gazes the other Unathi gave him as he made his way through the Metropolis. He didn't have any friends until he ran into a group of humans one day hanging out at the park, quickly becoming acquainted with them as they were a bunch of odd but nice people themselves, feeling like he belonged in for the first time in ages as he wasn't met with scrutiny that he felt with his own kind, he spent most of his time hanging out with them with discretion of his father not knowing most of the time. But he always got the ire and a earful whenever his father found out, though his clan shaman was supportive of his behavior, driving him to continue it, leading to him getting a few mannerisms from them. This only led him further astray from the Katapract ideals that his father tried so hard to instill in him. Finally when he turned 18, his father had enough, putting his foot down and giving him a ultimatum, either pledge himself to a life of holding up the Katapract way or to leave and never come back. The thought alone of the latter terrified him, obeying his father's wishes, he pledged himself. Feeling as though he needed a test to help push him in the right direction, his father sent him to Tau Ceti. If Skazurah could hold true to the ideals and honor of kataphracthood after a couple years, he could come back with his honor intact. Skazurah needed to make money while he was there, finding out that Nanotrasen needed workers on the NSS Aurora, the offer seemed to good to be true, seeing it as maybe a way he could prove himself as well. He quickly signed up, going for the cargo department as a shaft miner, hopeful that the position would be less clustered and populated than the other positions, for the notion of dealing with people he did not know terrified him.

What do you like about this character? 

What I like about this character is that he is like a extension of myself. I tend to pour myself into my characters and it tends to show, letting me pour emotion out and fill the character with life.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I like to think it is okay, there is always room for improvement. I like to try and make roleplaying enjoyable for all people participating. I can be a bit slow as I go heavy with emulating with the me command, and combat can be a spotty issue for me. I have a hard time ripping people out of the round, even when it is icly justified to do so. 

Notes: I would like to apologize ahead of time that my writing and wording isn't the best. Paragraphs and backstory always have been tough for me, I've been trying my best though.

Edited by Marlon Phoenix
Reiterated the middle of his early years. Cleaned the end a bit.

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Ah, a blue Unathi. I also applied with a blue Unathi. With my application, I originally had a similar idea to your app. The patriarch of the household hid the blue Unathi away from the world, not telling anyone about their existence. But, I was later informed that this is not behavior befitting a normal Unathi household. Unathi tradition is heavily male-dominated, and letting the world know that you have an heir is very important. I later revised my app so that the Father was found out and the family put on blast for doing such a bad thing.

I'd like to see some of that illustrated in the application. More on what the world would think of him. It makes sense he would find solace in non-Sinta, but Sinta still need to discriminate against him and whatnot. His family would be put on blast for hiding an heir, or they'd be viewed with shame for producing such a strange and non-befitting heir.

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I think that there can be a difference between hiding the heir away, and homeschooling them with the heir still running about. Having a little elaboration on how Skazurah still managed to interact with the wider world, showing that he wasn't hidden away, and how he still had people eyeballing him would be a good addition. Things as simple as going to the store, or being dragged out to a public park by his father and told to get into scraps with the other boys to try and make friends.

It has a very good foundation, and with these points addressed I feel the app would be super strong.

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Thank you for taking a look at it, I'll certainly will have to work on adding some elaboration to it. I kinda skimmed over it before working with not much but the input does give me a helpful base to better add onto it. 😀

Edited by Sharkatk

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Sorry about the delay. The brakes went out on my car and so you can imagine the stress I've had these past few days.\

Hmmmm I think I like your edits. Now he's not being hidden away, he's just really shy and dealing with being an azure. Cute! Good edits.

Application accepted!

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