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  1. Royale has been a fun character to interact with. I think they do a good job as HoP. Really engaging as Command and does a good job with running the departments. +1 from me.
  2. Very much a +1 from me. Azuwa has been a great HoP and just been a blast to interact and roleplay with and does his job well.
  3. Reporting Personnel: Skazurah Skar'zhar Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Assisstant/Engineering Apprentice Game ID: cch-dCAN Personnel Involved: Kobi Goldman, Captain, Offender ISU-Baru, Security Officer, Actor IRU-Intuition, Security Officer, Actor Lilliana Maric, Head of Personnel, Actor Skualsra Zseekhioz, Witness/Victim Skazurah Skar'zhar Victim Secondary Witnesses: Felix Fleeter, Station Engineer, Was the one that called me over whenever the ISU and IRU was looking to handle the lost ID issue that I did not realize that was missing at the time. Time of Incident R
  4. I like him, head strong and true to the hegemony culture and ideals! +1 Would play a nervous wimp with a sketchy past trying not to get outed for it to them again.
  5. Wizard Lizards! The few times I interacted with them have been fun! Cool person to! I think they would do great with the whitelist +1
  6. I like it a lot, the writing is really good and it really helps show her character even though I never really interacted with her. It kinda hits a bit close to home for me to. o-o
  7. It would be interesting, I know some characters already go to the pharmacy to pick up medicine for ic reasons. It could be interesting being able to put a actual mechanical use to getting the medicine as well.
  8. I have a question regarding the genetic defects. Is there the possibility on slowly working to fix those defects with gene therapy afterwards?
  9. Awesome and terrifying looking, I love it. +1 Love the reasoning to.
  10. +1 Yahir is amazing and it was fun going on a expedition with his RD. Very well planned and level headed, everyone made it out alive!
  11. Okay, I have reworked the middle part of the backstory and fleshed it out a bit more.
  12. Thank you for taking a look at it, I'll certainly will have to work on adding some elaboration to it. I kinda skimmed over it before working with not much but the input does give me a helpful base to better add onto it. 😀
  13. BYOND Key: Sharkatk Character Names: Alden Beach, Jak Crusoe, Mike Ghosh. Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Azure Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, a couple times over. I am nervous of messing it up so I've been going over it again and again. I really want to do well and been trying my best to soak it in. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Well, besides being a scalie. The reason I want to play this race is I've always been interested in them from the littl
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