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  1. 1. As an HoS, you should be aware of the fact that flashes are horrible to Vaurcae. Though, as a player, you may not know that, and that's fine. As long as caution is exercised in the future. 2. It was not the Vaurca constantly doing and undoing the shutters, it was a doctor. 3. When I talk about frontlining, I mean actually carrying out the actions. You can be at the situation's spot and not frontline--when I say Frontline, I mean literally taking matters into your own hands and proceeding with the situation as if you were another officer. My main issue with this is that, instead of letting your officers go into harms way (in attacking the same Vaurca that has been shown to teleport and just attacked Travis in his office), you took the charge and you arrested the Vaurca. Normally, as HoS, you would tell your officers (there were three on scene) to deal with the threat--not you, even if you were right there. While it wasn't handled terrible and you didn't just rush in, I felt that it could be handled better. When I am HoS, I basically never perform a rest myself, especially with other officers around. Yes, civilians are in danger, but it is the officer's job to actually do the arresting, not yours. Even when civilians are in danger, you have three officers right there, why would you not tell them to go? You are just endangering yourself, and you're more important than just officers. Additionally, you state stun batons are more vicious than a flash. Even if the suspect was not a Vaurca, they have been shown to teleport. A flash merely blinds someone for a few seconds where they can easily just run around blindly and avoid detainment. A stun baton inflicts temporary damage (if not on harm intent), and is right in your belt. If I was the officer in this situation, I would still use the stun baton, even if it was not a Vaurca, when they're shown to teleport and are not privy to surrendering. And, to qualm with this line: "I do not believe I need to work on delegation or not "frontlining" as I let officers do their due diligence when there is no harm at stake." So, you let your officers do what they want, until there are potential risks for the civilians and the station? So, in other words, you're saying you are going to get involved in every situation where people or property is at harm? I am a little confused on that statement. However, I have seen you play in other rounds, and you seem fine enough. However, I still have problems with this specific situation.
  2. I disliked the way you performed as HoS in a round that recently occurred. For context, a Vaurca was teleporting throughout the station and succing people's blood. One of the victims was the HoS. Now, we get a report that this Vaurca is in the medbay. The HoS comes in. Now, I usually dislike frontlining instantly for no reason as HoS, but other good HoS' do the same, so I won't hold contentions over that. What I dislike is what you did in regards to the Vaurca. Now, there were three officers (or 4?) just staring at the Vaurca, as it was behind the medbay doors. We allow you to speak. Usually, the play would be to find out motive or try to subdue the hostile. Instead, you tell them to surrender. This is not necessarily wrong, but it's kinda jumping instantly to action. You could actually try talking to them, to discern their motive or to even stop them. Afterwards, we advance as he retreats, and you say again and again to surrender. The Vaurca refuses, so you charge them with the flash. I do not know if you know this, but flashes are incredibly painful to Vaurcae. They also blind them, dealing serious injury, You essentially took out your gun and shot the Vaurca instead of stunning them with your baton, or aiming your taser at them. Also, you charged in without telling your officers to go in first. You seem to be very gung-ho, which is not something an HoS should be. You should be commanding your officers first, before letting yourself deal with it. Overall, you could be a fine HoS, if you just laid back and let your officers do the work. I recommend you do that for the remainder of your trial or I'm afraid I would not support you becoming HoS.
  3. As far as I know, loredevs also have the power to change mechanics (but not neccesarily the skill). Again, literally go up on this thread, both Yonnimer and Cael say they are attempting to rework Dionae and both of them are open to DMs about the subject. Also, Dionae have been lambasted by devs, loredevs, and players alike. Ask anyone about Dionae and it will be virtually all negative. This type of thread and the type of talk that goes on in Discord or OOC makes it seem like the people who can change the mechanics are far out of reach. Doesn't it seem a little underhanded to talk about horrible a species' mechanics are, only to not directly bring it up with the people in charge with the species? While a forum thread like this can be read by the dionae loredevs, it believe it would be more efficient and in better taste just to DM them or even bring it up on the Dionae discord or something. Making this forum post visible to all and commentable by all makes it seem like Dionae are not getting changed and that no one is doing anything about it, which is just untrue.
  4. I find it strange that people continue to post about how Dionae need to be fixed and changed--did you not read what the loredevs are saying? They said they are working on changing things about the race This conversation and thread is pretty useless. Instead of talking on this thread, DM the loredevs about your contentions with the species. There is literally no reason to participate here because the same things can be achieved by talking with the loredevs (AKA, the people who can actually change stuff). Additionally, I find it frightening and absurd that people (including another loredev) would rather rag on the species here instead of just... talking to the people in charge of the race. Just DM Yonnimer or Caelphon instead of complaining how bad Dionae are in this thread or on discord.
  5. These answers are good, but in regards with the first contention about discrimination, I wasn't talkimg about school. I was talking about the Order Uza joined and how the Maraziite's harassed them. I didn't talk about school at all.
  6. I really like this character! It seems very interesting and would create conflict on station. There are some oddities, though. You state that Uza stayed with this order of Sk'akh priests but was harassed by the order. Firstly, is it directed only at Uza or is it targeting the group as a whole? It would make more sense if they were targeting Uza as he converted from Th'akh, but still, he converted. That is better than not converting. There is no way the order would harass someone like that. Additionally, why would the Order go about harassing random priests? They have much better things to do. I am going to ask some questions about the character. 1. How does Uza feel about the 'abandonment' of his village? Th'akh shamans usually are walking history books, and Uza was obviously taught in the same vein. Shamans stay in the same town with the same knowledge, often continuing for centuries. How did he feel about leaving his village? Did he try to educate another person into being a shaman? Or does he just not care? 2. Did Uza and his Clan support Coalition or the Hegemon? How did the Contact War affect their relations to their own state? 3. What is Uza's opinion on the aliens and the world around him? He is quite old, and he was born in a time where he never knew about aliens or what lay beyond the stars. How has he acclimated to this new world of knowledge? Does working in Tau Ceti amplify this fact? Overall, this character is quite strong. I'll wait to see the answers, however.
  7. Just because the playerbase plays the same stale personalities does not mean the lore or race should be removed. Additionally, shouldn't this be brought up to the Dionae devs firstly and not to the general public? I doubt they appreciate this kind of thread.
  8. This application has a good skeleton, but it is missing some meat. Lupo has asked some questions that are relevant to the character, so answering them would be good. There are also a few lore discrepancies here, as well as some things not expanded upon. Firstly, How did Kirsius actually win this tournament? She (presumably) worked in the inn-keep with her family. How would she have gotten the experience of fighting to actually win this tournament? The crew of the Steel-Spirits are all trained in CQC and pretty ruthless. How would an Unathi Female, who hasn't seen a glimpse of actual combat, beat up all these hardened sailors? Also, you state that "she is not particularly close to her family, and is not the biggest fan of how they want her to act, and who they want her to be". Can you expand on this? What does her family expect of her? How does Kirsius disagree with this? There are a slew of possibilities that you choose not to expand, leaving the character's motivations to feel a bit lackluster. Right now, it is just "she rebels against her family because she wants to different things". An elaboration on that reasoning would serve the character better. You choose not to talk at all about religion. Lupo asked a question about religion, which is fine. Additionally, I'd like you to say what Kirsius feels about all the other Sinta religions, including the Tribunal. Religion is a great source of conflict among Unathi, and it should not be neglected from this character. I'd like these contentions cleared up.
  9. The answers are fine, and the character has enough motivation. I support this application.
  10. There are some lore problems in this application and you skim over aspects of Tajara culture that don't involve politics. I've seen a lot of applications like this recently. There is more than just politics! First, lore discrepancies: 1. Suburbs do not exist on Adhomai. Suburbs are the product of an industrialist consumerist society in mostly America and some European countries. Again, I always reference Adhomai as Russia in the early 20th century. Some big cities like St. Petersburg are fully industrialized proletariat towns, but villages are still practicing serfdom (even when the Czar outlawed Serfdom for a few years). 2. As a result of this Aarif's family can not work as both farmhands and factory works. There exists no middle ground on Adhomai. Either you live in a proletariat city with factories or a village with mining and farming. 3. Aarif takes an interest in alien technology. His family disowns him for this. For breaking the family tradition. As factory workers, this makes no sense, as Tajara were only factory workers starting 30 some years ago. Farming, this makes more sense, though the state would probably motivate Aarif to leave and study this human tech. As for some questions: 1. What religion does Aarif practice? How does this affect his stance on the war and the PRA? 2. Does Aarif support the caste system? What is his opinion on different races, especially Zhan? 3. What was his reaction to Al'Marii's assassination? Which leader does he prefer? You say you are a little confused on the lore. If you need things cleared up, just DM me on discord.
  11. I would want a scarab language before a dominian language.
  12. This application is fine enough after the questioning, and your lore knowledge is sufficient, so I support this application.
  13. You talk a lot about the political side of Tajara lore. This is fine, but there are other aspects you miss out on. 1. What is Rahjul's opinion on the caste system and the other races of Tajara? How has being a Zhan in a post-Al'Marii era of the PRA affected his situation? 2. Why did Rahjul, a villager, see the ALA as a liberating force? This opinion is not wrong per-say, but when the ALA captured villages and towns, they would appoint military goveners to have full control over that area. They had essentially free reign over the military in that area and had control over the civillians. Does he see their ideology as distinctly better than the PRA, or just the lesser of two evils? What is his opinion on the use of guerilla tactics, child soldiers, terrorist cell, etc, to get the job done. Additionally, here are some things you should know: Human technology diffused rapidly in cities, but most villages were left behind. You say your village is small-ish, which is ok, but a village would probably not get that much xeno technology. Think of Russia in the early 20th century--some big cities like St. Petersburg were industrialized, but poor rural areas still pracitced serfdom. Also, Zhan-Khazan have only one language slot as of right now. You can either choose Delhvalii, the racial language of the Zhan, Siik'Maas, the lingua franca of the Tajara world, or Siik'Tajr, the language of the first revolutionaries and some other people. What will you choose? Being part of a village, but then joining the war... It is your choice. That is all.
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