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  1. Hello DanseMacabre... x2 Becoming the lore deputy, you are likely to be assigned various tasks for you to do. You may have a choice in this, or you may not. Sometimes you will be able to write what you want, but other times you are going to be forced to write about things you may not be the most passionate about or things that you were not expecting to write about. Would you be willing to write about things that aren't necessarily outlined in your application--even if you don't really want to write about these things? I understand you dislike the concept of Megacorporations in genera
  2. Hello DanseMacabre... What do you think the place of Humanity is, in our lore? Should it be more important than the other species's lore? Should humanity be centerfold, with all other species acting as second fiddle to humanity? Do you think only certain human factions deserve reign above all others, or is it humanity in general? Any response is fine. Besides that question, the passion can not be ignored. You are obviously willing to dish out the time and the skill. The voices before me (and after me) will surely speak about the ability to work within a team, however, which is the mo
  3. Any issues or complaints relating to Haydizzle's shared responsibilities of being a Maintainer and a Loremaster are solved. We discussed at great length on what would occur if Haydizzle did get promoted to Loremaster, and I think we both determined that any scenario resulting from that will be good, whether or not you end up resigning from the Unathi team. As an Unathi Lore Deputy, I was immediately faced by Haydizzle's conduct when I was promoted. He is professional and funny. More importantly, he can identify the important things required when crafting lore and see it to its end. More m
  4. Hi! We've reviewed your application and hits on most of the core themes; however, there are some things that are skimmed. Please answer the following questions: 1. You say that Zarkami was smuggled, and that's where that story ends; in reality, it would go far deeper. First of all, for a variety of reasons, a smuggler would not simply touchdown on the City and pick up people to be smuggled. They would have to trek across the Wasteland to a Hegemon spaceport, most likely--a trip fraught with danger taking, at least, some weeks. How would this trek be? How would they enter a Hegemonic space
  5. I support it because he is a good spriter and I think his style would be interesting to see when it comes to non-Unathi stuff.
  6. I really don't think it is wise to suggest ideas before we see the full idea of NBT realized. Some things like Escape Pods can be assumed outright, but I think it is just odd to be talking about a fleet of ships or the lack of break rooms before we see how rounds on the NBT work and the overall atmosphere of the server. Who knows how massive this change will be? Perhaps with the NBT, break rooms make perfect sense (unlike now), or maybe a trail of ships would work really well with the setting. These ideas all seem nice on paper, but I don't see the point. We know very little about how NBT
  7. Also, I would like to add, the security discord and its people are not mocking people every second of the day. Most of the time, it's "normal" conversation (as normal as we can be) and generally without harm. It's a small section of its actions, and it should not be treated as a constant hate machine. It's its own community.
  8. Menown, I read this post a day ago, and I've took the remainder of my freetime yesterday thinking about this post. After resting, this is my response: I recognize that I was rude and offensive in the logs shown, especially to lukebr. Mako Wu, Sam Chalegre, these characters are routinely mocked in the security discord. There are others too, but I won't bring them up. Regardless, the facts show me (and many others) hurting and slinging insults at another's IC and OOC conduct. No matter my opinions on them OOCly or ICly, I, and everyone else, should not be saying these things about
  9. I disagree. More detail is not necessarily better. The old suits were uninspired Dead Space copies with no unique aesthetic. The new suits have less detail, yes, but they achieve a more unique aesthetic and fit the server. On their own, I still prefer the latter suit, as I think it is more distinct than the "black army man" suit.
  10. The armor would make the HoS easily identifiable if the HoS is wearing a business casual suit. Additionally, I say again: the HoS has the HoS's badge as well as the HoS's ID, making him easily spotted through an examine verb. I think the need for visual clarity is overemphasized in this case. Having HoS's spec out into different types of wear is not going to make them completely unrecognizable--if it does, it's not 'business causal'. Additionally, while you are wearing the armor, you can hardly see the uniform under it, anyways. I really see no problem of identification arising from this propo
  11. These answers show a very good understanding of the lore. I'm sure you'll get the whitelist!
  12. I understand your statement about Nienna. The public lore server is a server with many colors--there are memes, light-hearted discussions, unserious discussions, and semi-formal discussions that may easily become arguments. You were engaged in the latter such conversation, and using lol in that context is pretty disrespectful. It sounds stupid, but it's as if you are mocking them or laughing humorously at their opinions. With text, it is hard to gauge how exactly words will impact the other side. Using lol may not seem significant, but it takes on a mocking tone in the face of someone trying t
  13. I am going to echo Nienna's point in that you express your opinions with an abrasive tone. We have had only a few, minor conversations, but I was present when a discussion emerged between you and mostly Omicega. The contents of the discussion does not matter. You argued as if it were a hostile environment, making sweeping statements followed by a "lol"--being generally combative. You later apologized, and that should be noted; you also apologized for the argument you had about Silversuni accents, which should also be acknowledged. You tend to be headstrong with your opinions, I've noticed
  14. A fine application, your lore content seems good, we always need more level-headed Si'akh faithful. I'll ask you a few questions about the character. 1. What does Raan think about the late S'kresti and his conversion to Si'akh? Expanding on this question, what does Raan think about the Hegemony as a whole? Growing up in the Wasteland, seeing the horrors of the war and the Traditionalist influences in the Touched Lands--are the Hegemonics invaders or a nation trying to keep the peace? S'kresti, an aberration to the Hegemon or a true king? 2. What does Raan think about the other religi
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