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  1. Alright, then it's fine. What is going to happen to the intercomms that only broadcast in common in the hallways?
  2. What if you are an antag trying to address the whole crew with important information? Or just want to tell people about a minor thing "There's a party in bar for now if you want to come!", stuff like that.
  3. I do not like this idea as it is because I feel as if a general radio is still useful for addressing a large amount of people on the station that's not with antags. I suggest that you can only access the general comms via the intercomms on the wall, which means you actually have to stand by one and speak there to use general comms. This certainly limits the use of general comms but still has it in for when you need it.
  4. It should be a loadout option in the IPC xenowear section, so you can choose to have it or not.
  5. The description of what makes playing this species different is quite lacking. Nothing about the 5 races of Tajara, religion, etc. It's barebones. You say your character goes to the Nanotrasen school of civil engineering. While it is ok to make up universities, there are a canon universities your character can go to on adhomai. Furthermore, how would your character be able to even afford going to university if they live in such abject poverty. It is also never stated where your character lives, though I have to assume it's in the DPRA. Nanotrasen would never establish a school in the DPRA because it's not the "real" government on adhomai and the DPRA is not consistent with doing government things. The intention is good but there are inconsistencies.
  6. Not much missing. Fine character, very common for Skrell to be fascinated with new things, especially with the new contact. I see no problem with this character existing nor their experiences. I see a lot of Skrell characters with just a silent aversion to AIs. Even for the generations born after Glorsh, I would not have respect for AIs after they genocides and sterilized our own race. I always think the relationship between AI and Skrell is a bit too calm. It is fine for this individual captain to have just a disdain to Artificial intelligence, but I do think such a science-forward individual would work interestingly with an extreme dislike for AIs. But it's fine and there is no reason not for it to pass.
  7. I understand your point. But you can make a personality interesting without making it wacky. Perhaps this robot questions his true purpose--to save people or to flaunt wealth. Does it matter? Is it respected? But I respect that you want to develop your character. It's just hard to tell if you will or you won't or what direction you'll go in. A faceless IPC is as boring as an NPC.
  8. Guys, don't +1 just because of the person applying. Make sure to read the app Number One. I believe you are missing a section of the app. The "what makes roleplaying this species different." Please add that in. Number Two. You call your Unathi by his first name. It is custom to address an Unathi by his last name, though I don't know if you're just ignoring it for the app. Number 3. I like the character. I like upstanding and arrogant Unathi. This is just a good character, and it has accurate Dominion lore. However, I really can't tell if you've read the lore or not for Moghes and such, so please add that paragraph you are missing in. Number 4. I would avoid using Auto Hiss in game. It tends to sssssspam your Hiss. Doing it manually, which takes only a little effort, will ssave you trouble.
  9. I dislike people plus oneing based on the person applying, not the actual app. It's not real feedback, it's biased. The app is a bit hard to read due to some weird grammar stuff. It is an interesting idea, a 'scared' robot. But I do not think NT would just avoid the robot being scared or averse to space. As a security IPC, they may be valued less than organics, so they may be the first to go to handle a situation, which may be in space. And an IPC saying "Processers dictate it would not be tactical for me to go into space" would throw a monkey wrench into the plan. Maybe, in order for the unit to get used to space, NT forced it into space. It hid its programming in order to serve NT, and that true programming can come out in the rounds. Also, in the "what makes RPing this species different", you don't talk about the new lore, like the Golden Deep or etc. It's pretty interesting, and it would be a shame if new IPC characters simply shrugged that off.
  10. I can discern absolutely nothing from the backstory. Yes, it is a robot. It does have thoughts, however. This is passable, but you could make it so much more interesting. I see this all the time. Don't just make it a bland explanation on how ended up on the Aurora. Explain what he thinks, how he is programmed to do. Or at least plan it out so you can expose it ingame.
  11. I think a trial would be far more accurate for gauging orleans' attitude than previous incidents. I feel this for every app. I also do not think Orleans needs more constructive criticism, he has enough to fix himself. It is his job to apply it.
  12. I think this character is interesting, but not in the way you meant it. It would be interesting to see a Vaurca that knows from right to wrong but in Vaurcae ideals, and try to apply them to a human workplace. I'm not here to give a plus 1 or minus 1, just a thought
  13. I have not seen you play your synth, so consider this a new perspective Everything is fine, except the story. I see it far too many times in IPC applications. There is no personality. You do not describe what the IPC thinks, you only describe its actions. I can derive nothing on how you are going to play this character, except "stun criminals and be tactical". This is strange, considering how the comments above me describe your synth's personality in detail. I'd like for you to give some input on how Minius is feeling during these situations. What is the program doing that is compelling these actions?
  14. Incredibly interesting story. Well done. I've never seen this idea in IPCs explored before. Do they have PTSD? Do they experience torment like us? You are treading on new ground here. Your application is good, not much else to say about it. I look forward to seeing this character in game.
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