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  1. DeadLantern

    Aurora Comics Project

    Is this your redemption arc?
  2. We can make it better by having it be more brute damage to trigger it. Maybe 5 or 10, something higher than a punch.
  3. It may be annoying, but encouraging that type of play may be beneficial. It would allow for Antags to better do their crimes, and it's slightly realistic. It could be used just to murderbone but that's the fault of the antag, and you should ahelp that.
  4. DeadLantern

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    Don't worry bud I'll do it
  5. Just to mention about the xenomorph thing. All Human history is the same until 1969. Then everything after that is alternate history. Everything before that though is Canon.
  6. DeadLantern

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    I'm not an Unathi lore master but. You can apply for Vac as a drone character, apply for Unathi with a Guwan character, and apply as other special roles inside a species. I would be surprised if you couldn't apply with an Aut'akh.
  7. DeadLantern

    Fix Xenomorphs

    CM's code is up for grabs, right...?
  8. DeadLantern

    Player awards results!

    The future's now old man
  9. DeadLantern

    Distress beacon for emergency response

    I feel like the crew should be able to do something physical with the distress beacon to launch it. Maybe, upon the two card swipes, a small room that is blast door locked instantly becomes open. There, the distress beacon is located and the console is there too. The station has to rig the distress beacon outside and on the station to launch it out, and then use the console to turn it on. This could give antags something to do mechanically to prevent the distress beacon, and requires crew support. It also presents multiple ways of a distress beacon being destroyed or delayed. You can destroy the console, forcing engineering to build another one, or switch off power. You can steal the beacon and hide it somewhere. You can destroy the rigging materials that is with the distress beacon. You can destroy it while its in space. This would add another level protection and planning.
  10. DeadLantern

    The Supreme Order of Christ [slightly WiP]

    Ok bro, be real, you're making their name St. Paul so that their emblem would be an upside down cross. After the explanation, I do like the name Son of Cain as they are gnostic and apparently glorified him at some point. I'd encourage you to try to be as realistic as possible. Their emblem should be the mark of Cain (upside down L with two vertical dots on the left side) rather than the upside down cross. Edit: disregard my first part about St. Paul. I am mixing them up with St. Peter.
  11. DeadLantern

    The Supreme Order of Christ [slightly WiP]

    Ok, here is some feedback. I really like this. The concept art, even if cool, looks a little tacky. Do sci fi Catholic boys really need crosses all over them and literal shields? Actual Catholic knights just had knight armor, not anything special. Secondly, the Sons of Cain and Sons of Judas are hilariously over the top. I would still think this chapter is still Christian. Unless they became satanists, it's pretty stupid. And even if they were not satanists but still not Christian, it'd still an over the top name. If this were to be implemented, there should be some reflection of it in game. Maybe some sprites of the armor and guns, a news channel, etc, something to validate it.
  12. DeadLantern

    EliteXKiller00's IPC Application [Accepted]

    I've seen Khazazir around. A good fellow, and you RP nicely. We died trying to set up the Tesla that one round. On your "Identify what RPing this species is different when compared to other species," you don't really say anything of magnitude. It can be summed up as you saying "IPCs act different", barring the one line you have about how they are analytical and logical in nature. You should go more in depth with this, perhaps say how Cosmo may react to a security situation that is different to any other security officer. On the character. I see many IPC characters go with the trope that their character is a super prototype IPC that is extremely smart. I believe the Aurora may see a few characters like it, but just know that there can be some "normal" IPCs. Also note that this "prototype" would have to have his differences in the way he thinks, not with the chassis, as that remians the same. I like that Cosmo has to prove himself to become free. What RP situations will this lead to? Perhaps, he would be more action-oriented as to say to NT "hey, I am being a smart boy and doing the good things!" While the character is not the most creative, it gets the job done. I would just like some more info on the lore and thinking of Synthetic beings.
  13. Right. With multiple chassis, I could see this work, I don't see NT recruiting IPCs with multiple personalities in there. I think having the chassis sold directly to NT would make much more sense than them gaining their own freedom. It's a cool gimmick, and I think it could make for some good RP. +1