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[Denied]Stev's IPC application.

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BYOND Key: steviii
Character Names: T.E.R.A, Tarah May, Jenna May, Chris Dobbs, A.P.E.X
Species you are applying to play: Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals IPC
What color do you plan on making your first alien character: IPC
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:
I've always enjoyed playing as synthetics, but have felt that cyborgs are incredibly limited (as they lack OPPOSABLE THUMBS THANKS DEVS) So I feel that playing an IPC would be reasonable. You get the cool factor of being synthetic, but can actually hold cups as a surgeon. I'm likely going to eventually apply for CMO much later, and I feel a IPC CMO would be pretty damn cool. I dont know if this is long enough, so please inform me if this isnt.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: As a filthy flesh bag, or human in lay mans terms, you cant have a computer monitor as a head. Also, IPCS hit harder and therefore are better as defence units, and take less damage from people smacking you for being a 'walking trash bin' Humans also cant wade straight through phoron gas to save someone, but an IPC can, and therefore they're better paramedics. Paramedic is my favourite job, so it makes sense to make it more efficient.

Character Name: Impulse-2
Please provide a short backstory for this character: An IPC created on Biesel in phoenixport. Started life working in a hospital to make enough money to travel off the planet, eventually saw openings on the aurora and decided "I'm going to work there" So he eventually trained enough to be able to board the space station as a paramedic. but thats getting ahead of myself. He is a "Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals Mobility Model IPC" created to do paramedic work, and serve as a general all around medical IPC. He learnt small amounts about chemistry in one of his jobs, so can synthesize some treatments in a pinch.

Impulse's early manufacted life was very rocky. Having lived in district 14 at small parts of his life before being snatched up to work in medical buildings, he faced constant scrutiny from scared skrell and humans alike, worried about another 'Three incidents' Do over. He once had a run in with a group of factory workers, wishing to use him to fuel their factory. He only managed to escape by pouring phoron in the room, and escaping through a back door. He has also faced constant scrutiny from co-workers, describing him as a "Terrible replacement to good human labourer" and "Walking, barely humanoid trash disposal unit."
What do you like about this character?
IPCS are basically cyborgs with hands, and are therefore the best.
How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7


Please tell me if thats enough story now. I can pretty easily make another segment or two, but only if its necessary.

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Hello! As your notes section say, I'm going to need more story than this. Try to incorporate more elements from the IPC wiki pages into your application so that you can really demonstrate to me that you understand the lore. Give me more story about Impulse as a character, situations it may have been put through, people it may have encountered, more life to it. I'll give you a three day extension before I come back and make a final decision.

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You did ask for feedback the other day, I just didn't get around to posting at the time. I might be second post now, but I'll still leave most of what I had prewritten as-is.

I honestly don't recognize most of your characters because I'm an engineering recluse and forget names a lot. I have seen TERA around once or twice though, but mainly in the bar, which I also am rarely near. I don't remember anything bad though, which is generally a good sign. I like that you pulled your slightly injured punpun to medbay in a round.

On the different vs human thing. Be sure to act the part of a robot roleplay wise, though. They aren't really just humans in robot skins. Well, some might approximately be, but not all. I mention it since a lot of the things you mentioned were mechanics as opposed to rp differences.

Like what was mentioned, I feel like your example character's story could use some sprucing/detail and maybe a few demonstrations of stuff from the lore. (you did mention it in the notes so I don't particularly feel bad mentioning so). Things like why did Zeng-Hu make an IPC and then set it loose on the world unowned (apparently? unclear?), for example.

Overall not for nor against since I haven't really been around you much personally ingame (but I haven't seen anything bad), just giving some feedback since your thread's (mostly) been bone dry.

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Yeah, I understand what you're getting at with the lack of detail. I'm probably going to add some more detail to your mentioned aspects.

And, have you seen AI A.P.E.X? Thats my ai character.

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Ah, I see! You should'a said so.

I've seen it around a little. If I had feedback based on APEX I'd say to make double sure you check/follow your laws and adminhelp weird situations and to remember that most bound synthetics are more of a station product/tool than people. One thing I've seen is APEX giving out commands a bit often (in my opinion). I wouldn't expect my toaster to order me to take my toast out before it burns, for instance, but I might expect it to warn me that my toast is about to burn if I don't (if it's a sophisticated enough toaster anyway... just don't ask why it can't eject the toast and the anology holds just fine.).

Stuff was generally okay besides that nitpick though. They're also my opinions and not so much rules or anything.

Though, those things don't apply so much in IPCs but they're nice to keep in mind for stationbounds/in general.

(Oh, a one off note that I'm not sure was you but I vaguely remember that it might've been so I just wanted to stick it here. If you ever turn on the filters in the supermatter room, make sure the filter is set correctly first. If the engineers put phoron in and it's still set to nitrogen, it'll remove the coolant.)

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I'm going to deny this application. While I appreciate a bit more backstory and the persecution IPCs face, factory workers wanting to use him as fuel for their factory doesn't really make sense, and escaping a factory by filling the room with highly toxic and flammable gas, probably killing many in the process, is pretty wild. The application also seems to gloss over how Impulse-2 got its freedom, which is a pretty important key point over any free IPCs life, whereas many of them are owned. Thanks for your interest!

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