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  1. Personally from my one interaction with Katapharcts, I fucking loved em. I like the concept of a knight ERT, and feel it should stay unwhitelisted.
  2. Also, sorry for shorter answers, I'm on mobile while my computer is fixed.
  3. He moved to tau ceti for job opportunity, And that his friends were going, so he felt it would be an interesting next chapter of his life. The rebels that fought against glorsh in his 'rule' and like the whole sterilization and distrust of synthetics And I'm not sure, wiki doesn't say. I'd guess similar to insulted, and the skrell may cry and speak slower? I don't know.
  4. ill just uhh, clear this up: I think they meant his character and Paul. Silver, Me and Paul grunnus have hung out a few times.
  5. BYOND Key: steviii Character Names: Amelia Karrith, Wilson Johannson, T.E.R.A, A.P.E.X. Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Very light blue, bordering on white Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. And also most sub-pages Why do you wish to play this specific race: A number of reasons. I personally think Skrell are the ideal race, cause of the interesting RP mechanics of the skrell rebellion, and the fact they're amphibious. There planets are very interesting in my opinion, and the general political climate of the Jargon Federation interests me. I personally like the fact that they generally dislike synthetics, because it will provide an interesting RP mechanic. Like, a skrell would be suspicious of an AI or cyborg, cause of the whole sterilisation thing. The military is also very interesting in the way they dislike copious quantities of bloodshed, and prefer to simply cripple the opponent enough to be able to take them over/disable them completely Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Gameplay: Skrell have a number of interesting gameplay mechanics. Nlom, the whole amphibian thing, the lack of teeth, the inability to slip, etc. So really, they’re not insanely different from humans, but still different enough to be an interesting experience to play Lore: The totalitarian-ism of Jargon, The whole idolizing of good scientists and doctors, the fact they look basically emotionless to ignorant humans, polyamory and general intrigue of their society. Also the whole listener and receiver thing, that's pretty cool. It is less of a roleplay aspect, but it still is a difference between the two races OOC. Character Name: Purrish'kaquil Qxiksis Please provide a short backstory for this character: Young life: Purrish was born in 2333, and is now 128. He was born on Aliose to a rather small union of parents. Vesh-Kaaxi Ishus, Gallish Vullish and Qual’Quell Qool. Qual’Quell had beakmouth, and it interested Purrish so much he decided he wanted to dedicate his life to general study of medical practice and science. Purrish did the normal 19 years of kindergarten, and mostly aced it. He then went off to Aliose University of Medical Sciences, or Aliose uni for short, and that started his mid life. Vesh-Kaaxi was a Xenobiologist, Gallish Vullish was a scientist and Qual’Quell was a Pharmacist. In Purrish’s young life, he swapped slightly between the idea of being a researcher and a medical doctor, but eventually decided he wanted to help with the research and treatment of birth disorders and general diseases. Throughout his entire childhood, his parents were generally very protective, but not overbearing. He had a safe childhood on Aliose. Mid life: He trained for 30 years to gain the equivalent of a PhD in Medical Science, Genetics and chemistry. He took a hobby in Rapid response tactics, to provide a broad general knowledge across the entirety of medical fields. He always enjoyed medical practice, and thought of university as less of a chore to get a good job, and more of a fun activity with bonuses at the end. He moved out of Aliose at the age of 52, to live in Tau Ceti Space. Another large part of the reason he moved out was cause his best friends were all moving to mendell city, and he wanted to continue that friendship. It took a long while to get his citizenship in Tau Ceti space, cause of stigma of Skrell being good friends of sol, blah blah blah. That's not very interesting unless you want to hear about the process of a skrell getting a visa. Current life: He currently lives in a small apartment (with pool, cause duh) in Mendell City, and currently works as a medical doctor on the N.S.S Aurora. Before the aurora he worked in a hospital, and got a reputation in the local area as a rather good doctor. His parents are still alive and reasonably proud of him. To this day he is rather homesick, and misses his parents often. What do you like about this character? I rather like medical, and I’ve never played a race that isn't human, or nearly identical to humans with a few small changes (Off worlder) so I feel like playing as a skrell medical doctor could be an interesting venture. I have never played medical doctor before, opting instead to play as a chemist or paramedic as my main entry in to the whole medical field. I also like how he’s a reasonably reclusive character, with only a small group of friends, which will allow for relationships and friendships to blossom in roleplay. I feel like since he’s so ‘old’ but also so young, he’ll be an interesting character to play. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Id probably rate my skills as about a 6.5. I know how to adapt to most situations (say, an admin bans someone/winds them and we need to completely avoid them, or if someone asks us to void something) and I think I can probably pull of a skrell with reasonable ease. But obviously I’ll have problems cause that's just human nature, but I hope to increase my skills by playing skrell and generally expanding my horizons. Notes: I don't play APEX, I play A.P.E.X. completely unrelated. Also thanks to a friend for all the names, because I simply couldn't comprehend skrell naming schemes.
  6. Alright, didnt know how much info you wanted.
  7. Basic Information Byond Account: steviii Character Name: Amelia Karrith, Chris Dobson, Wilson Johannson, Chara West AI Name: A.P.E.X Discord username + tag: Stev#6646 Age: 22 Timezone: (GMT+11) When are you on Aurora?: most days, if not every day, for roughly 12 hours. Experience How long have you played SS13?: probably roughly two years How long have you played on Aurora: All but one month of those two years How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: Bartending, cooking, botany, AI, cyborg-ing, robotics, base level of everything. Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: I hosted a server using auroras code for a bit. Have you read through the criteria thread: Yes Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I have never had a severe punishment. the only punishment I've had is a warning, and some verbals. Personality Why do you play SS13?: I love complex things that it takes ages to understand, and I love lanky very broken things. Why do you play on Aurora? cause its HRP, its actually not super chaotic. You dont randomly have moth people ejecting you out airlocks. when I first started playing SS13, I played fulpstation, Baystation and goonstation. I basically thought SS13 was all low roleplay. I basically lost all interest in the game, till I tried High roleplay. me, being a relative noob to SS13, thought it'd be fun to experience something else. it was. Aurora's so much better. The admins are good, I love just the simple idea of elevators, the events, everything. it got me hooked on this game, and I have to say, im super thankful for aurora getting me hooked on it. What do moderators do?: Moderators keep the peace, and provide an impartial side in arguments and disputes. They also provide information to the less informed, and make sure everyone has fun. its especially important for a moderator to provide help with new antagonists, or first time AI players, cause if you mess that up, you really mess up. They also answer the chaplains prayers. What does it mean to be a moderator for our server? it means that you must hold an impartial voice for arguments and disputes, provide information, and make sure everyones having fun, and the servers running smoothly. Having a random vampire running around who doesnt know what the hell they're doing, and keeps getting injured by the chaplain, is probably going to annoy some people. But most importantly it will annoy the vampire, who probably wont play again. but the moderators can stop that by giving a guiding hand, and telling the person how to be an antagonist. Why do you want to be a moderator?: I want to be able to help with that holding of the peace, and being impartial, cause I feel like it would be helpful to have some extra moderators. I think it would be fun to moderate for the server I spend 99% of my time on, cause honestly from my slight experience in SS13 servers, the admins will make or break the experience. The code and gamemode can be amazing, but if the admins are toxic asshats who want nothing more than the next adrenaline fix, it aint gonna be a fun server. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I understand when to be impartial, how to not get bias's, I understand communication, I dont really get mad at things. and I've owned game servers for a while (by while, I mean I owned various game servers for three - four years. they were never very popular) and think I can be a good trial moderator. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I dont really care what you think of me if its negative. obviously I take constructive criticism, but if its just someone saying "you're bad" I wont bat an eyelid. I used to own a server in one of the most toxic games (unturned) for a while, and I got so much hate, ive basically stopped giving a crap if you insult me a load. I wont care if I get called a shitty admin if theres no reason other than them being a toxic person. Anything Else You Want to Add: I am not APEX, I am A.P.E.X. APEX is a completely unrelated ai, its likely cause both of us are starbound fans. Also, I cant really vc. and dont worry, the servers are dead, and I wont mention names anyway, so im not advertising.
  8. Its owner was basically using it as no more than a machine, and it had no time to develop, but now nanotrasen owns it, it can evolve more in rp.
  9. BYOND Key: steviii Character Names: Amelia Karrith, Jenna May, A.P.E.X, T.E.R.A, Chara West. Species you are applying to play: IPC, Bishop Accessory model. What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Bishop Accessory model. Have you read our lore section's page on this species? Extensively. Why do you wish to play this specific race: A large part of the reason I wish to play ipcs, is I mostly play AI, and Cyborgs, and id like to experience playing another synthetic. Especially one with such an interesting political climate behind it. The constant prejudice and fear of ipcs from skrell, and fans of skrell history (as I dont think anyone wants another bloody glorsh-omega.), makes it a very interesting role indeed. Also the play mechanics, and also lore mechanics and all of IPC's just make it seem like a fun thing to play. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: The general political climate behind it, makes it very different than playing a human. example a: The laws of ownership, and the fact that it is not murder to destroy an ipc, but merely destruction of property. and the whole idea of getting scrapped and replaced by a newer model if your owner feels you arent good enough. example b: as I touched on earlier, the fear of a second singularity. Skrellians typically have an inherent distrust for IPC's because of the whole enslavement and sterilization from glorsh thing. Character Name: Impulse-3. (the new and improved form of my previous IPC application.) Please provide a short backstory for this character. Impulse, or in short, I-3, is a general service unit. Trained in bartending, cooking and a small amount of botany, he was typically used by his rich, pompous owner to provide alcohol for parties, but then his owner eventually decided he was a bit too much effort, and sold him to nanotrasen to serve as a bartender/chef. he generally worked well as a bartender, and never really faced oppression as he was owned by an incredibly rich business man, and therefore mostly kept off the streets. He wasnt really allowed to learn new skills, as he meant to be more of an AI drinks machine than anything resembly an autonomous being. I-3 generally grew to be an incredibly effective bartender, so his owner allowed him to be a chef at one point. using knowledge from allowed databanks, he grew to be proficient at that aswell, managing to cook even the most complicated alien recipes for his owners party goers. When he was not serving drinks or cooking food, he was either deactive in storage, or sat doing nothing but mixing drinks for his owner. The reason his owner sold him was, cause he eventually just got bored with an IPC with a single track mind, and just hired a damn bartender, which was also much less expensive to maintain, cause humans arent multi thousand dollar machines. What do you like about this character? The general idea of a highly trained effective IPC bartender. I already love being a bartender with my Amelia character, and love synthetics, so an ipc bartender seems like the perfect choice. How would you rate your role-playing ability: 8 Notes: Please give feedback, as it really helps me to improve my application.
  10. Yeah, I understand what you're getting at with the lack of detail. I'm probably going to add some more detail to your mentioned aspects. And, have you seen AI A.P.E.X? Thats my ai character.
  11. Honestly, The amount of effort you put in to this application makes it an instant +1 for me. I'm going to read your whole story for DELVE at some point, but even when I havent, I can tell the amount of effort you put in to this. +1
  12. BYOND Key: steviii Character Names: T.E.R.A, Tarah May, Jenna May, Chris Dobbs, A.P.E.X Species you are applying to play: Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: IPC Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I've always enjoyed playing as synthetics, but have felt that cyborgs are incredibly limited (as they lack OPPOSABLE THUMBS THANKS DEVS) So I feel that playing an IPC would be reasonable. You get the cool factor of being synthetic, but can actually hold cups as a surgeon. I'm likely going to eventually apply for CMO much later, and I feel a IPC CMO would be pretty damn cool. I dont know if this is long enough, so please inform me if this isnt. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: As a filthy flesh bag, or human in lay mans terms, you cant have a computer monitor as a head. Also, IPCS hit harder and therefore are better as defence units, and take less damage from people smacking you for being a 'walking trash bin' Humans also cant wade straight through phoron gas to save someone, but an IPC can, and therefore they're better paramedics. Paramedic is my favourite job, so it makes sense to make it more efficient. Character Name: Impulse-2 Please provide a short backstory for this character: An IPC created on Biesel in phoenixport. Started life working in a hospital to make enough money to travel off the planet, eventually saw openings on the aurora and decided "I'm going to work there" So he eventually trained enough to be able to board the space station as a paramedic. but thats getting ahead of myself. He is a "Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals Mobility Model IPC" created to do paramedic work, and serve as a general all around medical IPC. He learnt small amounts about chemistry in one of his jobs, so can synthesize some treatments in a pinch. Impulse's early manufacted life was very rocky. Having lived in district 14 at small parts of his life before being snatched up to work in medical buildings, he faced constant scrutiny from scared skrell and humans alike, worried about another 'Three incidents' Do over. He once had a run in with a group of factory workers, wishing to use him to fuel their factory. He only managed to escape by pouring phoron in the room, and escaping through a back door. He has also faced constant scrutiny from co-workers, describing him as a "Terrible replacement to good human labourer" and "Walking, barely humanoid trash disposal unit." What do you like about this character? IPCS are basically cyborgs with hands, and are therefore the best. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7 Notes: Please tell me if thats enough story now. I can pretty easily make another segment or two, but only if its necessary.
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