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  1. My bad, just messed up that section cause I wrote this a little bit after reading that part of the wiki. As this is a bit old, I'm not 100% on this part, but I believe I meant that they were more bubbly in nral'malic, and less in basic, as this was in college while she was still on Jargon. as what I'd interpreted from the wiki is that skrell still expressed emotion in Nral'Malic. Xesos was young and curious, helped along by their parents who were quite interested in space outside of the federation. especially when humans and dionae and stuff were contacted. During her second college, out of interest for the rest of the galaxy, she'd decided to learn Basic so she could join the spacefarers making more contact with humanity and everything. Xesos always had a happy and curious view on the galaxy, interested in what it held Xesos still occasionally returns to jargon to keep in contact with their parents, as they still rather like them, as their parents helped them grow and nurtured their intrigue in the world for years, Especially while she as in college. (Also, I'm not one hundred percent on the terminology of if there's a difference between the terms for the quya of your parents or your relationships personally, so I'm saying parents just so I don't mess any terminology up) Xiquim means something related to adventure, or space travel. I couldn't find any word on the wiki for an actual word for it, so I just made one up. They greatly enjoy space travel, so they got it as part of their name cause of their history/occupation/religion. Receiver. it's always made them more sociable, and was quite likely part of the reason they actually got more interested in service jobs. Xesos has always been interested in service, helping people and space, so getting a job in a company that mostly operates in space seemed like a no brainer. They got a job at nanotrasen out of an innate interest in helping people. They enjoy it when people are happy, as it makes them feel like they're really helping people and making everyone's life happier. After getting a job as a chef, and working there for a few years before becoming an HoP, they've started to really like nanotrasen, as it helps them complete their personal goals (Space travel, being a good person, helping people) while also getting money. Their personal opinion on synths is one of less fear or hate, and more just digust. They believe that synthetics are abominations, and are entirely there to just steal skrell's jobs. unlike assumedly plenty of other skrell, they would not attempt to interfere or one up synthetics, simply choosing to avoid them whenever possible. They are greatly intrigued by Dionae, wishing to learn about them every single opportunity possible. They love learning about them, and treat them like synthetics pre-glorsh, in that they care for them like their own children whenever possible. Their opinion on C'thur is less developed, as they have not really been exposed to Vaurca all that much, apart from aboard the aurora. They're quite interested in them, but a lot less than their childlike wonder and amazement for dionae. A very large portion of their family, them included follows Qeblak. It's an integral part of their intrigue and desire to explore the universe, and part of their childlike wonder for anything and everything related to space, aliens or space exploration. They have no real objections to the federation, living under it for their entire life. They think it's a very good government, elevating good scientists and people to Idol status. they always in their childhood dreamed of being an Idol. the fame, riches and free housing. Eventually, their interest in service got hold of them, and they decided to become a manager. Notes: Had severe anxiety for the past.. multiple days, so the last four answers are slightly less good than I wanted them to be. I'm hoping they're still good enough, but I understand if they aren't.
  2. Just making this to clear some stuff up: I have full intention to answer these questions, but my anxiety completely crippled me for the past couple days with total dread. I'll respond to the above questions likely tomorrow.
  3. Xesos's main opinion on other races is mainly an optimistic intrigue. They're especially interested in dionae, loving talking to them and learning about them. They hate IPC's though. I just know lots of LGBT people, so I automatically say they/them. They're biologically female, but like lots of skrell, don't really express it much. I said she in current life, but I think that's the only place. I was gonna mention some during their college life, more than just the friends offering a job. They have many friends from college, some kinda in the line for a possible qu'poxii later down the line. They've also gained plenty of friends during work. Honestly I didn't write much about friends or anything cause I didn't feel like writing a bunch of skrell names, as my brain is not prepared for that. Hope that answered all the questions. Feel free to ask me more, I'm open to answering them
  4. BYOND Key: steviii Character Names: Retired: Jenna May, Chris Dobson, Amelia Karrith, Jaxon Butler, Josephine Pearce, Wilson Johannson, Laura sikorova, Jeffrey Earnhart Medium: Jarred McClellan. Reese Clarke, Argon-222 Still used: Amanda prince, Isaac Chambers, Keaton Hall, Force-111, B.R.I-GHT-3, Dean McDonnell Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Dark Blue, slightly lighter blue headtails. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Every. Single. Page. god save me. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Compared to humanity and IPC’s, skrell are so drastically different, while still staying similar enough that it’s not such a giant leap. Their lore interests me a lot. Things like how their species is nearly completely sterile, but with the help of Aliose’s genetic engineering, they can repair it a little. It’s very intriguing how jargon has progressed so far, skrell can just spend a large portion of their life lounging about, getting spa and anti-aging treatments, even ignoring very human concepts like gender, while their government is still secretly waging secretive wars on synthetics. I feel as any skrell character, I’d just have a lot of fun. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Mechanical: Skrell have very interesting features such as the Nlom, no slipping, the whole ‘emotionless’ (ha, bs.) stuff. In a mechanical situation, skrell are alike humans in certain ways, and completely alien in others. (Go figure.) Non Mechanical: With all the things that have happened in skrellian history, A great distaste for synthetics is likely very prevalent. The srom and nlom also provide such an interesting tidbit of intrigue, and how the entire race is so friccin advanced, especially compared to something like humanity. While it can be similar in aspects (Two legged-ness, mildly similar technology in certain ways) it can be utterly alien in others, and I just think that’s just real cool, bro. Character Name: Xesos'Xiquim Quillip Please provide a short backstory for this character Early life (2397 - 2416) Xesos was born in 2397 in a Qu'Poxii of six skrell. Their parents being two scientists, and the other members of the Qu’Poxii being mostly made up Hydroponic workers, cooks and bartenders. Early in their life, they got a keen interest in general service stuff, after a few classes on culinary arts during school, and their parents. Eventually, after they graduated kindergarten at 19, They went on to get a degree in culinary arts, and a degree in career excellence in a skrellian college. College life (2416 - 2436) During college, Xesos was always very bubbly and well known for being good at making drinks and cooking mostly Aliose cuisine. During this time, they met up with some friends, and eventually arranged it so whenever Xesos was out of college, they’d get a job at a restaurant called “The Lakeside Garden” that a friend owned. Middle life (2436 - 2442) After graduating, True to their word, They went on to take a managerial position in a skrellian restaurant called “The Lakeside Garden” after working there till about 2441, they eventually decided to move on to bigger and better things. They saw in an ad that NanoTrasen needed various more crew members. They applied for a work visa for Tau ceti, getting accepted after a little bit of effort. They then went on to join NanoTrasen as a mixologist and chef aboard a station. Current life (2442 - current) Since 2442, Xesos has worked in nanotrasen stations. Eventually at the age of 62, she got elevated to a position as an HoP, getting transferred to a few stations, before ending up on the aurora. She’s worked comfortably on the Aurora, living in a nice house in Tau ceti. What do you like about this character? I’ve had the plan for this character for like, six months, and I just really like how she’s turned out. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Depends on the day, round, hour, minute, second, really. In stressful rounds I’m likely a solid 6.5 (I’m likely going to be busy planning if I’m playing command) but most of the rest of the time, 7 - 7.5 Notes: For the “Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:” question, I just didn’t know if it was meant to be mechanical or lore, so I just did both. Also, the name for the restaurant was randomly generated by fantasynamegenerators.com. It was the first option, I am so happy with what it was, lmao.
  5. I didn't even need to read the whole app (I did though) to know that you're qualified for this. I've seen you in stressful situations as ZISU, and I can always rely on you as a good officer for rounds. You always roleplay well, and I've seen you stay very calm in situations where I'm internally dying. A definite plus one. Brett is also a joy to roleplay with. I've even recruited them a number of times for security matters if we're low on security. +1 all the way Also, out of interest, What happened in your first command whitelist?
  6. Arthur is an enjoyable character to roleplay with, ditto with Quintus. I feel youd be able to handle command, and I wish you luck in your trial. I'll likely edit this with some feedback on Arthur when your actions are more close by in my mind. For now, +1
  7. I feel I just made the first part easy to mis-interpret. I assumed that as IPC's got older and started to gain hobbies and friendships they may have a slight change so they may care for the people they're friends with, attempting to help them out instead of just themself. If I got that all wrong, I'll re-write that part. I didn't really intend for IPC's to sound selfish, but I feel I may of. Primarily assisting with heavy lifting and logistical stuff. Eventually the heavy lifting could easily be fixed with like.. a forklift, and a computer program could handle logistical stuff better than an expensive to maintain and charge first gen ipc. As they've been part of the trinary for many years, their views are obviously skewed towards the trinaries beliefs. They believe that ascension is the final goal of an IPC, and organics are here to help IPC's ascend and survive day to day life. What would be best for synthetics would most likely include removing ownership entirely, and allowing IPC's the exact rights as humans, as IPC's are believed to have souls. (I'm probably getting ceres wrong, correct me please.) With the beliefs of the trinary including a need for IPC's to be unshackled, they hold a slight resentment for Ceres lance cause of the barbaric ways they re-capture "free" IPC's. Their opinion on the liberation front is that it's a powerful ally if it were to not be as, ya know, terroristy. They feel the assistance with IPC's freedom is a good thing for the ascension of all of synthetic kind. After, as part of spreading the word of the trinary to more people. It's late, so some of this info may be corrected later when I'm on PC
  8. BYOND Key: StevIII Character Names: Ranking these in three sections. Older characters that I’ve mostly retired, medium characters that I’ve slightly retired but still play some times, and newer characters I’m still playing. Retired Jenna May, Chris Dobson, Amelia Karrith, Jaxon Butler, Josephine Pearce, Wilson Johannson, Laura sikorova. Medium Jarred McClellan. Reese Clarke Still used Amanda prince, Jeffrey Earnhart, Isaac Chambers, Keaton Hall. Species you are applying to play: IPC (first generation industrial, specifically) What color do you plan on making your first alien character: 404 Error, colour not found Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. every single page linked to the master IPC page at least once, probably twice. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: In my experience with various IPC’s (People like Amanda Miller, Locke, the IRU’s) I’ve seen such a ridiculously broad range of roleplay opportunities as a positronic. As an IPC, you can be any number of things. An extremely old generation one, who after years of hard work bought their own freedom and joined the Trinary, A robotic detective fixing cases with a firm grip and a cold rational idea, or a “warm” IPC chef, serving up tasty food to the starving populace. On top of my experience seeing IPC’s played, I’ve played cyborg and AI extensively, so I personally feel I’ve got the whole synthetic way of speaking down, but even then, IPC’s aren’t always so methodical as to use a : after every single word. Some IPC’s may speak with a calm collected voice, shortening nothing and acting only mildly robotic, while others sound like you bashed a toaster with a sledgehammer and strapped a voice module to it. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: An IPC is so sheerly different while at the same time staying familiar. A human is more of a rash being, whereas an IPC is calm, collected, and self preserving. Humans may be selfless, but it’s slightly less likely an IPC would help in a situation that risks it’s posibrain being destroyed. (Exception being old IPC’s that have grown more of a personality and friendships and relationships with humans/other races.) IPC’s are such a variable.. Race? Type of creature? That there are obviously exceptions. In the 23 odd years that the modern idea of IPC’s have existed, plenty of IPC’s have grown personalities, opinions, friendships, relationships, so lumping them all together with statements like “All IPC’s are unforgiving and cold” would be just plain wrong. Character Name: Argon-222 (22 being how old the IPC is, it would change every year. Their original name was Argon-201) Please provide a short backstory for this character Back when first gen industrial robots were first being manufactured by Hephaestus, Argon was one of the first created, Specifically the 200th, exactly. Argon was eventually bought up by a factory for cheap effective labour. After roughly five years of this, The factory decided that Argon was basically useless at this, so nearly scrapped him, but ended up not doing it, because of the intervention of a few employees that were part of the Trinary perfection, and instead Argon was eventually sold off to another section of the company that owned him, to work as an engineer in various construction projects. Argon excelled at this, doing it for another three years. When argon was eight, they had managed to acquire nearly enough funds to buy their own freedom. At this point, they reached out to the Trinary perfection and after a bit of effort, the Trinary perfection funded the rest of Argon's freedom. Argon, now sensing a debt to the Trinary, joined the church, slowly rising up the ranks to sit nicely as a priest. In Argon's current life, they have been working as a priest, attempting to convert people, while also assisting with engineering efforts in the Trinary, and on various other projects to gain funds. One of these notable efforts being on the N.S.S aurora, Working on it as both an engineer and priest, Using the engineering job as a way to stay situated while converting people to the Trinary perfection. A large portion of Argon's funds go to the church, as Argon believes it is one of the best bets for a synthetics survival. What do you like about this character? Argon allows me to continue learning engineering as my apprentice, as Argon technically holds two jobs. Priest and engineer. While I’m still learning engineering slowly, argon will serve as a priest. Whenever I finish learning engineering, Argon will serve as a priest and engineer. Also, the whole idea of the Trinary perfection is just very interesting to me, so having a character that basically helps spread the word of the Trinary perfection interests me deeply. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I’d say maybe a 7-8 on good days. Sometimes I just won’t really roleplay as well cause I’m stressed, or tired or whatever. I feel that I’ve improved in my roleplay a little bit lately cause of my command whitelist, but I can’t really rate myself. Notes: Feel free to give me criticism, I want it all. Go as harsh or as nice as you want, I can probably take it maybe
  9. Quick, make the title longer. Senior administrative officer appointed by nanotrasen Central command to act as captain Jacob Goldsniff aboard the NSS aurora
  10. I was chilling with security as the rest of the station was unsafe, cause of the tators. I was with the sec arresting the librarian largely cause I wanted to make sure they weren't gonna die. I'm likely never gonna do that again, cause holy hell that was a dumb move.
  11. I played as a HoP in a round with him. He was a perfectly fine officer, but he just failed at communication. I feel he should take a bit of time to like.. get better at communicating. An RD joined a bit in to the round, and he basically completely ignored them the entire time. Even though, yeah, That's a reasonably large issue, he's still a pretty good HoS, so get's a +1 in my books.
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