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  1. I'll get this started with posting the slightly modified version of the format I use for all my IPC's, especially command characters -=-=-PUBLIC//RECORD-=-=- Name: (The designation of the frame and or positronic) Positronic manufacture date: (The year the positronic was manufactured) Frame manufacture date: (The year the frame was manufactured) Frame type: (The frame type.) Simulated mannerisms: (Male/Female/Null) Citizenship: (If they're free write one, Null if they're not) Ownership status: (Are they owned.) Tag: (Y/N, Their tag) Chassis colour: (Their main paint colour)
  2. Explanation: After a small discussion in synth-general, NiennaB and the community decided that we should have an official community made IPC record format. If you want to assist, read through the example and comment with your own idea. Otherwise, criticize either the example, or anyone's suggestions. At the end of this when we have one coherent thing, we'll eventually pin the format and or add it to the wiki somewhere. Remember to read through all the comments before writing your format, so you can take all the criticism from everyone else's formats. Example format: Specifically being
  3. Right, I see no glaring issues so I won't bother tearing it apart much beyond a few remarks. Admins get pretty pissy if you call for an ERT/EVAC without sec being completely/mostly decimated. Don't fax central to ask about clearly antagonistic But believable (Like mercenary or revolution) faxes, central won't respond. There is no reason to assume that central was hacked. Neither of these technically apply in this setting, but it's just good advice in general. The rest of this seemed rather good, so I don't have any criticisms with it. I hope to see you in command, as heavens know we need
  4. right, Unlike some people, connor I have a couple questions/hypothetical's to ask before giving any feedback (Especially since my only interaction with you has basically been antonov, like four times.) Hypothetical one: What would you do if the station got attacked by say; Mercenaries, and you only had a forensic technician and cadet. Give me two examples, from different command perspectives (Or one larger one) Hypothetical two: You're in a full team, with every role filled, including a captain. You see the captain doing something unequivocally against regulations, and the rest of command no
  5. This was my fault. I misconstrued my point, saying "A lack of individuality compared to other species" but in hindsight, that statement is just completely incorrect. I was more intending that Vaurca have a considerably more integral over-arching sort of society, with the hive aspect of their life being considerably more important; Compared to humans who only normally work together, but it isn't completely integral. I wrote a large portion of my application late at night, as it was the only time where I had a clear mind; but it still meant lots of things were incorrect/misconveyed since I wa
  6. The wait is fine The formatting is something I've just done lately for my applications to make them slightly different, and more interesting than the wealth of identical applications. if it's hard to read, I'll apply using a more normal format if I re-apply, to make it easier to read. Regarding on-station kataphracts, while I was writing this application I asked a few questions regarding kataphracts and was never informed that they can't be played on station. Obviously if they can't, I'll write something different if I re-apply. This was unintentional, was more meant to just be g
  7. BYOND Key: steviii Character Names: My main characters are M.ART-YR, Dr. Byte, Iszrls Kuizuh, Scarlet Wynter, plus a variety of minor characters I don’t play anymore. Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character: 27, 44, 35 Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: none, not even a bit, what is vaurca Why do you wish to play this specific race: Obviously there’s the reason of collecting all the little green check marks on the web interface, but also because Vaurca seems like a very alien
  8. Everything's fine, excluding point one which is a common, but rather bad mistake. It's normally not a good idea to fax for clarification, as CCIA gets very angri about it, since you're questioning their orders, and that's a bit of a weird thing to do, even if it is a weird announcement. Normally a command member is meant to just take it on face value, and fax if it happens to do something very strange/if its utterly ridiculous, such as nuking the station Apart from that, good answers, +1
  9. how dare you try to play Research director, thats my spot. Also, good roleplayer in their characters I've interacted with (Namely Kathy and Zaqix) plus they're always a delight to have on antag team.. not that thats an especially good thing for a command member. Since I don't want to just be that dude who says "good roleplayer plus 1" I have some questions/hypotheticals for you. 1: If antags are invading the station with some strange and unexplainable but mildly believable faxes, what do you do? 2: If the captain goes rogue and starts trying to act above the law, what do you do?
  10. It seems I messed up the link and included a : on the end. All the links have been corrected.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to respond, @Haydizzle I'm especially interested in writing guides, especially research guides, cause I feel like research guides are a bit shriveled, even though its the reason the station exists. I'll obviously work on other things, but my main stuff is going to be improving the guides related to research, making more, re-formatting, the like. I've tried applying for moderator in the past, and failed, plus I have very little coding skill, so I decided that my talent for bullshit writing would help more. The only reason I didn't want
  12. Ckey/BYOND Username: steviii Position Being Applied For: Wiki maintainer Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page? I’ve read the entire page, then re-read anything that would be actually important to a wiki maintainer Past Experiences/Knowledge: I’ve written plenty of private/public guides, plus I know a serviceable amount about editing the wiki here. Exceptions to that knowledge being separately editable sections inside pages. Examples of Past Work: minor changes on various pages including but not limited to: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?tit
  13. BYOND Key: steviii Character Names: https://imgur.com/8fUhiim Species you are applying to play: Scalie. Unathi. What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Red Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yep, all of ‘em Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. no Why do you wish to play this specific race: In my experiences with unathi, from Dominians to pirates, I’ve seen an interesting race concept. The fact that they’re sort of a race with a slowly expiring home planet is an in
  14. Depending on if I'm even actually allowed to do this, but it's entirely possible Shining may not even board. if it isn't, visitor most likely. I'm likely going to lean towards actually playing them, tbh. cause it'll mean I can actually get the fruit from this much damn effort again, depending on if it's allowed for shining to just not board the aurora, Then they likely wouldn't. Otherwise: Shining, in he and Teniolas adventures across the spur, have brought them to many a place. Elyra, places in the frontier, biesel, etc. shining was always quite a fan of Biesel from it's nightlife
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