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BYOND Key: ShadowGabe23

Character Names

              - Ackin'on Ky'rat

              - Aurreos Kas

              - Zar'im Da'khir

              - Mahashiik Rohz

Species you are applying to play: IPC

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Why do you wish to play this specific race

Reach - I personally love the idea that IPCs are so sporadic with how they are created or purchased, while a rich person could simply purchase or ask an IPC to be made for a small reason or small purpose such as gardening, a person who is in the working world could require an IPC as a necessity and as an investment, hoping to make more money than they spent on it. This means that a lot of the reason I want to play this race is that I can play around with so many thought provoking concepts of an IPC, allowing for deeper roleplay and interesting interactions. This makes the race more appealing to me as the more roleplay interaction I have the better I can roleplay, as an IPC or as any race.

Morality - The IPCs prime directive is self-preservation, the idea of them having the constant thought of protecting themselves affecting every decision a normal brain would make personally makes me even more interested to play the race, I also love that they could see self-preservation in a plethora of different ways, while one IPC could see it's self-preservation in the form of becoming a free IPC as soon as possible and ensuring they are safe when they are free, another IPC could see it as the opposite, by staying as a good worker and doing their work to the maximum so they aren't dismantled or disabled by their owner, provided they have one.

Mechanically - I love their mechanics, the fact that they have obvious weaknesses and clear strengths make them balanced in many aspects and while I dont play on playing security or any heavily movement based role, it is nice to know there are specific frames that work on so many levels. This makes the whole race even more appealing to me.

Overall, the main reason I've decided to make this application is because I see IPCs on station and the players of them are so well roleplayed and it makes me want to play them more and more, all the stations current IPCs are so fun to roleplay with when I have, and it makes me want to play them as I learn more about their history and such.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Decision Making - IPCs have to go through a form of decision making that most humans dont have to actively think about, they put self preservation first, which would mean that where many humans would run into a situation with possible expectations of knowing they might have to be patched up after, an IPC might completely avoid a situation in order to ensure its frame is maintained, for even they have the knowledge that their frame is expensive.

Emotions - They are unable to express emotions as a human would, they have to simulate what an emotion would be like, should they choose to simulate it at all. They would only provide a shell mimic of what a real emotion would be expressed as. 

Speech - As stated in the wiki and such, the speech patterns of an IPC would in themselves become a form of dialect, the way they speak would be noticeably inhuman. An IPC would likely never use colloquial language, mostly so they can avoid as much confusion as possible, they would prefer to speak in a clear and more verbose way. Unless of course they were programmed to speak in a different manner. 

Character Name: DELVE


Originally built in 2451 where it would be seen as some of the first Generation Two Hephaestus Industrial Models, its primary goal was to work with its only purpose being its job, and therefore its only reason to exist. Its owners who were two inherently rich men were about to become richer, as they placed their money collectively into DELVE, purchasing it with the sole purpose of DELVE being a work machine investment that could be rented to many different companies. It would be placed on many mining colonies at the start of its life, exceeding as one of the first G2 models demonstrating exemplary work as a miner and the ability to sort its minerals and send them to where they needed to be with quick impressive speed. Being sent to many different mining colonies gave DELVE a very rough way of speaking, it does not use colloquialisms but it does try to impersonate the rough and dry voices of the human miners he had worked with throughout his time. DELVE would continue to do this without realising that it could have many purposes, as he started to witness more and more IPCs claim freedom in Tau Ceti, he wondered if he had met the announced conditions to become a free IPC, given its rented circumstance and the extreme increasing nature of its owners. 

Still with the knowledge that he could likely be a free IPC he didnt falter he continued on his workpath working for as many mining operations as he was rented to, however, as a business goes, DELVE realised it would not be long before its owners would begin to purchase more G2 Industrial Units, that could eventually render DELVE less of a priority, thus causing it to contemplate the best course for its prime directive: Self-Preservation. In DELVE's new quest and by proxy its new reason to exist it believed it should seek out the form of a trusted individual before it would become less of a priority for the owners. It heard synthetic whispers of The Trinary Perfection and the freedom of many. It believed it had to be free. When it finally enquired to its owners about the how much money the unit had made for their owners, they grew visibly worried as they didnt want to lose an investment, and something they saw as a slave without any questions originally.  The owners chose not to give DELVE an answer, and told it to go back to work.

By the time Purpose had sent drones throughout all of Tau Ceti in order to learn more of organic life, and the news displaying the ambiguous intentions of Purpose as an all synthetic colony and culture. The owners were in fear of what Purpose could do to any people who strictly own a synthetic lifeform for renting and allowed no freedom for time to do as the unit pleased, the owners caved in and, while Purpose showed no harmful intentions and the photos of EC-2718 showed no armaments, they still believed that Purpose would hunt down any organic that held a synthetic unit, causing the owners to send DELVE to District 14 where it would become one of the millions of free units populated there.

It eventually an offer to work aboard the N.S.S Aurora as a shaft miner of the asteroid, while this was no challenge and the unit was happy to agree to the job and all its conditions almost immediately, where it would become a shaft miner on board the N.S.S Aurora, as a free IPC.

What do you like about this character? 

Experience - I love the fact that DELVE has a level of experience within mining and that it has been praised for its work in the past aboard many stations, I like that all of that experience has gave it a voice that resembles the dry voices of the many humans it had worked with, who had likely given up on life, yet it juxtaposes with the fact that the unit is a relatively new machine that has its purpose just on the horizon, yet it has the synthetically created personality of someone who perhaps isn't at their happiest state.

Attitude - I love that when I play on station I will be able to demonstrate that DELVE is a free unit yet will show the mindset of what it is; which is a synthetic who has just been forced out of work by its owners, so it would see its new work as its old work, and will be extremely dedicated to its job.

Integration - Being a unit that has never really been in a conversation where someone genuinely cared for what it had to say, I think it will be fun to develop DELVE's personality as it slowly learns genuine facts about organics and how he can share his story with them.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I like to think that I am a relatively good roleplayer, and I like to make my characters act as what I would act like in certain situations, sometimes toughening them up or other times finally expressing a vunerability of theirs, I like to put my characters in a sort of disadvantaged state so that it can improve roleplay. I happily and freely move between emoting and speaking, always insuring I keep to my character, if I am an Unathi I will always roll my s's and the same goes for the Tajara, naturally not stopping doing that to powergame if something happens to my character.

I like to make most of my characters friendly, which is something I should work on, I feel like I should be able to play a sort of ignorant character for once, ignoring how much I would like to start a friendly conversation, and I always have antag roles turned off in fear of making someone unhappy if I kill them and such. 

But overall I would like to believe that I am a good roleplayer and that I am fun to roleplay with on the server!


Thanks for reading mwah

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Honestly, The amount of effort you put in to this application makes it an instant +1 for me. I'm going to read your whole story for DELVE at some point, but even when I havent, I can tell the amount of effort you put in to this.



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DELVE's backstory is a very interesting take on how a synthetic unit can get independence, and I'm pretty fond of how it incorporated various parts of lore as a tool to highlight the everlasting tension between slaves and their owners. The cynical reasons behind it being sent off and how the owners become very uncomfortable when it started asking about how their exploitation of their unit brought good financials, work very harmoniously. I like how despite the tensions of freedom and servitude, DELVE maintained the feeling as a logical machine focused on self preservation rather than an emotional person. All in all, it's clear you've done your research and it shows. Application accepted.

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