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Unban Application (Sevenghost)

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BYOND Key: Sevenghost

Total Ban Length: Indefinite- As per personal request

Banning staff member's Key: Tishinastalker

Reason of Ban:


Reason for Appeal: I've been gone for a month. I was told that if I had not requested to be banned for an indefinite duration by my own volition that my initial ban would have been 1-2 weeks. I was also stripped of my Head of Department whitelist, which I do not plan on appealing or reapplying for.

I'm prepared to discuss the incident cited in the Reason of Ban field as well as any incidents leading up to it that round and after, insofar as they relate to further conduct on this server.

My understanding of the incident: A high grade weapon (laser cannon) was created and leveled at a fellow head of staff (Vittorio Giurfigglio) by my player character(Probably Lucy Sparks). I semi-successfully attempted to have this character dismissed from active duty for gross negligence during the course of this shift. These constitutes the violation of several server rules, most chiefly in the form of Self-Antagging behavior and gross violation of believable conduct for even an antagonistic head of staff.

Because of a history of these incidents related to head of staff antagonistic and self-antag behavior I do not think I am suitable for a Head of Staff role now or in the foreseeable future. However, I do believe myself capable of playing a non-whitelisted position without violation of server rules at this time and in the future. Should my behavior prove otherwise then standard punitive action insures a much longer and much more permanent ban, one not of my own request.

I only ask for consideration and will be standing by to respond.

Thank you for your time.

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while personally I had some instances with you where I was left with a rather bad taste in my mouth, there were others in which I was perfectly content with roleplaying. I did notice that you were doing some rather, okay, let's not be soft about this. You did some pretty crappy things and you probably did have a ban coming at you if it kept ongoing before you requested to be permabanned.

But, honestly, that 'bad taste in my mouth' might be worse for other people in different instances, but it's worn off for me as time as gone on. I forgive you for what you did, you can at least accept what you did wrong.

I hope you'll be back on the server entertaining as always, even if you one shot decapitate me again with a revolver

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I remember the time, a while ago, when I was still playing Tony Adams, when you (Lucy Sparks) called me to misc, and gave me a disguised protohuman and told me they were a scientist who did something. I noticed they were catatonic and assumed they were a griefer. On my way to the brig, the protohuman blew up, almost killing me in the process. While I was in the medbay, I experienced what felt as harrasment over LOOC, with people telling me that this is what you get when you fuck with heads of staff. I'm not saying it was you, though.

When I got out of surgery, I've immediatelly noticed they subverted the AI, through the power of meta and the fact the AI was acting strange. I had the few security officers on my side because they belived me I was bombed, but I could do jack shit because we couldn't even enter Science considering the AI was subverted.

As 1138 said, the whole thing left a 'bad taste in my mouth'. It was creative antaging, but it was also powergaming. I have no problem with you being an antag, and (besides generaly too agressive behavior for an RD) I have no problem with you being a Head of Staff, but no, I really wouldn't endorse you being both at the same time, as you've overused and abused Science resources to very destructive extents as an RD.

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It's actually kind of funny, the amount of people that followed suit after my little stint of powergaming in science that went on for two weeks. It's disappointing that the department itself just draws in so many people that are way too tempted to powergame in the bad way.

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Seeing as you were the one that requested the permaban in the first place, and the ban you would've had in the first place would've expired by now, I see no reason why you shouldn't be unbanned.

But that's not for me to decide.

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Just something I wanna clear up before I end this appeal:

I literally have no reason to deny your appeal. In fact, I would honestly feel like a real jerk if I decided to deny your appeal. Now, I've contacted you over BYOND with a query about something I'm curious about before I approve this appeal. I'm messaging you over BYOND because I feel it's something you would not want to talk about in the public forums. Once that's done, yeah, I'll just gladly lift the ban and approve this.

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