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Sol, Beltway mining company.

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System):The Asteroid Belt, Beltway Mining Company, Sol

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable):

Region of Space:Sol

Controlled by (if not a faction):Beltway Mining Company, NanoTrasen, Sol Alliance.

Other Snapshot information:

- Medical doctors are trained in EVA and knowledge to work in low to zero G

- Children upward learn the importance and correct use of internals

- Supplies materials for manufacture to most of Sol

- Most local higher education opportunities relate to the mine or the maintenance of the people or facilities

Long Description:The chain is made up of 16 habitats spaced around the belt to house the miners, support staff and their families. Numerous mining outposts active, re-purposed, abandoned, and under construction.

Unlike the others habitat 1 known locally as ‘Origin City’ was constructed prior to settlement. A truly massive station of industry. It incorporates huge construction and processing facilities including dry docks mints assembly lines and refineries. All of which is shipped out to the empire through its supply depot. Origin also houses a full compliment of advanced facilities including schools, medical facilities and the applied sciences. The other habitats were made from large asteroids pulled out of the main body of the belt carved into and made into living quarters. This was used to keep the mass large enough to maintain orbit with minimal re-positioning through small engines. Unlike habitat one the others only have small assembly lines for their own use and ship most of their ores to Origin for processing.

There are 4 main groups within the chain. Residents the main populace of the chain. Many have grown up there few that came in and not been labelled a Greeny or a Creddy. Suits, are officials of NT and Beltway corporate often ignored in the most part by residents. Greenies and Creddies are people who head out to the belt for money alone. Greenies in particular have a high mortality rate, often inexperienced fools that are a danger to themselves and others. They are universally despised by everyone else on the chain. Creddies are slightly more respected throughout they are experienced workers who seek the big money from the chain. Tourists are the people who come for the start up attractions. Most of this stems from anomalous power sources creating weird and interesting phenomena often passed off as the arcane and paranormal.

A common mind-set throughout beltway is an indifference of NT and Beltway corporate due to the time it takes to respond to emergencies. It has developed a culture of self reliance and have a strong bond to other members of their own habitat and other habitats. Mostly this causes no conflict toward NT and Beltway corporate but as the further away from Origin a habitat is the less developed its amenities are and the least likely to get the help needed in time.

Note:Fourth time submitting this lore. Originally accepted back at server creation, resubmitted and accepted during the first lore re-hash. Re-submitted during Rusty's reshuffle and wiki creation. Accepted but moved to Sol as Tau no longer had a belt and that was the only change as far as I knew, and I was surfing our wiki and noticed the current version was put in it's place. Not sure if replaced or just changed to no longer to being recognized.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

This place as it stands works fo' me, homie. Just: How many characters are involved with this as a backstory/thing in general?

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