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[Denied] Buthaynah's Badge

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Character name:

Buthaynah Jawdat

Item name:

Buthaynah and Bryce Private Investigations Badge

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Because Bryce is rude enough to be dying of cancer only a year into their partnership as investigators, Buthaynah has gotten sentimental and wants to hold onto the badge that represents their investigation firm.

Item function(s):

A badge, which can be flashed, put on the uniform, or put in a pocket. Bonus points if it can be put in a wallet.

Item description:

"It's a silver badge with B.B.P.I. engraved in relief print on it: Buthaynah and Bryce Private Eyes."

Item appearance:

A badge that looks like a regular sec badge, but silver.

Additional comments:

Soon as Bryce actually dies this is being chucked in the garbage once the replacement shows up. >:(

No, Buthaynah's gun' miss him, and will keep the badge on her whenever possible.

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I'm willing to accept this application, but only under one condition:

You will not wave this badge around all the time when off-duty, and be all like "I PLAY SECURITY, I AM LAW" and what not. When off-duty, you are off-duty, and I don't want to see you using the badge as an excuse for doing things like fighting operatives with improvised weaponry, taking charge of a security situation, etc. When you are off-duty, you are off-duty, and this will only serve as a conversation piece.

How does that sound?

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